Tim Buckley - Sing A Song For You Lyrics

In my heart is where I long for you
In my smile I search for you
Each time you turn and run away
I cry inside my silly way
Just too young to know anymore

In my world the devil dances and dares
To leave my soul just anywhere
Until I find peace in this world
I'll sing a song everywhere I can
Just too young to know anymore

The wing covers me cold
The starry skies all around my eyes
Far behind the city moans
Well worthy of the people there

Oh, the psalms they love to hear

So let me sing a song for you
Just to help your day along
Let me sing a song for you
One I've known so very long
Oh please, would you find the time...

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Tim Buckley Sing A Song For You Comments
  1. abdul attar

    oh man how I cried when I first heard this song when I was 17 years old ....

  2. Danish yadvendra

    This song makes me week and vulnerable but emotionally full field..

  3. Lee Krick

    Donovan did this song also?

  4. Lucas Quinn

    The greatest singer in human history

    Nick Victor


  5. Prophetic Rain-Maker

    A masterpiece, uploaded almost 8 years ago as of writing this; has less than 100,000 views?

    A true diamond in the rough.


    How Tim Buckley flew under the radar is a mystery. He is equal to the likes Steven Stills and Graham Nash!


    Rather than a diamond in the rough, I think he is so polished and refined that he’s like a clear diamond, and only the similar souls are able to see the clarity for what it is... blessings...

    Peanut Spring 3

    Ya know why it doesn't have many views? Cuz this is OLD music. It's not going to get picked up in the algorithm of YouTube. He wasn't even that popular an artist anyways. That doesn't mean he's not good, he's phenomenal. But I really can't stand these comments saying how they can't believe their favorite songs don't have many views. Everything has a reason.

  6. Sadrac Chinchilla

    Puro corazón es esta canción. Te toca...

  7. Karin Junker

    NEVER lost his impact ~ NEVER will!

  8. Joey Sordyl

    They don't write songs like this anymore...

  9. Canned Poo


  10. desotronics

    This and drifitin oh my gawd!

  11. diamanda75

    Capolavoro assoluto.

  12. Gary Power

    One of the greatest voices ever to grace the music scene. An i am lucky to have recently purchased a contract he had signed in 1971 with Herb cohen. Needless to say its one of my pride and joy's. Such a talent he was.

    Kate Smathers

    Strong, sweet, longing, lyric, imagining songs describing the soul of the times and his sadness. Was lucky to see Tim perform in a small bar. late in his career. Couldn't have been more than 12 tables in the place, and we were closest to the stage. It was surreal and unimaginable that so few people appreciated his songs/music.

  13. antropita07

    Yo conozco esta cancion a traves de The Magic Numbers, que artista tan fenomenal es Tim Buckley... muchos cantantes han obtenido grandes temas desde él. Song to the Siren (amo esa cancion) cantada por Ivri Lider, fascinante... me encanta tu canal