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Tilian Now Or Never Comments
  1. JunePhoenix 96

    Oh tillian you steal my heart everytine man

  2. Chi-Yin and William: chilliam00

    I just realised this song has a breakdown in it! 🤯 Listen to that double kick work.

  3. Qurida Pearson


  4. Gafur Askarov

    Holy shit, my favorite vocalists in one song, I think I’m crying

  5. Brittany C.

    This is absolutely brilliant. 💖

  6. that_bun_life

    Tilian and Tyler I just about lost my shit when is saw this

  7. gaulcopo

    I saw it in your eyes
    You make the stars align, oh
    And when we both collide
    We’ll tear apart the sky
    And you know…

    It’s now or never
    Now or never
    It’s now or never
    Now or never

    So keep it to yourself
    They’ll never know
    And it will hurt like hell
    But it’s worth it
    Keep down that lonely room
    Aahhh Ooohh
    And you’ll build your brand new home
    I know…

    It’s now or never
    Now or never
    It’s now or never
    Now or never

    I know that sometimes it can feel like the world is against you
    And nobody gets you but I can relate
    No matter how hard I try, I can’t get out
    I honestly think about all that it takes
    To get out of bed and open your heart
    And say, “I wanna be somebody, the life of the party.”
    Ooooh ooohh

    I will watch you break away
    As you feel gravity fade
    Oooooh ooohhhh
    I will watch your world decay
    As you feel gravity fade
    Oooooh ooohhhh

    So keep it to yourself
    And it will hurt like hell
    I know…

    It’s now or never
    Now or never
    It’s now or never
    Now or never

  8. HyLowz

    tilian I think I love you

  9. LeXiCoN's Utopia

    Your voice is too amazing! I love Tyler carter too! Two of the best in the world!

  10. Jesse Moreno

    Kira is hot from logan

  11. Jesse Moreno

    kira hot

  12. Jesse Moreno


  13. give this weeb some oxiJIN


    Alicia Ruiz

    Cody Boston yes

    Hopfensperger Films

    A bit more tyler could be used, but I still love it

  14. alexd429

    Wow never heard of this . Thought perfect enemy was his first album

  15. Tyler Speraw

    why is this labeled as comedy?

    Boozie Bear

    Because it's comical how good tilian is 😂

    Thomas Dobson

    it is quite a joke that Tilian isnt all over the radio

  16. Aiden Myykal

    Tilian never ceases to amaze me. Artistically talented, musical genius. Especially Tides of Man: Empire Theory.

  17. Sauce Boss

    Love it

  18. Sophie Skelton

    I love every song Tyler is in, he is such an amazing artist... Can't wait for his solo ep to come out soon!

  19. Lobitoxx

    tilian pearson ! :3 

  20. Jhon Michael Malinao

    Tyler attacked on titans.

  21. 西川彩香

    Beautiful :)

  22. Adri Gonzalez


  23. robert becerra

    the featured singers younger brother was in my boot camp plt :3

    Niko Castro

    robert becerra and?

  24. Cameron Phillips

    Came for Tyler, stayed because this is genius.


    And I came....On my laptop

  25. Hailey Swindell

    Oh wait it was 20 seconds still not enough

    Aaron Cliff

    +Hailey Swindell But you get 3:20 of Tilian

  26. Hailey Swindell

    Something tells me 10 seconds of Tyler Carter is not enough

  27. Kloni Allen

    Woe 'WAS' Me

  28. Quiestre

    I will like it better than Kurt that's for sure. And I will like it better than the last album with jonny. Jonny was only good in the first 2 albums(ep)

  29. Dwayne Whittenton

    This is the new singer of dance having dance. Great voice but I don't know how it will mix with this genre. Plus of people will like it better than Jonny or Kurt.

    Programming While Sleeping

    Hope you found the answer out now loool

  30. rook2king

    Still generic as hell

  31. z GᄒBᄂiN

    Oh my apologies starving puppies that comment of hate was toward rook2 gay king not assuming if he's gay and even if he is idgaf sexuality Igaf that he's telling us what to listen to.

  32. z GᄒBᄂiN

    Get the fuck off tilian's page starving puppies well

  33. rook2king

    Don't listen to the newest Woe, Is Me stuff though. It...is incredibly horrible...

  34. Charles Phillips

    He ruined your dad.

  35. Chris McCoy

    i seriously don't know how other people aren't hearing it, but i personally agree with you 100% hahahha

  36. Stina

    get out of here

  37. Irene


  38. Alberto Jaime Le Baron

    Used to be in Woe, Is Me(on the album Number[s]). Now he's in Issues. Both great bands, you should give them a listen.

  39. Alberto Jaime Le Baron

    No, this is Tilian Pearson. He released his album a little while ago.

  40. Shawnee Brown

    OMFG. It's obviously the artist whom this is by. Why would it even be Blackbear? It is Tilian feat. Tyler Carter, not Blackbear feat. Tyler Carter.

  41. Shawnee Brown

    Issues and Woe has absolutely nothing to do with this video. Tyler featured, not Issues or Woe. Grow the fuck up.

  42. Danny Barrett

    Why would you even say that? It holds no weight on this video, and you're just asking for angry responses. Just enjoy the song, we're not here to argue over who is better.

  43. dpsrbi

    I know I know

  44. Misa Milosavljevic

    Woe Is Me/Issues

  45. Ashley Renee

    she ment to say day

  46. dpsrbi

    Is Tyler Carter your dad?

  47. Sarah Schultz

    You just ruined my dad...How do you not know Tyler Carter? -_-

  48. Michael McDermid

    used to be from woe is me before issues

  49. fewffe fefef

    He is in a band called Issues now, they are excellent

  50. Sergio Cannata

    This needs more views. This whole album is just fucking amazing.

  51. Jacob Janvrin

    Is it just me, or is this the line to Spongebob's "Best Day Ever"?

  52. modrnlol

    Use to be in Woe is Me.. now in Issues, but also does a lot of amazing solo work and one offs with some other really talented artists.

  53. Pyres ∆t Varanasi

    Its not just you :).

  54. Miles Reever

    Two of the best singers out there. This entire album is amazing.

  55. Pyres ∆t Varanasi

    Buying the Album Now.

  56. Pyres ∆t Varanasi

    Tilian EPIC JOB .

  57. Starvingpuppies

    is it just me, or is 20 seconds of tyler not enough?

  58. badnews

    my life is complete

  59. Aldrynne Eslava

    Tilian and Tyler. Wow. Breath taking

  60. Marco Gallo

    Tilian, God damn fucking wow.