Tim Montana - Butte America Lyrics

Well where I come from they got a copper mine runs 24 hours a day
Some real close friends of mine work there shoving' dirt and getting paid
It's a city that was built in blood and sweat - hard work of our granddads
They dug it a mile high and a mile deep and passed it on to us young lads

Well, I'm real damn proud to be where I come from
It's the big sky country and the land of the setting sun
And if you've got a problem with that I've got something to say
I'm proud to be from Butte America USA

We got a big white lady on the mountain top watching over me and you
Protecting this whole city here a top the red, white and blue
And they say that this place could be the richest hell on earth
It's rich are good people and working man and I know that's a fact for sure

Well, I'm real damn proud to be where I come from
It's the big sky country and the land of the setting sun
If you've got a problem with that I've got something to say
I'm proud to be from Butte America USA

Damn right I am

Well, I'm real damn proud to be where I come from
It's the big sky country and the land of the setting sun
And if you've got a problem with that I've got something to say
I'm proud to be from Butte America USA
I'm proud to be from Butte America USA

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Tim Montana Butte America Comments
  1. Keegan McGilacuddy

    Very cool song, thanks Tim Montana! This coming from a guy whose motto is, "Only thing worse than Country music is loud Country music."

  2. Eagles Feather

    Love this band! 🇺🇸❤️

  3. I fibbed It

    why the fuck is this in my recommended. youtube knows where i live

  4. Arctic & Storm

    Butte born and raised and it will always be my hometown

  5. Sam Dugdale

    Tap her light

  6. Monkey Mom

    This is my favorite song of TIM MONTANA

  7. John Salcido

    Good song. That guitar player is amazing

  8. Brenda Jester

    I was born in Butte, but moved away when I was young, and hope someday to return to BIG SKY COUNTRY!

  9. chris parini

    Great song. Thank you Tim for the tribute of our hometown. I was born an raised in Butte and my family was also both my of my parents were born and raised here also.

  10. Eileen Eamon

    My hometown...always in my heart!

  11. Tammy Hauck

    awesome, thanks.

  12. brandon burnett

    I love butte Montana I live hear

  13. Ron Wake

    Awsome. I could see y'all playing here in Michigan. Maybe with Kid Rock. He's gonna like you

  14. Brian Book

    I like Montana. Did 155 mph in my Mustang across that great state.

  15. rock ryan

    Tim, you're in denial...

  16. alqualondes

    Yes I am proud too

  17. Fiss Mack

    do any of you know Michel kemper, and Robert kemper

  18. Fiss Mack

    Montana girl now and forever

  19. Metallic Bear

    Butte runs through my blood.Born and raised,same for my kids some day.

    Metallic Bear

    And I met him at country jam 2016

  20. Jo Knapp

    i love this song Butte America U.S.A

  21. Maddee Wonnacott

    Butte girl and proud of it!!!!


    +Maddee Wonnacott Are you any relation to Kelli Wonnacott?

  22. Eldon Beall

    Tim, Still my Favorite Song! It shows where your Heart Is!!

  23. Jamie Lucas

    I'm glad to be here

  24. Michael O'Brien

    Tim Montana is back in historic Uptown Butte, Montana tonight and the 'Party Palace' is rock'en and rolling, and packed throughout.  Couldn't find a place to park for blocks..  I swear.., Tim Montana and his band, keep getting better and better, and also the lead band now for 'ZZ Top', another great band.  I also like his new song "Butte, Montana", including the words and photos' in the background.  Nice going, Tim..   Mike O'Brien in historic Uptown Butte, Montana   :)

  25. jake summer

    that was legit!

  26. Kendra Curran

    Thank you so much Tim got this wonderful tribute to our hometown! You ROCK!!

  27. Sherri Forrest

    Very proud of where I'm from Butte Montana! !

  28. YourPalAl69

    Butte America The United States of America

  29. Diane Sherman

    You, RAVINANDAN DAS, speak the truth...may it be heard by all...

  30. Di Stackhouse

    I am a Butte tranplant; lived here for 16 years now. I have a love/hate relationship with this place. I wish I lived somewhere else, but then when I'm gone I can't wait to come home. So I guess I'll be here for a while. God Bless Butte, USA!

  31. MrDacop

    born,raised and DAMN PROUD TO SAY I AM FROM BUTTE


    God bless butte mt my grandfather Raymond barrot was good friends with tim Montana. We lost my grandpa ray March 18 th of this year

  33. np392

    God Bless the city and people of Butte, America. I've lived here for the last couple years for college and work and loved every minute of it. Just saw Tim and the Shrednecks throw down at Evel Knievel Days last night--great loud & proud show.

    BTW I work in that copper mine this summer.

  34. skaterboy462

    Butte is just pure awesome, there are very very very few pplaces that can compare to the phrase ""butte tough"" there is no better site than seeing some out of town pussies getting beat down by us boys here in butte, MT U.S.A, and there's no better feeling than being on the sending end of that ass whooping........I'M PROUD TO BE FROM BUTTE AMERICA U.S.A.!!!!!!

  35. skaterboy462

    Im Also from butte.....amazing song and city

  36. susan wickham

    Butte Montana is wonderful it has great people and its beautiful I am proud to be from butte america.

  37. susan wickham

    I am so proud to be from butte america


    Thanks for being my grandpa Ray Barott's friend he passed away on the 18th of march he really liked you

  39. Shannon Hannifin

    The two most beautiful sights in Montana are the Rocky Mountain sunsets and Butte in the rear-view mirror.

  40. hepatitis123

    Butte Pirates

  41. Chris Pierce

    @ftwalks Damn straight, sir! Born in Butte, raised in Deer Lodge!

  42. Michael Budd

    Awesome guitar.

  43. Michael Budd

    Butte Tough.

  44. Carol Worcester

    @sirflipper Tim Montana you & your band are great.I feel the same as you, since I was born & raised in Butte .I have all my very happy childhood memories there, since I lived in Butte until I was 23 years old.I will always love Butte.I love your song &the way you sing it.

  45. Lyndas04jeep

    Thanks Tim we love our Butte Montana USA I'm right there with u !!!

  46. Roy Muniz

    Excellent song..God Bless Butte and all who live in this great State..Montana Rocks!

  47. Joey Dahl

    not from BUTTE but ive lived her for some time and i love BUTTE AMERICA

  48. MUEagle2002

    Cool song!!! My Dad's family is from Butte, I've been there so many, many times it's almost like my adopted home. I love Montana and lived there for 4 years. I miss it!!!

  49. AA7YA

    Awesome song.

  50. CylonBookworm

    Damn good song. Just think if it weren't for Letterman alot of people wouldn't know about Tim Montana. Great work. Keep it up!

    Metallic Bear


  51. Nelson Mandela

    great job on letterman, its always nice to discover some new music

  52. bigroy38

    tim's gonna be HUGE!!

  53. Steve Silver

    Ya Hoo Butte Montana, The last frontier. Good job Tim. Great video by Hugh Wilson also of Butte Mt.

  54. Koogz406

    BUTTE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Bryon Wilson

    Nice video. Love to know what other projects you have Leadingedgebutte.

  56. flipper white

    WHY IS TIM NOT ON CMT!!!????