Tim Buckley - Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) Lyrics

I was lost without a song, without a melody
You came into my hotel life
You made my room a home
Ah now, mama, don't you know what you done

Ah, you made the sunshine in the city
Oh, you warmed my heart
You changed an old man filled with pity
Back to a child again
Ah now, mama, can't you see what you done

So tell me darlin' if the feeling's wrong
Don't waste another day
Lord, the saddest thing I've ever known
Was to watch it die away
Ah now, mama, don't you lie don't you lie

Oh, how can my giving find the rhythm and the time of you
Unless you sing your songs to me
The smell of your sweet skin does entangle my dream
Oh may I stand here awhile living your smile

Oh, how could you ever know what you've done
You warmed my heart when I was so all alone
But all I have to give
Are my dreams of coming and going forever
Inside the rivers of time you'll find me waiting
For you to find peace in your mind
So we can love again

I feel what you feel
If you feel what you feel
And I see what you see
If you see what you see
So it goes on and on
On it goes, on and on

It's my heart and your heart
It's our hearts together
You sing and I'll bring
We'll both love together
And all I know is let it grow
All you'll find is peace of mind

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Tim Buckley Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) Comments
  1. eeeniotna

    what a beautiful song

  2. WildGooseberry

    So bloody incredible

  3. Jeff Starrs

    A part of my youth ...

  4. Augusto Hernández

    Ah, you made the sunshine in the city
    Oh, you warmed my heart

  5. edrice22

    Although I love all of Tim's music this has a special place in my heart. It's an extraordinary brilliant indefinable piece of music... a dream, a window into the heart and soul of pure genius!

  6. Alain Tlemcen

    Well...I have a terrible thing to tell: Tim Buckley, Van Morrison, Fred Neil were three different people, singing their own music and expressions of their universe........Now, maybe we could speak about music? Wich is pure subjectivity.....for instance, i think this piece is the best song using a recorded sound of nature, the sea, and in unity and harmony beetween the lyrics, the voice, instruments and environment.......I read somewhere that Tim and his musicians put their sound material near the sea, on a beach, to record the song......This is revealing a lot about artistic exigence of Tim, no?

  7. Lucio Santoro

    Incredibile Tim

  8. Jamie Wesson

    what tim and van had in common was they surrounded themselves by great musicians and werent afraid to experiement with different forms of music and of course used there voice as a musical instrument

  9. Shantanu Goyal

    Tim Buckley > Van Morrison.

    Van's great too, though.

  10. Zed Dravot

    Haha, all the morons in the comments saying "overrated". WTF.

  11. John

    He captured a place and time. This song is the reason I live in Malibu.

  12. James Hubbard

    Loved Tim's poetic voice against the crashing waves and jazz riffs. Such hypnotic & euphoric music! Takes me back to the 60s & Pacific Coast Hwy. 1! 

  13. A P

    Wasn't Tim Buckley in Animal House?


    @A P Tim died in 1975. Animal House was released in 1978.

  14. West Coast Experience

    totally overrated.

  15. West Coast Experience

    all the musicologists on here need to take a chill pill,. you are stuck in a rut. who cares who knows what,. just enjoy the music,. sheesh,.

  16. Agnos66

    Buckley skomponował tę pieśń po powrocie z koncertu Theleniusa Monka

  17. Lauren K3LISsa

    this melody

  18. John Brothers

    I agree. Van and Tim don't go together. If you want jazz bass and better llyrics just listen to Joni Mitchell, who was inspired by Leonard Cohen who is the best lyricist ever!

  19. Will Bradbury

    Fred Neil should be there, since Tim B does his song The Dolphins

  20. Will Bradbury

    Van Morrison and Tim Buckley are a whole lot alike in the jazz base of their music, their amazing lyrics, and how they use their voice as an instrument.

  21. Ian Pope

    starsailor is the tops!!!!!

  22. Wink van Kempen

    Try ASTRAL WEEKS ......

  23. fuckyougoogle

    my go? the hell does that mean?

  24. fuckyougoogle


  25. Joanne Schullo

    one of the most beautiful songs anyone's ever done. soulful, thoughtful...his heart shows on this one. i love the feeling i get from this song. "may i stand here awhile...living your smile." beautiful. simply beautiful.

  26. Aléxandros Demos

    Tim Buckley is more "experimental", that's correct, but you should try Van Morrison´s Astral Weeks. To my taste its the best work from him, also the more "experimental", its a "folky" approximation to jazz rock (in that order, not rock/jazz). The rhythmic section is played by Richard Davis, a jazz bassist who also plays at "Out to lunch", one of the best avant-jazz discs of all time.

  27. andrew kilik

    qute often, in the suggestion box next to tim buckley videos i see van morrison...does anyone else think that van morrison and tim buckley are in any way alike?? this is a problem for me because i dont like van morrison at all, but i love tim buckley...i guess there are maybe some similarities in there singing style but i think buckley is infinitely better and more experimental

  28. hirundine

    @andrew19vato Umm, all of his music was quite unique. It seems to me that the musical decisions around how it was presented, post Happy/Sad. Were perhaps, not entirely his decisions? So, for me, at that time this album was one of my personal fave's. My ex. had all of his stuff. I liked the first 2. I certainly would not describe myself as a "fan". Anymore than the other music and musicians in my library. It was a long time ago, in human terms. Our lives move on. Thanks for asking. Cheers Jamie!

  29. andrew kilik

    @hirundine ahh ok i see, so ur a real tim buckley fan? what do u think of starsailor and lorca??

  30. hirundine

    @andrew19vato horse is street slang for heroin. At least, it was in the sixties.

  31. andrew kilik

    @hirundine the horse?? what do u mean when u say that lol but yeah i agree the vibes are wonderful and tims 12 string guitar are wonderful, his band had agreat sound!! beautiful melodies...

  32. skidancin

    @49kasey I say Yes. Beauty is a way out of and into sadness, these two woven together endlessly while they last. This seemed a boring album when I first acquired back in the day...but I let it grow on me, and it soon became a favorite.

  33. hirundine

    This song, with the swell of the ocean in background was and is so evokative. The song seems to be built around the swell. You can almost smell it. That whole album was ground-breaking music, for sure! Too bad about the horse, so many succumbing to it's allure. The use of vibes, gives the music an edge and a harmonic background. IMO

  34. tom d

    @49kasey yes, sadness is an element of beauty. beauty is a trait that makes something special, that is, making it different from all that we feel is not beautiful. and few things are truly beautiful to any one person. this is sad. differences in opinion about beauty add more sadness: something so special, yet we neither agree about it nor share it. this is sad. beauty in living things reminds us of life's impermanence. timeless beauty in art and nature remind us that we are alive. this is sad.

  35. NovaScotiaChick

    I was fantasizing today about a movie portraying Tim Buckley's life. Had an idea for the script even. About Tim, but involving Jeff, because the latter seems to have a much larger (younger?) following. Better google it, I thought. And there it was. It's in the making, but more about Jeff it seems. I would not have chosen that angle: Jeff just has to be involved (in no small way) to be surer of success. Sure do hope it features many of Tim's songs! If not, I ain't going to see it. :(

  36. irramoscatel

    A gem... I just cannot stop listening to this. I did it over and over again the last lone cold winter long, in a crappy room in Amsterdam, 2000 kms away from home and from my love. I don't know how I managed to survive...

  37. Steve Kasiaras

    There is great sadness and beauty in his music. Does one necessitate the other?

  38. chrisharro

    You changed an old man filled with pity/Back to a child again......Oh the saddest thing I've ever known/Was to watch you die away

    This song is a grey morning