Tim Hughes - Happy Day Lyrics

The greatest day in history
Death is beaten, you have rescued me
Sing it out Jesus is alive
The empty cross, the empty grave
Life eternal You have won the day
Shout it out, Jesus is alive
He's alive

Oh happy day, happy day
You washed my sin away
Oh happy day, happy day
I'll never be the same
Forever I am changed

When I stand, in that place
Free at last, meeting face to face
I am Yours Jesus You are mine
Endless joy, perfect peace
Earthly pain finally will cease
Celebrate, Jesus is alive
He's alive

Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious way
That You have saved me
Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious name

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Tim Hughes Happy Day Comments
  1. David Crumpler

    We're doing this as a choir anthem this Sunday. The arrangement is almost the same. Come sing with us if you're in Chadbourn, NC

  2. WANGO konyak

    indeed.. he is.. #my saviour jesus.. 😍😍

  3. Spring Hills Utica Worship

    We play this song very often in our church! What a blessing this song has been to our church. So grateful for the way Jesus has worked through the author of this song. Praise God!!!!! :)

  4. Shaniya Manoj

    Wow super song I love it

  5. Oliver .Robinson

    Are you listening to this Polly? You are with the Lord - death is beaten.

  6. David Bruce

    David Bruce you iove

  7. emanuel heiniger

    best song ever

  8. Chef

    cant wait for this to come out on vocaloid

  9. Stewpig Daniel

    happy DAY!

    David Bruce

    David love

    David Bruce

    Stewpig Daniel iovetoy

  10. 林郁勝


  11. Filip Hammann

    Such a powerful song! Impossible to not sing along!

  12. Simon #######

    It's my favourite song!

  13. Sam Perry

    Fantastic - makes me feel great singing along! Praise him!

  14. sultan stevenson


  15. Renzo e Sefora

    oh happy day!! forever i'm changed! thanck You GOD! <3

  16. Erik Van Den Berg

    Awesome song...

  17. Michael Philip Maunes

    Happy Day! Another amazing song. Easter is almost near, and it is a great song to celebrate Jesus's resurrection from the dead. Jesus is alive!
    Plus, I am changed forever - "forever I am changed" and am a new creation in Christ.

  18. Manny De Cora

    Thanks for the upload .

    Comforting song ! <3

  19. Aquaseventytree

    I am an ex-jw, now a born again Christian - "Forever I am Changed!!!!"  This song is the story of my journey to Christ and my new hope- Yeah yeah YEAH!!

    Connor M.

    You are a real Jew if you've received the Messiah Yeshua! :)


    Connor McKemy maybe it is ex Jehovahs Witnesses :-)

  20. thechosennerf

    I mainly appreciate music because of chords and form. The lyrics are tuned out unless they're profound and these simple rhyming couplets proclaiming fallacious unprovable statements about a deity I don't believe in mean nothing to me.

  21. James Rogers

    Keep singing the lyrics and especially the Christmas songs. The lyrics are not secondary, IN FACT, they are primary. He is KING and LORD.

  22. Abby Bardon

    I know the dance to this song better than I know how to spell and I'm a very good speller

  23. Akihito Oh

    Is he a Huguenot?
    He looks really French.

  24. vikkiva54

    Good Song I've have dance to this Song

  25. Andrew Whitaker

    love this song - here is a version from the church I go to - youtube.com/watch?v=NI1yPzCG6I0

    daniel hill

    Tim hughes

  26. Haloquadratum Walsbyi

    have you ever been to Teenstreet? :)

  27. James Hamilton

    Best song for Easter.

  28. Mia Lavergne

    Love this song, fell in love with it at my second youth retreat!

  29. TheHorloge

    Love it i made a music video of it :) If you have to watch it : /watch?v=NmphS1BaOXM&feature=youtu.be Bless You all :)

  30. Abhishek Samuel

    love it

  31. Mazelto Palacios

    I love it!!

  32. rickycooky

    We sing it in french in my church!! : D

  33. Michaela Nicole

    im singing this tonight for my church :)

  34. Jack Kids

    I think it's good to play anywhere, as long as you can sing in your boots and still hit the high notes!
    Try also: There's a Battle Raging (Just one touch from the King)- Godfrey & Gill Birtill;
    Servant & King (Love Come Down); Bless the Lord, O My Soul (10,000 reasons) - or anything associated with Matt Redman; Each Morning When I Rise (Great is Your faithfulness) - Marc James. Hope you find something that suits, there is a lot of wonderful stuff out there. - Kingsway Songs for scores, etc

  35. 유정무

    I am korean.
    Good worship song!!!
    Oh! happy day

  36. Abigail Wood

    would this be good to play at vbs? and do you know any good songs to play?

  37. Kenworth Peters

    doesn't mean that all will accept Him as their Savior, oh how sad!

  38. Sam Miller

    Met this guy the other week, talked to him for a bit, such a great guy and the song is amazing! Yes Jesus!!!

  39. Gabi T.

    I played the drums in this song on a youth conference with more than 500 youth.. it was amazing... all them jumping around... just great...

  40. Josh Belden

    He is risen!

  41. Ste

    HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. jun hao chiew

    6 people worships the devil

  43. Michael Fiedler

    all atheist will sooner or later turn to christ . every knee will bow.........

  44. thechosennerf

    @slamer2000 Not believing in God doesn't stop me appreciating pop music. I like the energy in this song, and the chords; the lyrics are secondary. I think that's a very silly statement, akin to saying that I'm not an atheist if I sing Christmas carols.

  45. slamer2000

    @thechosennerf then your not an atheist? :p

  46. beto88keys

    @thechosennerf then you are not much of an atheist

  47. Michael Fiedler

    @thechosennerf music is the most powerful Essence of life.

  48. hazel9eyes4

    four people have never had a happy day
    love this song!!

  49. eliza amoncio

    Praise the LORD!

  50. Peter Cowan

    @thechosennerf Same!

  51. samskariah

    love it...doin it in church today....

  52. Nicola Stebbing

    just casually air guitaring along to this, turned up full volume in my kitchen... :D xx

  53. Holly Faith

    james from CREW at my church sings this the best!

  54. Francis


  55. MasterKasterborous

    Our God Is An AMAZING God.

  56. mark anthony domingo

    everyday is a happy day when we have JESUS in our life....,
    JESUS is alive forevermore...,

  57. Stephen Edgerton

    @Chihyonaino Why do you find it strange? Youre entitled to your opinion.

  58. Shayne Green

    @thechosennerf I would vote this up 50 times if I could.

  59. happysmileyface99

    Love this song. I sang it at camp and we danced to it like it was some famous pop song lol. I love Trout Creek Bible Camp.... IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! Amen

  60. angelsuXXkairi

    we did this at youth camp except the aaron ivey band sang it and we had so much fun dancing to this haha and then they played it this week at vbs and we teenagers went crazy XD

  61. FcBarcelona1345

    Amo !! ; )

  62. Mandy

    @jamywohoo Same here!!! This what the first song I heard when I went to Victory. I fell in love with it. Now everytime I hear it I think of that Church(Still going to that one too.) and all the amazing brothers and sisters I have. And I'm only 13 ;) God is good! :)

  63. Rachel Joanna

    I remembered when we sang this in HUME LAKE! I Love this song!!! AWESOME!

  64. sendogobou

    Man, my entire youth group and i know the dance to this song like the backs of our hands!!!

  65. samjane010

    i work with kids grades 1-4 at my church, and wow, does the power of God flow right through them during this song. never have i seen kids get so on fire for God because of a single song. we jump up and down, laugh, and yell to Him together. looking into those kids is like looking into the face of God.

  66. Kinglovesyoutodeath

    ME! :D

    bless you joshnghiem

  67. CreativeLouise45

    I LOVE this song <3 soo amazing.

  68. Daniel Galbraith

    the greatest day in history death nis beaten you have rescued me... the empty cross the empty grave life eternal you have won the day shout it out jesus is alive hes alive and oh happy day happy day you washed my sin away and oh happy day happy day il never be the same

  69. HDell1994

    I love the lyrics, the words are similar to that of a hymn, but with contemporary music.

  70. Daniel Galbraith

    @benhoward1 agreed

  71. Daniel Galbraith

    i went to alberta in 2011 for a youth confrence and when they played this song the holy spirit just raind down on all thirteen thousand of us it was insane i was just about crying it was the coolest thing ever

  72. Marius Hathor

    if he play in all the songs about Jesus, God, Angels and many many things from heaven the sound is very ok , enjoy & i liked :) 5 stars for lyrics&music

  73. rockingrugger

    Does anyone know where I can get the music for this? (Sheet music)
    I'm the guitarist in my church's youth band and we're supposed to be performing this on Saturday for a big youth event, but none of us can find the music anywhere! Please help!!

    Cheers, and God Bless! (:

  74. KayLyda

    happy day makes me wanna dance around I've got 'la la la' inside my heart!

  75. elshaddai87

    Our praise team did this on Easter Sunday this year! Everybody sang along with great joy and praise!!! Thanks Tim Hughes for a great song!

  76. Makealah Miller

    @thechosennerf I love this comment. :)

  77. thechosennerf

    I'm an atheist, and I love this song.

  78. Adri

    dios es messi

  79. lbozzay

    We will be singing this song to the kids in our church! How cool is that!

  80. Ross Stephenson

    an inspiration in our time of misery... the incomparable joy of the Lord... =)

  81. Joe Cowley

    no matter what is hapenning in my life, this makes me happy

  82. Louisiana

    Great song. I was told to look it up cause our Worship Team is singing it this Sunday

  83. PeanutLikeButter

    Jesus is alive! woop woop!

  84. TheDapter

    O what glorious day!

  85. Ellie Hart

    @gduggy91 Sorry I'd have to argue on that one =P God made us, and as we can see from the fact he made Adam and Eve - he intended them to marry and re-produce, he gave us free will, and because of that we are easily led into sin and temptation we manipulated that free will, we done wrong in the eyes of God. The bible says two people of the same sex shouldn't ACT on homosexuality, you can be gay but just not have sex with boys.... ya know? But yeah, God will forgive us whatever we do. x

  86. gduggy91

    @mrAndeed what i believe about homosexuality is that yes it's a sin but god made us and surely a homosexual was made in the eyes of god.....am i right???? people can't chose whether to have sexual relations/acts with the same human sex, it's what they are

  87. gduggy91

    @BurntOakTree i dont think it is mate, its for the older generation like 18+.

  88. gduggy91

    this was played at momentum 2010 and i danced everywhere in the big top not giving a care in the world about others around me coz i was happy that my asthma was taken away!!!

  89. Josh How

    @xxktdarcyxx He loves the socks of you mate, and always will do. :) I've struggled in the past a lot but the one thing I will always no is that he will protect me through anything and that If he loves me enough to die for me what else can he do?? :-)
    ”So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Luke 11: 9-12

  90. Emily Mathews

    I had to sing this song in front of people with a mic and hardly knowing it at all! lol! I had heard it like once or twice before so...it was difficult. plus, the words were behind me because the guitarists needed to see the music too! haha but I love this song now!

  91. EJ Farley

    @Faazeh amen

  92. Heather Rowlison

    At camp we sang this song, and it was the first song that i sang with the boy i fell in love with

  93. Cal C

    With Jesus, your worst days can be a happy day...in Him! That's makes the difference...

  94. alexolsennavarro

    Someone should do a dubstep remix to this song!!!!

  95. Zebaschdian

    oh happy day, you washed my sin away!

  96. aznpopstaa

    happy day!!!

  97. Justin Robinson

    whoever has not heard it yet, check steve fee's version. this is good but fee is incredible with this song!!! :) check my page for acoustic worship if you want

  98. Julie Lee

    love this songgg
    god bless everybody!

  99. Krystle Ellsworth

    we played this at YB 09' and we all jumped and praised the lord! it's a wonderful song <3