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Tiger Army Prisoner Of The Night Comments
  1. rizky Kiky

    Yeaah!!! 💥

  2. One Eye Odin

    "don't force my hand or I will end your life"

  3. Danny Ho

    wow she purty, was that krysten ritters baby sis ?

  4. horticasey

    Well. Just found the perfect woman.

  5. Mareczek S

    hehe zajebiste

  6. Laban Warner

    Please dont force my hand cuz i will end your life

  7. Pablo Queipo Valencia

    Long Live Del Sahannon...!

  8. Robert Craig

    Pinup girl are the best

  9. _____

    1:40 for the boys.

  10. rahul chavan

    I love this 1950s vibe
    Del Shanonn

  11. Joaquin Jimenez

    It sounds like Morrisey?

  12. Mario Alberto

    Nick don't blink

  13. Ramadhan Alfajri

    I walk the streets so endlessly
    Wandering where they cannot see
    Fight my way through the struggle and strife
    But I've become - a prisoner of the night

    An alley cat so strong and proud
    Sometimes you have to run and hide before you pounce
    I look straight into the glow of his eyes
    And he knows I'm a prisoner of the night

    With a swish of his tail he is gone
    And save for my shadow I'm alone
    But the feeling of danger is there
    Like a cat I crouch and stare
    I'll go down fighting all the way

    The hair on my neck stands like his would
    And there is cold steel at my side
    Please do not force my hand
    'Cause I will end your life
    The stars look on indifferently

    Then I awaken from my dreams
    It is the afternoon, it's all slipped away from me
    People walk, the city bustles with life
    But soon enough I'll be a prisoner of the night

    Волеслав Филин

    Ramadhan Alfajri

  14. Brent Inman

    “The hair on my neck stands, like his wood”

    Whoa nick, that’s pretty graphic

    crass k

    Wrong wood. its would

  15. Trey Lightowler

    Tiger army has been and always will be a psychobilly band....what happened to that Nick 13

    Robert Craig

    Hope he drops a new record. Been too long

  16. ekul40831

    Hella dope jam!!

  17. LIL MIK TV


  18. Andrew Collier

    The more I listen to this, the more brilliant it gets.

  19. Ritchie Jar

    I'm in love with the girl in the video.

  20. karola Mayorga

    💕💕💕Nick 13💕💕💕

  21. Slick Tiger

    Lame and boring stale horrible recording and production. Would actually be good if it was recorded raw and live in a analog studio like Rock N Roll was meant to be produced.

  22. Paul E. Montano LSA,SA-C

    I have to agree with Lexi...Los Angeles can be lonely . I get the message of the song/video.

  23. Laércio Paiva

    Now, at 02:13AM drinkin whiskey and drawing some university shits on AutoCAD, listening this music, i'm thinking, i REALLY born in the wrong century! The 60's 70's and 80's no doubt was the f*cking best years for live. This song is the retro stuff i want to listem!
    Saludos from Brazil!

  24. Ricky Perez Jr

    Anyone else miss that tiger army 1 sound back when they pretended to be psycho.

  25. Man of Action


  26. zaqwe

    Who's the girl? Woo oh oh oh

  27. Camilo Garcia

    Even if Ithis doesn't sound as agressive as people in comments like it's still as dark and elegant as Psychobilly itself, beautiful

  28. Butch Stoneyrock

    Ummm, uhhhh, No!

  29. darjo51

    Awsome ,greeeeat 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  30. Alexander Vogel

    Saw them at a bowling alley in Eaglerock years ago, Nick was manning the Booth selling TA shirts for $13

  31. Eddie Ramirez

    fuck this is absolutely horrible the last good album is ghost tigers rise... even that album was soft but man this song blows dogs for quarter's.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  32. Brian W

    I used to walk around Downtown LA after getting out of the bars. Just as long as you walk like a complete psychopath no one will bother you. The trick is to stare at people with wide eyes and don’t respond if they talk to you. Just nod your head and keep walking.

  33. Joshua Smith

    Fuck all that pop music trendy bullshit. This is real music

  34. Steely666

    Sounds like Del Shannon music.

  35. Alma Ruiz

    Love Tiger Army 💜

  36. Ben Perez

    Lola Blanc makes this video look yummy. #1 Fan

  37. Dallas Ross

    " MAGIC !!!! "

  38. paul dainton

    I've been a fan since the first cd, i don't hear too much of a difference to the other stuff they've put out, i'll be picking up the cd come payday. the lass in the video is something else though! a Bettie Page vibe going on for sure

  39. Quincy Perdue

    Nick I didn't know you were the black dahlia murderer!!!

  40. Joseph Ybarra

    Love this song.

  41. J Beatty

    I'm pretty sure they use the same girl in every video... Can anyone confirm this? Not complaining , she's lovely...

    Rory Frost

    J Beatty bro, smash or pass

  42. J Beatty

    That was awesome...

  43. Gunnar Applebaum

    I am horny as shit. Great song too

  44. Jeffy Ranks

    Putain quel groupe de merde, y a qque années ils nous jouait du psychobilly mélo original !!!pffff ⚡

  45. Trevor Spiegelhauer

    the more I listen the more I feel

  46. Houston Scott

    This song is ass

  47. Revolver Ocelot

    Tiger Army Never Die

  48. Victor Lugosi

    *the sound of del Shannon on the phone to his manager demanding royalties*

  49. Sean Doyle

    I was lucky enough to catch Tiger Army in Houston, a few months back, Nick 13 was sick as a dog, and yet still put on an incredible show!

  50. Adark Salinas

    México los espera!!!

  51. Skip Snyder

    Loved em from the get!

  52. Not Carmen

    who else thinks he looks like frankienstien and she looks like the bride of frankienstien in this?


    Not Carmen Frankenstein*. And I assume you mean the monster. So no. Seeing how Frankenstein was the Scientist.

  53. Mariano Ramirez

    Who´s the girl?

  54. Mando Mendez

    who is that chick iam in love


    Mando Mendez her name and @ are in the description

  55. Isaiah Winter

    oh good more shit emo bands

  56. Krystle Morgan

    I love Nick 13's voice, so much.

  57. cassia andresson

    do caralhooooo ouve ela doidao que vc pira!

  58. Fernando Jimenez


  59. felipe oliveros

    manso culo

    franchesco avalos sepulveda

    felipe oliveros q rica q esta no??

  60. Paulo José de Oliveira

    muito bom o som de vocês tiger army,parabéns 👏👏👏👍.

  61. xxBigFudgexx

    I saw them live at a Broilers-Concert. They rocked the shit out of the crowd.

  62. Mando Mendez

    I'm in love with that chick wooow

  63. Ismael A. Martínez Chávez

    Prisoner ♠♥

  64. Esteban lch

    who is here for maxxyou

  65. Andrew Coates

    Anybody know where to get this shirt? Is it black and white the colour of the shirt or different colours? I can't tell because the actual video is in black and white as well aha

  66. Dario Herrera

    Good Song as the usually do. What's the name of the model?


    Lola Blanc

    Gabriel Mazuca

    Thank you Troy,I had wanted to know her name for the longest time...lol


    Not all heroes wear capes.. Thanks Troy!

  67. i ketut agus dhyana putra

    we're waiting u guys in Bali

  68. tuxedojones

    what the fuck just steal the piano thingy

  69. Ismael A. Martínez Chávez

    Tiger Army!!!😼😼

  70. eddy sumaryono

    Muchas Gracias...

  71. gerardo alexander salazar cerna

    prisoner of the night

  72. dubseedz757

    Has a real skate/surf vibe to it..Love the sound <3

  73. Eddie Sinatra

    Muchas Gracias...

  74. Василий Алибабаевич

    лицо бы попроще при ходьбе...)

  75. Eli Hathaway

    I bet Del Shannon likes this song..

    Miguel Deer

    DAMN, I was going crazy trying to remember what song that riff was from :D Thanks.

    TackyCloth 32769


  76. Gabriel Mazuca

    I have no idea who the chick is,but my goodness she is sexy as hell!!

  77. Tom Walker

    their best album yet

  78. Matias Gomez

    Excelente, suena mas viejo, mas a las raíces del Rock And Roll, aunque ese piano suene a "Runaway" igual me gusta, de todas maneras ese tema de "del shannon", es perfecto!. Si Tiger quiere seguir así, acercándose a temas y sonidos mas antiguos, bienvenido, me parece perfecto que se aleje de esa mierda del psychobilly de Punk's hippies no asumidos.

  79. Just Steve

    Dee Clark.

  80. lisandro Cruz

    Seems like they ran out of ideas, the video was very college made, love the song just wish the video was more in tune with the scenario of the lyrics.

  81. Shawn Carter

    tiger army is still great

  82. icolexvd

    Wow. Nice!

  83. eljefeguapobarbon

    Cool video! Beautiful girl.

  84. hikuri

    Se pulieron con este disco, SALUDOS DESDE MEXICOnos vemos por acá.Saludos

  85. Kelven Araujo

    The piano like Max Crook.

  86. mauro zerbo

    una mierda que paso con el tiger army de antaño


    It's called Producers.
    They're usually full of shit, and like to corrupt the artists with their hepa-toxic poison.

  87. Lexi James

    Los Angeles is a very lonely place if you are alone. That's what this video kind of reminds me of. And the new album is beautiful btw...


    LOL Los Angeles is garbage, I live here.
    Everyone who is behind the wheel, especially after work hours automatically has autism.

    Staley Pharmaceuticals

    Fr0mDark2Light We sure do. Native of L. A. And I fucking despise us.


    Ayy so is nyc...

    Robert Craig

    Fuck LA.
    Come to Nashville

  88. Ian S, S,

    Camino por las calles sin detenerme
    Vagando por donde no me puedan ver,
    Me abro paso a través de conflictos y contiendas,
    Ya me he vuelto un... prisionero de la noche

    Un gato de callejón, fuerte y orgulloso,
    'Algunas veces debes correr y esconderte antes de abalanzarte',
    Miro justo al brillo en sus ojos
    Para que él sepa que soy un... prisionero de la noche

    Mostrando su descontento con la cola todos salen huyendo,
    Están a salvo de mi sombra y yo continuo solo
    Pero el sentimiento de peligro siempre es latente,
    Como un gato me agacho y observo,
    Caeré peleando, por siempre

    El pelaje en mi cuello se eriza, como lo haría el de un gato,
    Traigo una navaja en mi bolsillo
    Por favor, no te metas conmigo
    O tendré que terminar con tu vida
    Y las estrellas observarán todo con indiferencia

    Es cuando despierto del sueño,
    Ya está oscureciendo y todo comienza a cobrar sentido,
    La gente camina, las calles rebozan de vida,
    Pero pronto volveré a ser un... prisionero de la noche

    Esteban lch

    d donde eress

    Ian S, S,


    Daysi D

    Gracias por compartir 🤗

  89. Witherinstein

    this song is awesome, awesome sound, Tiger army is sooo cool, knifes edge is another favorite off this album, but my mega fav is i am the moth

  90. Christian 1138

    thats the same girl from the forever fades away video

  91. carlos white garcia

    exelente rola ... saludos desde mexico ☺/

    carlos white garcia

    jaja que te digo Natty ...me da mucha risa tus comentario... veo con desagrado que aun hay gente como tu.. una coprofaga que juzga a la gente por pertenecer a una nacion diferente a la tuya ..Pro en fin... Natty suerte.. sigue siendo la hetera que eres...sigue con tus video juegos .. y creeme q no me quita el sueño tus comentarios ...adios y buena vibra .... ☻/ jaja

    carlos white garcia

    Erwin.. que bien y que chido que aun haya personas como tu.. tienes buena onda.. saludos carnal ... y ya sabes nunca falta la hurgamandera .. q se siente muy elevada de sangre azul... pro q se pinta su cabellito y su changuito esta prietito prietito.. jaja -.. un abrazo carnalito ☺/

    Ian S, S,

    Hola, Carlos. La subiría pero siempre dan de baja los videos por los derechos de autor. Ahorita posteo la traducción en los comentarios, ¿va?

    carlos white garcia

    gracias Ian .....y sin entenderle me gusto... ahora ya sabiendo que dice me latio mas.. te rifaste bro... gracias ☺/

    Ian S, S,

    No problem. :D

  92. betazzo76

    How hot is the brunette, goddamn

    quad core

    As opposed to the blonde in the video?


    well played

    The Red King

    betazzo76 Nick or the woman?

  93. Miguel Angel

    Del Shanonn

    quad core

    Repeated comment.

  94. Arturo Fuentes

    por un momento pensé que era Del Shannon y la canción runaway

  95. Juan Herrera

    Damn, these guys guys keep putting out hits!!!

    Have a listen to this one by Liquor-N-Poker...


  96. Andrew Stephenson

    Who is that amazing girl?

    Волеслав Филин

    Lola Blanc

  97. Angelo Cipollaro

    The most elementary of music, truly uninspired. Wouldn't you prefer original, innovative music, as supposed to something artists like Ricky Nelson and Del Shannon did better about 50 years ago?

  98. Vince 13

    Nick 13 never die

  99. levi poe

    This is to be read and heard like a tiger army song" I had a vision in the dark clouds of forever,pretty soon we shall see jack white as the producer"

  100. VxDxO

    se copiaron a ellos mismos la cancion trough the darkness