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Tilly And The Wall Defenders Comments
  1. Matt Teller

    I love everything Tilly has ever done but in a way, this song to me is their "African Child".

  2. Preemie Maboroshi

    Sequined Cons -- that's a great idea.

  3. Jacob Hoss

    Is this the daycare at Burning Man?

  4. ZamirPeanut

    Is it MIA? 0:18 0:24

  5. Stone Sullivan

    best song and video ever

  6. Martins V


  7. 101001001 1001110010

    this neo tribal thing is lame toast but im glad they are back with nice hi fi videos

  8. motokid032

    Go San Diego!

  9. Aleph Osho

    Does anyone have the lyrics?

  10. Pneumonio

    miss Wild Like Children or even Bottoms of Barrels tilly :/

  11. Derk Ender

    Safe to say you guys are my new fav band :)

  12. Julia Martin

    Ohmyglob! I miss Tilly&The Wall sooooo much :) Thanks!

  13. TheVictim714


  14. Karamiehorse

    I'm liking it, but where's Jaime?