Tim Buckley - Dream Letter Lyrics

Lady time, fly away
I've been thinkin'
'Bout my yesterdays

Oh please, listen darlin'
To my empty prayer
Sleep inside my dreams tonight
All I need to know tonight
How're you and my child?

Oh is he a soldier or is he a dreamer?
Is he mama's little man?
Does he help you when he can?
Oh does he ask about me?

Ah just like a soldier boy
Ah but I fight in wars
The world never knows about
Oh but I never win them loud
Oh there's no crowds around me

When I get to thinkin' about the old days
When love was here to stay
I wonder if we'd ever tried
Oh what I'd give to hold you

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Tim Buckley Dream Letter Comments
  1. KkeyoshiGaming

    Oh, Jeff. I feel your pain and I know your name.

  2. anngab

    So if he’s so sad... why doesn’t he just go back and take care of his son ?

  3. GiorgioChinaglia

    .. Disarmante.

  4. Lucio Santoro

    Grandissimo! Unico

  5. Chris A

    Could not have said it better, you have a wonderful soul

  6. TheSanityInspector

    So gorgeous.

  7. Bony Ben Basat

    I relate to his character a lot.

  8. 톡톡구름커피

    lovely 😍

  9. Carsick Mick

    A lot of pretentious comments here, but it basically came down to choosing Heroin over his Son. He isn't the first and certainly won't be the last. Unfortunately, Tim made no attempt to meet up with Jeff during his life which is tragic from all angles. Please do your research before spouting 'tormented soul. too sensitive for this life' nonsense.

    Martin K O'Connor

    Carsick Mick Hi :-) I'm not sure your entirely right there. I remember a documentary where Jeff Buckley said when he was in his very early teens he visited his father.

    Bkhan 01

    Jeff, met his father when he was eight. Shortly before Tim's death. Jeff used to go by the name Scotty Moorhead, but after that week with his father he went as Jeff Buckley.

    Chris A

    Must be so wonderful to be without fault

  10. Matt Jones

    He is a dreamer, Tim


    Matt Jones i cried 😭😭😭

  11. manrico fiorentini

    deep deep beauty...light and shadow like inbound voyage without end...

  12. 321minder

    god indeed, Whis perless. This is what we had to put up with in the day, ........

  13. NewDawnFades

    I can feel the knife touching my lungs..amazing!

  14. Pepito Micolazon

     I'm a very old guy and I've heard a lot of music. If there is a more sensitive rendering of a self-penned admission of deep hurt over an owned-up sad deed I'd like someone to tell me what it is. The Buckleys were beautiful and strange angels and left a legacy we should treasure."

    Oh, I so agree with you....

    Bea Urban

    Pepito, couldn't agree more. On a different level, try Dory Previn. Heartbreakingly comictragic

    Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    pain is universal

  15. Pedro Plasencia

    Impesionante. A song from another world.

  16. Jonathan Riojas

    This song is more famous in the Tim Buckley canon as a song about Jeff. This and I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain. Was jamming Sefronia and was thinking that one of the songs; I Know I'd Recognize Your Face, might be about him also. But never read about it being mentioned at all.
    Lyrically it sounds like it could be. Thoughts?

    Pepito Micolazon

    @Jonathan Riojas I think in I Know I'd Recognize Your Face he's referring to Mary, Jeff's mother...although yes, he does mention Jeff too at some point, "a son he's never seen"....Although he obviously chose his career over his family, I'm sure deep down it weighed on him, and on his heart, like crazy, and he must have felt so sad and incomplete....And it definitely showed through his songs...

    Becky Wells

    I Know I'd Recognize Your Face isn't a song that Tim B wrote. It was written by Denny Randell, the producer of Sefronia. It's about a draft-age young man who's fled to Canada to escape induction . . . and the woman he's had to leave behind. It's not about Mary or Jeff, although the yearning and loss must have resonated with Tim. He did agree to record the song, after all.

  17. Scaramouche Scaramouche

    Father and son... both talented


    +Spunch Thecontrole Talent in their case is underrated word.They were something else. Every song they made is pure bliss and beauty.


    Tim was so authentic, and a true artist. His music touches my heart.
    It's heartbreaking how Jeff grew up to simultaneously despise his father, and be so influenced by him, emulating his fathers style of singing whether consciously or not..

  18. Samuel Maia

    These vibratos (3:56 until the end) are just amazing!

  19. thegreatbandini

    What a talent

  20. Grima .charles

    wisq sabiha ................littra holma ...... does soundscape like mediaval streets full of tiny long burning candles ....

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  22. Kade

    lee underwood

  23. jdyell


  24. Freda Pontecorvi


  25. Troy Russu

    All, Of, You, People, Suck, Period

  26. Troy Russu

    Fuck Rolling Stone Mag.

  27. Troy Russu

    What about Phoenix River on John Frusciante's "Heighten Down". check that shit out ! not comparing but I felt like sharing music.

  28. idli.

    No, my friend.
    It was the world that wasn't ready for them.

  29. Sean Manley

    you don't hear ? any connection?

  30. fantambantam

    Tim must have been born sad. We all bought his beauty and he paid the price. We made him rich enough to kill himself with smack. How sad that is.

  31. fantambantam

    Tim's son was Jeff Buckley

  32. bouggy rademacher

    songs-never to forget...............

  33. Condryene

    What a splendid song... and they speak about Jeff... What means?

  34. bgbreakdown

    Saddest song in the history of forever.

  35. Giuliana Barone

    greatest voice ever

  36. Abracadabro73

    hahaha yeah okay, your soooo wrong, it's gross. Jeff's tone of voice is unearthly. Rolling Stone Magazine ranks JEFF BUCKLEY in their top 100 vocalists of all time, not Timothy Buckley. Go write them a letter explaining how Tim was better. hahahahah

    Marc Highliner

    How old are the pair of you....six?

  37. ChumKrimson

    jeff buckley is garbage dude. tim was much more talented

    Artyom Bleeker

    ChumKrimson You think that's how this works? Re evaluate your stance. Music is not about being ranked on a piece of paper. It is pure art and expression.

    rohan gopakumar

    Both the Buckley were musical geniuses, just learn to accept that... Just cause one was great doesn’t imply the other wasn’t


    Jeff was obviously deeply influenced by Tims music, heard through lyrical and vocal style..

  38. Connor Peters

    I honestly don't understand how people can argue over such trivialities with regarding who was better singer and who was or was not off key, it's quite sad really. Speaking so objectively over something as subjective as music. It tends be that people specify on one little thing in a song or artist and don't see the whole picture which is the music, the art itself.

  39. Scarlet Scourge

    If it weren't for Tim there would be no Jeff obviously........hOWEVER, Jeff Buckley's voice SHITS on his dad's voice. There should be no debate about that.

  40. Connor Peters

    ohh that was soooo reaaaaalllll

  41. lifeismelody11211994

    is the song about jeff and his mom??

    Artyom Bleeker

    lifeismelody11211994 Yes

  42. Victor Buck

    I would say people do this to simply have some sort of conversation with each other. By comparing artist with each other it helps to keep the flow moving. Now im not saying that you're wrong in thinking that way, I completely agree that they're individuals in their own right, but I think it helps to get a particular view on them as an artist. "What's his style?" "Does he fingerpick well?" "What instruments does he include with his recordings?" It's about hanging out with your friends is all =)

  43. Purgatory's Key

    I know right. I watched an interview with Tim Buckley and by then I was already a big fan of Jeff Buckley. There were so many traits and Tim pulled his head back and it felt so weird because Jeff somehow shared the same habit as his father. They were both so talented and the father like son seeped into my mind.

  44. Andrea Jaimes

    OMG this is so like radiohead.. I mean he's part of their essence.. what an incredible artist!

  45. EmotionalShredd

    Jeff looks so much like his father

  46. summer black

    @Themexicanguanorat i think you should add me on facebook.

  47. FrankHenneke

    I bought the record when I very young. Never heard music like this before. kept on playing the record in my bedroom, Couldn,t stop listening, Thanks Tim for being with us, See you in heaven

  48. andrew kilik

    @kirby1947 tim was a vietnam vet????

  49. eletta88

    @pfft1993 When he had Jeff he was already married. He didnt use a condom and at the moment he wasnt seeing anybody else but Mary

  50. franl coronado

    Cristal clear, tim was a viet nam vet, enough said.............

  51. Shedz Channel

    read my last comment smartarse

  52. Daisy

    why do poeple always compare Tim and Jeff, and especially why compare them to Nick Drake- All three are brilliant and completely individual, so in the end i reckon it all comes down to personal taste on who's music you like better...

  53. vootie99

    @impressiveminge Kind of harsh... Jeff has good qualities... I think/feel Tim is better but it is not like Jeff sang off key...

  54. Shedz Channel

    my bad

    well how bout this....
    both died young and in tradgic circumstances

  55. Mister E

    This song is hauntingly beautiful.

  56. Steve Kasiaras

    @stringsnbows43 There is a book called Dream Brother that is an autobiography of them both. They never really knew each other. I think the last name of the author is Brown. It's a very fascinating story.

  57. BilisNegra

    @hand2gland Well, sure that's right. I think what I said is true. But at the same time, too bad if angel Jeff had not wandered this world. Only downside is that now we have two incredible people to miss...

  58. Aaron Williams

    @ilovecait238 Is your favorite movie Highlander? There can be more than only one beautiful artist. Why compare father to son, is that just inevitable? I am a huge Jeff Buckley and Tim Buckley fan, and there is no reason to proclaim favor for one. I listen to one or the other whenever I am the mood for the lyrics and mood.

  59. Horushu

    a true genius.

  60. BilisNegra

    @hand2gland Tho' she must not have been as glad back in the day... It's all so relative.

  61. Simone Gad

    i'm so glad i can hear tim buckley on youtube. one of my all time ever performers. takes me back in time to when i was young in the 1960s and early 70s. rest in peace tim and jeff. love your genius.

  62. fubar50cat

    i remember him from a long time ago, like the late '60's, maybe, and this was a choice by youtube, perhaps because i am from the '60's and I of course love it, now i have to listen to all his other songs on here.

  63. kirkwallboy

    Me (50) and me bruv (43) had never heard his stuff until i put on a whistle test Dolphins. Dvd .We were both captivated. Can't speak for my bruv as I venture into youtube space, this though is bleeding wonderful, as in, in makes makes the important bits o ye bleed. Bleed.

  64. westerwood07

    he was absolutely marbelous. my God he can touch you!

  65. BilisNegra

    This deep and very slow paced song reminds me of Van Morrison's stuff in Common One, one decade later.

  66. Lisa Colorado

    @jimmy I heard an interesting metaphor, that these young popular figures that die are demigods of fire. Often they die of liquid causes. I like to think of them that way--brilliant and then gone.

  67. Nth Degree


    yeah. also bruce lee and brandon lee. makes you wonder.

  68. auss1eman

    @fallindale Yes he is father of Jeff Buckley.

  69. BilisNegra

    Someone as great as Van Morrison, in Common One, seems to have picked something from here... that quiet instrumental backing... Don´t know. How do you see it, people out here¿¿??

  70. Quyhm

    His voice is... so amazing :o

  71. kundatrade

    one of the most incredibly powerful songs I ever heard.
    Rings as true today as it did 40 years ago

  72. Mister E

    @stringsnbows43 Glad to have been a help :)

  73. Jodi Steiner

    @crgMCF No I wasn't being sarcastic at all. I didn't know who these people were. I really like the music alot!! I was just curious. Thanks for your help.

  74. Mister E

    @stringsnbows43 I don't know if your being sarcastic or if you actualy don't know. Tim Buckley was Jeff Buckleys father. They both died young and as many will say long before the world wanted them too. Tim died age 28 of a drugs overdose and Jeff died aged 30 of an accidental drowning. Hope this has helped in some way.

  75. Jodi Steiner

    Who is Tim and Jeff?. I don't know this story.

  76. Simo Net

    @crgMCF so deeply melancholy

  77. Jared J

    One of the few songs in the world that can make me cry...

  78. Diomedes22

    @88poppies they were both strongly influenced by Miles Davis's In a silent way that came out in the later sixties.

  79. Diodeilenti

    The Best Tim's song ever, sharing this position with "I never asked to be your mountain"!

  80. TweetyAliceHippies

    a song of lament;
    a song for lost family – whatever the circumstances;
    a beautiful and sad song for all.


  81. Delic sixonenine

    @GypsyTheft thats not entirely true, it does seem that way but i think he just really wanted to avoid seeing mary. They had so many problems. I think Tim just put off seeing jeff because he was scared how he would react. Regardless, its so sad that tim died so young because when him and jeff were finally united Jeff had no ill feelings, just really happy to see his dad... Tim inspired jeff to write music as jeff loved all of Tims albums and listened to them as he grew up.

  82. Calamity jane

    Lewars I'm not being over emotional and i am one super relaxed lady. Maybe my brashness gave that impression. I just dislike people Analising what they dont know. Nobody knows what was in their heads and hearts but them. Love this song so much, its simply beautiful :)

  83. Billy Pilgrim

    I have to with username, Tim did have a natural sonerous baritone voice and was at a dreamy molasses opiate fix, but he's right no one could compare with Jeff's passion, desire and ability, that covers a lot of people.

  84. CupcakeYummy

    This song sounds so sad but I thought Tim chose to not take part in Jeff's life?

  85. VoiceofCthulhu

    I don't think my feelings on this song could be described with a Youtube comment.

    Maybe true despair for the Buckley... lads.

  86. Hi Everybody!

    colettesharkey I admire some of your favourites but you sound much too emotional here. Relax!

  87. Cliff Works

    I'm trying to find old freind, Brian Hartzler, Tim's first guitarist, if anyone can help, thank you

  88. Cody Wilson

    That's true of many left wingers. Everyone acts like a victim.

  89. Calamity jane

    This song makes me cry!!! Fuck all the rest!!! his son was on his mind and one of his regrets and demons in his head!!!! And we as humans sometimes can not deal with these realities, so thank god for art and music and song!!! Thank god for tim giving us jeff!!! May they both rest in peace. Jeff has made the most emotional impact on my life for personal reasons.... and i pray thanks to him every day!!!

  90. Byron Barsamian

    It doesn't get more poignant than this. Listen to the lyrics.

  91. jjflyers

    Nick Drake tickles my brain

  92. metalchix

    Right wingers act like such pussy-martyr-victims these days.

  93. KingMinosxxvi

    i dont know if you know anything about tims life. but his dad was a seriously [email protected] up pshychotic. and he was very young 18 i think and obviously had allot of shit on his plate. jeff saw his dad once for two weeks or something. a few months later tim was dead. Tim obviously had some serious demons and its seems he did the write thing because jeffs stepdad who he always refered to as his dad, as in my dad is "ron moorehead" probably did a better job than tim ever thought he could.

  94. Horushu

    seems like a curse... reminds me Bruce and Brandon Lee! These geniuses deserved a better fate, but they all were too good to be true.

  95. Horushu

    Tim Buckley is the great genius of the Buckleys!

  96. marccas10

    Regret is a cruel emotion, to regret someting quite minor can knock you sideways sometimes, and so when the loneliness bit and the women didn't console, and there was, in his mind no way back. Death wrapped it's loving arms around him and brushed his head and said, feel nothing now, go run free!

  97. bertbretherton

    Hi, I feel more comfortable with my take on this. If the last few words Tim sings here don't break a heart, well...

  98. bertbretherton

    I'm a very old guy and I've heard a lot of music. If there is a more sensitive rendering of a sefl-penned admission of deep hurt over an owned-up sad deed I'd like someone to tell me what it is. The Buckleys were beautiful and strange angels and left a legacy we should treasure.