Tim Buckley - So Lonely Lyrics

Oh, I don't get no letters
Nobody calls
Nobody comes 'round here no more
No pretty ladies
Nor pretty boys
Nobody comes 'round my door no more

It's just lonely, yeah
Mama you don't know
It's just lonely, yeah
Mama you don't know

Cops treat ya dirty
And the children treat ya mean
This is the lowest town I've ever seen
People keep draggin' their bodies around
Ain't enough pride to even look around

It's just lonely, yeah
Mama you don't know
It's just lonely, yeah
Mama you don't know

Now honey you got on little light
Now you keep it burning bright
If you keep it lit every night
Someday a good man come and make it alright

It's just so lonely, yeah
Mama you don't know
It's just lonely, yeah
Mama you don't know

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Tim Buckley So Lonely Comments
  1. Bärbel Nitsche

    What a beautiful song !
    LOVE it . Thanks to YOU .

  2. A Pa

    difficult to describe how many people acted and felt at that time. A lot of boundaries were being blown away. There were, as I recall, lots of discussions about how sexual love should be universal and unlimited. Everything was in flux as men and women were re-defining their roles. Fast forward to today-we are still trying to define what is appropriate. I think many of the avant-guard musicians of that era had some dalliances with members of the same sex; Mick Jagger, Donovan, and others have some references in their songs...The tragic writer, Marco Vassi, who was largely bi-sexual, explored a lot of those themes in his dark novels which were very auto-biographical. Tim was a total artist and he was pushing his boundaries on every front, so I would not be surprised or really shocked if he allowed himself to explore his own sexuality. The fact that he was more in touch with his feminine side lends a lot of depth to his music. Then there is his song, "Sally go round the Roses" which is about a girl friend of his who betrays him by going with a woman. So he definitely felt indignant that a woman would give up male love and trade it for female love, so I would say that is a fairly masculine response.

  3. Johnny MFan

    Was Tim bisexual? His lyrics say "No pretty ladies, no pretty boys"

    Chris A

    Does it matter

  4. Jamie Wesson

    to me only greetings is below par but it still has two of his greatest songs on it some may disagree it may be some fans favourite album thats the beauty of music everybody likes different things

  5. Burt472

    This one squeezes your heart

  6. puddypuss

    I've got his second lp, timbucktoo. seriously though, I think, like with most artists, his early stuff was better, and the general cultural shift that came with the 70s dragged him down in a musical sense.


    @puddypuss I don't think that's one of his records man. I could very easily be wrong, but I'd never heard of it, so I looked it up and can't seem to find it anywhere. What was on it?

  7. Man O'Neal

    Maybe. But then again there are a lot of artists who shine in personal eras of inspiration and then, due to circumstance, loose their connection to music and can never quite get it back.

  8. Man O'Neal

    You again! It seems like you were once on a Tim Buckley binge like I am now. Anyways, I agree. I think Tim was hit or miss. But when he hit...my goodness.

  9. Burt472

    I'd say "Blue Afternoon" is his best work.

  10. holarc

    hard to 'judge' work of one who didn't even get thru their 20's. nothing he did was quite "shit". under pressures of the reactionary '70's, and being just in his mid-late 20's, he explored a more mainstream style 'soul' sound. the reactionary times offered less support, so along w his marriage break-up and loss of his son, he got into drugs. i've no doubt that had he lived he would have integrated all of his exploring and created a new level of work w great sensitivity, creativity and mastery.

    Lia Kankava

    He did do great things, not less than other rock classics did.

    Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    Im pretty sure he passed before his son

    Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    fuck you

  11. andrew kilik

    tim buckley's awesome, not all his stuff is good though...he has some shit song's too, particularly in his last 2 albums sefronia and look at the fool


    Yeah, I don't particularly like his sex-funk' or whatever he called it.

    Johnny MFan

    I like the last three albums best. They showcased his voice best.

  12. Burt472

    Incredibly Beautiful and intense.Thanks Tim.