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Tilian Favor The Gods Comments
  1. Beenie

    Tilian is the best vocalist of the decade don't @ me

  2. Kelly Gonzalez


  3. Blinkman24

    I wish I had found this Epicness back in 2013...

  4. manynames meow

    I love how my dude in the back is headbanging while playing the piano.

  5. mina case

    Sing out father
    Sing out, favor the Gods
    But I can't afford to wonder
    I've got to make a brand new start and it's tearing us apart, it's tearing us apart

    And I, I pray you come back home
    I pray you burn down that wicker throne
    I pray you come back home, soon

    Swim out further
    Swim out in your shore to drown
    But I can't afford to wonder
    I've got to find my own way home
    And it's building up my bones
    I'm not better off alone

    And I, I pray you come back home
    I pray you burn down that wicker throne
    I pray you come back home, soon

    We lose ourselves in our games
    Craving validations
    But you lost yourself in your head
    Preaching you deserve to be right
    Well trust me you deserve to be right
    And how does it feel? Tired and alone
    How does it feel to be alone?

    And I, I pray you come back home
    I pray you burn down that fucking throne
    I pray you come back home soon

    Sing out father
    Sing out, favor the Gods

  6. Sho StopperJ

    Ugh.... Yes and yes... So talented and oh so drop dead fucking sexy.. Man oh man. I love a man who can sing Especially along with playing some form of instrument💜

  7. j J

    Somebody gives me lyics...

  8. Arturo Rivera-Jerez

    Tilian es una de las voces mas bellas que he oido!!!

  9. sunlitforest

    Tillian honestly just has such an amazing voice. 🐢

  10. Iggsyman

    You can sing. simple as that. Do I need to say anything more?

  11. Brittany Peterson

    I love your voice ugh I cant even 💝💝💝🌟🌟🌟

  12. mads johnson

    huge VersaEmerge vibe from this song

  13. kwf x

    This is unbelievably gorgeous

  14. mads johnson

    Currently trying to learn this on the piano!

    Illiana D

    If you learn it can you post a cover?

  15. sie bear

    his talent is seriously underrated. his voice is amazing ❤️

  16. Andrie Dumantay

    I always love this song❤❤❤

  17. connor griffith

    I'm naming my first son after him. That's how powerful his voice is.

  18. xTreyray

    Tillian fuckin slays

  19. rising samael

    Those notes tickled my balls

  20. Giliannee Martinez

    Beautiful, Your voice is just... breathtaking. It makes me want to cry ;( Your a star to me.

  21. adamstrikesback

    holy damn this guy rocks

  22. Ryan Forichette

    This song helped me so much after my breakup, tilian is the man!

  23. Johnny Ribeiro

    Best technical Tilian! Amazing!

  24. uhhdudeful

    He makes it look so effortless what the fuck

  25. Skip Snyder

    OMG i just found my new fave song fucking holy shit my god what a beautiful man and with a voice to match...Im straight by the way

  26. Paul Fuller drum study

    this dudes voice is crazy its like the lead jonah nisson from dirty loops crazy

  27. Molly Arieanna

    Tilian please make more solo music, I need it in my life.

  28. Creed Pearson

    Hi Tilian. Dad here. I am ready to come home. I am sorry about the wicker throne and my thirst to be right. I love you, always have, always will forever...

    Drew Leonard

    Forever confused as to if this is actually his father.


    @Drew Leonard It's not, his last name is Pearson, and the song is about his dad coming back. So he made the joke.

  29. Margaux Sanchez

    i'll never be tired of his voice

  30. Tyler Chapman

    He's a Greek God

  31. Riley Culling

    TILIAN- The best singer I've ever heard. I can put him above Jason Derulo AND Ed Sheran

  32. Diego Kingston

    How could this guy be in a band like Dance Gavin Dance? The fuh

  33. akb234

    Beautifully composed.

  34. treize32

    beautiful voice #datgapdoe

  35. Kitty Kat

    This sounds so good.

  36. Sam Everett

    I love this

  37. Alex Phelps

    shoutout to the pianist in the background rocking tf out.😂👌

  38. Alex Gurney

    so good

  39. April Bennion

    I love this acoustic version ❤️

  40. Hannah Gamino

    He's so cute, I love his lil gap

    Hannah Gamino

    He he. I know exactly what you mean 👍

    Jong-Jong Slownely

    @Hannah Gamino Exactly!

    Anthony Prieto

    Hannah Gamino do you happen to live in Texas?

    Hannah Gamino

    How did you know lol

  41. maegan hogan

    this is my happiness

  42. Happiness

    y is my picture sideways! lol

  43. DKRecords

    Love this song!

  44. Anass Khabbaz

    just brilliant..

  45. Mike H

    Dude has a great voice, not as versatile compared to JC though.

    Kyle Freed

    +Mike Hounslow No one will ever be as versatile as Jesus :0


    Kyle Freed Shoutout to Jesus, greatest vocalist DGD ever had. lol

  46. Dad Monster

    Awesome song, hope the lyrics aren't relevant anymore, my dude.

  47. ZemiraSical

    both acoustic and original are just breath taking!

  48. Roger Robleto

    Amazing Lyrics and Music Tilian!!!!!

  49. Matt Magee

    I dont think people understand how hot tillian is


    He needs more confidence though. This may just be me, but when he's doing interviews... It seems like his eyes dodge the camera, makes me sad... (His eyes are just damn gorgeous)

    Aryanna D

    Matt Magee his gap makes him so much cuter like ughh

    John Wick

    Well most of us are guys (straight guys).

    Stay frosty

    John Wick straight guys can complement other guys and think they look hot or appealing too

    Jessica Oliveira

    I certainly do!

  50. saroOo hassan

    I love you Tilian

  51. saroOo hassan

    I luv u Tilian

  52. nicoleg

    this deserves millions of views tbh

  53. Mariah Lemon

    killing me

  54. Daniel Curl

    If I could request one thing of Tilian I would request that he do an acoustic version album with all these songs and some of his old Tides of Man songs *cough* Faint Illusion *cough* because I can never get enough of these over the pop versions. Like the pop versions are good but these are fantastic with his voice so much rawer and emotional sounding.

  55. caraphernelia7

    Best song he ever made and I love DGD

  56. Kennykenny

    I don't know why people compare Tilian to Anthony Green. I mean, Tilian sings very well, but his voice is too flat, can't get used to it...

    kyle kirkman

    @Kennykenny Their voices are very different. I think their voices are growing more similar recently though as Anthony doesn't sound as "clean" as he used to. I'm always happy to see other artists singing their guts out so I have respect for Tilian. He has his own sound for sure. Anthony will always be number 1 for me though haha

  57. Andy Chow

    starting at 0:42 the piano dude's hair looks like a lizard's tongue lol


    @Andy Chow good catch LMAO

    April Bennion

    Andy Chow I see it now!! 😂

    Niq Ruc

    Andy Chow I hate that I had to see this comment lmao. Its all I can see now

  58. scad

    Freakin poop stain this is like a Lapdance on my eardrums! Tilian is and always will be amazing! Miss him with tides though, that was my favorite band

  59. Jeremy Childress


  60. Jake Smith

    @TilianPearson put this on iTunes mate!!!! I wanna buy it! You put Ghost (Acoustic) so why not Favour the Gods (Acoustic)?

  61. zBUzl

    absolutely fucking killed it. love him

  62. Brett Phillips

    I would love to hear you sing a duet of Come What May with Hayley Williams 

  63. UnjustifiedZeus

    Johnny craig probably shit himself when he heard his replacement! hahaha


    Craig and Tilian are both brilliant in their own rights both are genius singers

    connor griffith

    Johnny has the pain and desperation in his voice, tilian has the hope in his.

    Denton Lynch

    connor griffith that’s the perfect description.

    john johnny

    He was too busy getting fucked up on heroin while lying about being clean and burning bridges.


    @connor griffith That's deep man. I always feel like shit listening to Jonny because his hopeless life-style comes out in his music (Still love DBM 2). Tilian is the first stable artist they've had, and I think people are just too used to the depressing DGD, that the new light Tilian brings makes them wince.

  64. Sydney White

    You have an absolutely astonishing voice, and you're a total babe!!! :)))

  65. kelson judd

    your voice doesnt even make sense its so good! thank you for the amazing inspiration this song just gives reason

  66. Niño Ruziel Laguna

    That voice. #eargasmic  

  67. Daz B

    vocals are amazing!!!!! this is orgasmic

  68. Ukulily Filly

    Guitar/Piano/Ukulele Chords someone Please!! :) :D <3
    You're awesome (in advance) 

  69. patrick soler

    I don't care if people make fun of how high this dude's voice is. He NAILS those high notes and gets gritty not just because. Great tune to showcase it. 

    Jamie Ferone

    I LOVE his voice. I'm so impressed that a grown man can hit those notes to be quite honest. This cover was damn near perfect.

  70. Jeana Vasquez


  71. Cassie White

    I NEED more acoustic Tilian. 

  72. chinfinginner

    @whiteasian22 im guessing half voice. Because its tender and light but still powerful. Singing softly really opens up your range and gives you much more control over the solidarity of notes sung.

  73. Matt D

    fucking incredible singer.

  74. Sacha Severov

    does anyone know what his ethnic makeup is? like obviously he looks white but i have a feeling he's mixed... i'm mixed, and if you're mixed, you know that we're really really good at recognizing eachother.


    I'm pretty sure him and his family is Irish. or Swedish. One of the two

    Creed Pearson

    Good guess. Actually both. Tilian's  dad here. On my side of the family Tilian's grandmother was Jean Callahan daughter of James Callahan, Dean of West Virginia University of Irish and French extraction, his grandfather was Creed Judson Pearson, Junior, President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Southern West Virginia of English and Swedish descent. His mother was white South African of Dutch and English heritage.

    Trina Breon

    Your son is an angel! I can't get over how talented he is. Thanks for the clarification on his ancestry.

  75. hayley alexis

    but why is he in dance gavin dance? like is he the best they could do? I mean he said his solo career is still his main focus so i feel his run with the band won't last long

    Juan Hernandez


    hayley alexis

    @Juan Hernandez ok i missed my reply and thought you were replying to my originall comment lmao. i said i hated the band out of sarcasm bc i was still waiting on my instant gratifiction vinyl whish was like 2-3 months late lol

    Richard Wright

    Still wrong lmao


    Lol this comment has got me rofling


    Artificial Selection BOIIIII

  76. ZachNyeScienceGuy

    Category: Comedy
    Ummm.... What?

    ian h

    i didn't believe you so i scrolled back up and i chuckled


    @ian h i guess the joke worked then. comedy gold.

    ian h

    @dippee216 tilian is a comedic genius

  77. Shane abes

    really good album man! keep up the good work favorit song right now is this one!

  78. Sweet Pea

    Can he just make a song with Anthony Green please? Holy shit please.


    How about: Anthony Green, Tilian, Jonny Craig and Craig Owens?

    Matt No

    Or Anthony, tillian, Donovan malero from hail the sun, and Craig Owens would be killer.

    connor griffith

    How many years must we wait

    Miss Moo

    literally my three favorite bands doing a song together? PLEASE


    @manuchamp99 and Cove reber

  79. adrianjulian

    it's so perfect ;-;

  80. Stephen Nelson

    I really wish he ended up singing for Saosin. Would've been unreal

    Luis Martinez

    Yes, yes!!


    DGD > Saosin


    xTreyray translating the name > dgd

  81. J.R. Bennett

    Such a cool voice.  And I love the some of the chords he is using.  I love that they aren't just straight forward.

  82. Dillon Lerma

    He's way better with dance gavin dance

    Eddie Erwin

    no, just no.

    Joel Kunze

    does it matter?

    Jesse Guzik

    He's got one of the best voices out there regardless of what people think. 

    Matt Kessler

    Hes amazing here AND with DGD.

  83. usghostsofficial

    You are a god Tilian.

  84. WhiteAsian22

    Is it me or is it hard to tell if he's singing in falsetto, half-voice, or full voice. It's really hard to tell.

    Daniel Yeager

    @SoySauce HairDye That's insane.

    Ethan Heath

    He is singing in full voice its not falsetto.

    Agustín Alvia

    Tilian sings a lot of F#4 A4 G4 and B4 in this song.

    Path to Math

    He is in his comfortable chest voice! Only a couple times he hits head voice or if you are a rebel “mixed voice” haha

    Jamie Ferone

    @Dex I'm not sure how hard it is for him to hit those notes, he had a naturally higher pitched voice when he speaks. Nonetheless impressive!

  85. yong kim

    Tides of Man? 

  86. Cassie White

    Top comment whoo! <3 Tilian FTW.

  87. tim burgess

    If u like tiki ab or Anthony greens styles check out the song "Rome is where the art is" acoustic by elenora.... I just can't believe how amazing it is!!! Dudes vocals are amazing!! Seriously...

  88. Edward Selph

    Finally starting to get this song down

  89. Andy Collins

    omg so gud luv dis fuk me tilian <33

  90. ISNEddERSI

    smashing the replay button !!! this is sooo amazing !!! 

  91. Martine Akselsen

    Goosebumps every fucking time I hear this song. You're amazing, Tilian.

  92. trugangsta4real

    Is that like a Flea 47 or something?  What kind of vocal mic is that?

  93. Meade Music

    I love Country Music !

    Meade Music

    @Mike Hunt
    What are you getting at? I'm not sure I follow.

    Disposable Friend

    This, is NOT country. thats what

    Meade Music

    @Vince Apolinar


    i love country too!!!

  94. Taya Johnson

    he is perfect. ugh.


    A beautiful girl, and you upload City and Colour. <3

    Settezin Zabelin

    @BrohareOG Goddamn, go to OkCupid or something. You're not going to get laid over a YouTube comment.


    @Settezin Zabelin Lol I am so glad my simple comment implied that I was looking to get laid by a girl that more than likely isn't in the same state, or country as me. You're a fucking moron.

  95. EbonyJè _


    Gus Maia

    gtfo nigga

  96. EbonyJè _

    Hey you guys, check out my cover to this song. All feedback encouraged. Thanx!!