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Tilly And The Wall Alligator Skin Comments
  1. Shane V

    Come play with us! Today’s music theme is “Crocodiles & Alligators.” https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupercordsMusicClub/

  2. navnig

    Ridiculously happy wee song :)

  3. officialpartychannel

    Very Abba like video

  4. 517anon

    Complimenting one band while simultaneously insulting another renders your opinion worthless

  5. gabe seabeans

    i like how this song seems so sad to me, yet the occasion is happy, which is kinda a ironic paradox, am i right?

  6. Lock Jaw

    I was matching bands close to Him and Her and this band came up, I clicked and now I'm hooked.

  7. bur scott

    I ran into Neely shopping around Omaha. It was pretty cool :)

  8. Kianna Killjoy

    @syrupneko And that's how I found them! My name is Kianna!:D

  9. Britni Roberts

    Thumbs up if the first season of My Life as Liz brought you here! :]

  10. Mags

    My Life as Liz :D

  11. TheCryptGyp

    This is not what came to my mind when i listened to this song :(

  12. Joy Jelinske

    oh whos tilly?
    out of the band?

  13. Joy Jelinske

    so awesomely awesome!!
    and great clothes and proppsss!!!

  14. Jared Ong


  15. Preston Delaune

    this song makes me happy

  16. Chareth Cutestory

    @limetreess whheeenn? i was very uninformed of this.

  17. Stephanie C

    this song is ridiculous and i love it.

  18. Claire Wood

    Anyone else excited for the Jamie/Derek baby? :D

  19. hcfillman

    damn that sucks, ive seen them 4 times now and everytime the crowd is insane! haha im actually in this video! it was a fun day

  20. m0bi

    That's weird, I saw this band live twice, and both times, the audience was never that exciting, in fact, it was a sea of striped-shirted males and females standing there with their arms crossed trying to pretend they're all better than everyone else there, while me and my friends were trying to carve out space to dance.

  21. Olivia Brien

    If I had money... I would buy more tap shoes and decorate them. :) I love it.

  22. devourerofbabies

    HR Pufnstuf was effed right the fuck up.

  23. Colleen Cronin

    this is so great!i saw them just two days ago.....AMAZING!

  24. polishmaiden

    I meant HR Pufnstuf. Forgive me - I was born in 1984 and know little of these things!

  25. polishmaiden

    Something tells me they like H&R Pufnstuf.

  26. pscomics

    Sid and Marty Kroft! Groovy Saturday morning cereal party!

  27. lovebabyyyyy

    do you mean kianna?

    she's the one with the blueish grey thing going on. but if you mean her, i agree!

  28. naesch7

    i hate what neely did to her hair!

  29. Susan Bourgeois

    i love you tilly!