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Tiger Army Lovespell Comments
  1. 665 Underdawg

    Now for a Navajo version!! Love you Nick 13!!

  2. Tezemya

    I love both versions

  3. Stelios Stelios

    Cool song! by the way his voice reminded me of Morissey a bit

  4. Crypto Mancer

    Oh si, en mi pensarás....

  5. Iván Martínez


    I travel through the night
    To conjure up a love
    Much stronger than eternity

    I would give anything
    And thats just what I do
    Ancient Stars look down impassibly
    A séance with the Spirits
    Who whisper from the trees
    To bring your love back to me

    In the midst I wander through
    The Agony of love
    Unrecorded unless I find

    A Love Spell for You
    To Bring You to me
    Into the Night
    And into your heart
    When you awake, you’ll think of me
    Oh yes, you’ll think of me

    Blue flame burns up the magic
    Blacker than the Night
    The Crickets speak your name with me
    Across the Midnight Sky like lighting
    Into your dreams, while you are sleeping
    It is done and you belong to me

    A Love Spell for You
    To Bring You to me
    Into the Night
    And into your heart
    When you awake, you’ll think of me
    Oh yes, you’ll think of me

    A Love Spell for You
    To Bring You to me
    Into the Night
    And into your heart
    When you awake, you’ll think of me
    Oh yes, you’ll think of me

  6. Mary S Toledo

    Holy shit....1st time hearing the English version...nice

  7. Chris Mc.

    Such a solid tune.

  8. jonathan nuñez

    Viva la version en español

  9. Daniel Alberto Camacho Contreras

    Wououwohoo hechizo de amor para unirnos, dentro de la noche dentro de tu corazón. Cuando despiertes en mí pensarás, oh sí en mí pensarás...

  10. Larry The Lobster

    Spanish one is better in my opinion, but nevertheless this version is still good.

  11. Monica Campos

    the shit. ❤

  12. gypsy soul

    This is the best!! Nick 13 your AMAZING!!!!

  13. Hafizh Chandra Setyawan

    mantapp (y)

  14. Ashen Oni Creations

    <3 Love these guys!!

  15. darthmaxbox320

    For my girl

  16. sharon osornio

    love fuck¡¡

  17. Flavia Gonzalez

    nick I f***** LoveYou

  18. weedlife94

    first time i heard about nick 13 was on afis single second..memories dull my senses. then i loved tiger army too

  19. Adrian vázquez

    i say , spanish version is better 

  20. Joey Boyer

    holy fuck i had no idea there was an english version... untill 2014 lol wow

    Owen Gaviola

    Joey Boyer until 2017! haha

    Xskox Seven

    Joey Boyer dude I just found this in 2017! Been a fan forever have a never die tattoo love the Spanish version lmfao lololol -__-

  21. vane

    I heard the Spanish version at Hot Topic (My sister loves to go there) and I got Siri to get me the song, and honestly it's really nice. Like the Spanish one better, but they're basically the same.. This song gives me butterflies and chill. I'll think about listening to other songs by them.


    i dont think you will be disappointed by their other songs. Cheers! 

    Omega Copia

    Just admit you went there and was like... "EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKCKCCCKCCKCKCKCKCKCKKKC" °^° IDK LOL

  22. Rodrigo Avila

    Very Good

  23. Eva Bouillon

    so sweeeeeeeet !!!

  24. Xstonerxhigh420x

    I love this song,please never delete it from youtube.

  25. Karson Webster

    boom! Slamma Jammed Bonneylynn

  26. fractalnation

    send me a link my friend

  27. Cristina Torres

    my ex sang this to me (that ass hole x) but still a cute song haha


    calm down! Boyes0n cuz im latin but u know what! NICK 13 is the best of this shit! great great voice!

  29. Alain Meyer

  30. wolflove12345678910

    Oh God. This song is perfect for two characters in a book I'm writing. Thanks for uploading!

  31. boyes0n

    fuck those people who say that nick fails to sing this in spanish cuz the accent, try to speak or sing in swedish with the without your accent.. if can you do that.. my hat's of for you.

  32. Shane Reid

    I hate that this song isnt on the US cd version...

  33. timothy c Garner

    [email protected]

  34. perkelepower

    send them a email then ?

  35. mouzloaf

    I want to show them my balls.

  36. Chilloutbaby231

    awesome *-*

  37. TheWMD13

    This is ok. I prefer the Spanish version.

  38. Eliud Chávez

    what was first?' english or spanish??

  39. neontiger

    Both versions are awesome! :D

  40. ClaudiaZ

    i can't find this version ANYWHERE, and i need it! where can i find it?


    la canción en español es muy buena también , pudiendo contestar en ingles conteste en español !

  42. frankburton666

    this is awesome and its psychobilly! if you don't like it don't listen.i fuckin hate people that act like they are more hardcore than everybody else...

  43. Cyberwaste138

    It is Hechizo de Amor in English... the music is the exact same.

  44. Lewis Fekete

    nope, not from hechizo, probably some oldie song

  45. Lewis Fekete

    music is from some other song. anyone know what it is?

  46. DOC226ODST

    well psychobilly has different variations and styles dont be so narrow minded.

  47. Andy Berumen

    People claim this is psycho and Nick 13 thinks hes the 110 percent psychobilly with a poser psychobilly gang or wtv it is.

  48. Nerxan

    And ur problem is?

  49. Berenice Carrillo

    hahah ik it Spanish bam know ik it in English I win

  50. Andy Berumen


  51. gladdam

    burgin industries


    I KNOW IT IN SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. AnnnabelLee

    @angelicmelncholy Which the spanish version is ?

  54. Sondra Erb

    @angelicmelncholy i do the same.

  55. LaylaLace

    @anabun Now that's just funny :P


    @angelicmelncholy fuck yeah i dont know it in english lmao....

  57. Colitis To Ostomy

    i totally sing this in spanish even though its the english version

  58. Samuel Rubio

    @Qain89 hancock.. oops

  59. Samuel Rubio

    @Qain89 no. wayne handcock, thats rockabilly.

  60. Qain Negro

    This is rockabilly?

  61. OutlawsLady23

    @Metallicafan241 How exactly do you convert & DL it?

  62. OutlawsLady23

    Where can i download this version?? I have the Spanish one, but i want this one too... can anyone help me out?

  63. _MAR_ZILLA_

    WOW! Never heard it in english! Still a great song! ...cept now I can sing it in SPANglish!!! F.T.W.!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. cindy bolanos

    I love this song especially after a special some one dedicated it to me in-love with him -3

  65. Ann T

    <333 I Cant Stop Listening To This Song!
    I Fucken Love It lol :D

  66. MeliAce13

    a good version but it's so much prettier and romantic in Spanish...

  67. StephyTheGr8

    Ooh me either! Its nice to know what the words were, but I like the spanish verison a lot :)

  68. Matthew Gardner

    @DividedIStand80, spanish is a gringo language lol

  69. Marcel Williams

    just totally good......

  70. penkisart

    lol..i totally did the same thing right now.. i hadnt hear it in English.. its still great though!

  71. tyfmorgan

    Any idea where I can download this?

  72. Brynasty123

    @technostone PM? im not a abbreviator. :)

  73. Yvette Garcia

    I feel like the spanish version is more passionate! It flows better! But love this song! This is what got me started with Tiger Army!

  74. Malteee_One

    This song is dope;D

  75. abelineshis

    def sound better in spanish, and i can sing along to that vesrsion better cuz i'm mexican ;p

  76. Brynasty123

    I wish this version were on itunes though...

  77. Brynasty123

    @Issaac42 I agree man. =)

  78. Brynasty123

    @Issaac42 maybe you know me. Maybe you dont. But i agree pal. =)

  79. Claudio Innsmouth

    se escucha mil veces mejor en ingles!! q bueno q sacaron esta version! ya hace falta un nuevo disco de Tiger Army

  80. skankin moon

    it is beautiful to see the translation between two languages on a song we love

  81. Lostinmyhead99

    Just because I don't have a life, played both the English version and the Spanish version at the same time and it was pretty fricking cool. Especially the chorus "Woah".

  82. Bonney Codr

    their sound has a delicate beauty

  83. Aleex Aae

    =/ no rifa

  84. Luis Meza

    the lyrics are exactly the same in english and spanish

  85. Jami Williams

    i've never heard the english version before this.. i find myself singing it in spanish lol

  86. jbigga

    they have such a cool sound <3

  87. kmlars22

    isn't it the part where he says, "when you awake you'll think of me, oh yes you'll think of me"

  88. kmlars22

    does anyone have a download link for this version?

  89. olivia ponce

    Espanol es muy mejor y el englis es asi asi

  90. 5quidVicious

    Hechizo de Amor

  91. Marlene ascencio


  92. daniel Bilas

    I wasn't really a fan of Hechizo De Armor when i heard it as i couldn't grasp the lyrics (my fav thing about tiger army) I think this version just helps me appreciate the original song a lot more.

    The English version has nothing on
    "Cuando despiertes, en mi pensarás
    Oh sí, en mi pensarás" dont you agree?

  93. stainless921

    ive been looking for this for month's D:

    yasss (H)

  94. Nick West

    nick 13 is actually fluent in spanish.. i know because i met him! even before this track came out!

  95. fudgesiclez

    AND he went to berkeley so you know hes smaaart

  96. Matthew Gardner

    i found myself singing along in spanish, i think it was a good decision to put it in spanish.... his writting sounds minimalist in english...prolly just biased cos ive heard the spanish one more though

  97. ehehehehe92

    I know, Nick 13 is hot :D

  98. Benjamin Brandt

    this is gay this isnt punk this is emo shit