Tilly And The Wall - Falling Without Knowing Lyrics

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Tilly And The Wall Falling Without Knowing Comments
  1. Abdi Gonzalez

    damn, my replay button broke...

  2. lanette ava

    this song is whimsical and light, i like it

  3. Grayzone

    wow I didn't know they sang this song. I recently "discovered" this band a few months back but I've known about this song for years...small world

  4. sparkles rebin

    one of the most WONDERFUL songs I have ever heard. reminds me of a friend.

  5. Ivy Mei

    Reminds me someone :)


    who tho?

  6. Somebodylost


  7. livingthechange

    The feeling was psychic, passing through, electric.
    My palm against your fingers, pressing needles, through my wrist. Hearts meet, though we didn't speak, of those things.Falling, Falling, without knowing.
    Light as a feather, Lifting up, together. But a heavy ache & focus blames circles in our heads. Eyes meet, though we didn't see what would be. Falling, Falling without Knowing.. Some kind of magic, moving, was au
    tomatic. The days go on forever, reaching forward not looking back. Sychronicity


    best part in my opinion

  8. shannojane

    i like this too!