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Tiger Army Dark And Lonely Night Comments
  1. alex alex

    The style of the videoclip 100% taken from works of talented photographer Troy Paiva.

  2. Robert Johnson

    Never Die

  3. Óscar Yáñez Zavala

    Buen contrabajo

  4. call sign spirit

    Tiger love songs won me over in early 2000s. I love how nick13 sings is beautiful. This is making out song with a girl.

  5. Jake Metti

    was just blasting wage war, accidentally clicked this and now my clothes magically swapped from deathcore shirt and skinny jeans to wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar.

  6. Xero Signal

    goddamn this song is beautiful!

  7. TestSubject

    would love to hear them do a cover of Last Kiss

  8. Ev W

    This song makes me wish I had someone to twirl me around a hardwood living room floor.. barefoot

  9. Triarii Cat

    Fallout vibes

  10. Zombi Chicken

    Whenever my boyfriend plays this song he always slow dances with me 🖤

  11. Jamie Blanchard

    So amazing 😍

  12. Mary Lee


  13. Selene Sotelo

    Gonna use this song for my wedding 😍

  14. Lord Diliders

    This looks like a Fallout song

  15. Michael Davis

    Well done 👏👏👏

  16. Mr1stcat

    My sweetness My Everything i know your out there somewhere this was your favorite band and it reminds me of you😘 i know we are far apart now because of me taking you for granted but at least we are still under the same stars and sky💕

  17. TheCoatneyadkins

    The person who designed this set and color scheme is a god. Lol

  18. Idiotic Tirades

    If you like this video watch the movie The Heavenly Kid

  19. Rob Matthews

    Please Check out my first single "The Desert"!!! More to come!!! Thank you and much love!!!


  20. Idiotic Tirades

    Love the theremin

  21. Mr. Borjas

    Just discovered this band. I love 50s 60s music. Coincidence? I think not.

    Idiotic Tirades

    That's awesome I've been listening to them since 2001. Happy to hear about new discoveries.👍

  22. Javier Mendoza

    Emo Rockabilly

    Idiotic Tirades

    It's more like non-horror themed psycho with vocals that don't sound like sandpaper on a rusty hinge.

  23. Wayan Awan - Music

    So in love with this song

  24. Homer MacKaye

    I listen to a lot of music and a lot of bands but honestly Tiger Army has a special place in my heart, their unique vibe and sound are from another plantet

  25. cwclarke3

    This guy has the voice of an angel.

  26. The Tucker Freeman Experience

    Damn this is two years old!?

  27. mai kirikiri

    apt install psycho* /♡:* :゚ | tail -f &&find / -name my ex | echo ${tiger}_$army > broken-heart

  28. Evil Penguin

    I dedicate my ex-girlfriend, so sad😢

  29. Міхаіл Ліпскі

    Vydatny gurt i cudoŭnaja pieśnia! Pryvitańnie ź Biełarusi;)

  30. Mark Dunstall


  31. Manny Gonzalez

    They made music that is classic

  32. Alexa Snow Alfaro

    Forever be a great vocalist

  33. Selene Sotelo

    Is there a special dance to this?

  34. Mannylocs Project

    Got my wedding song



  36. Karleigh Bardy

    To the guy who did my paper work at the blood drive (Oscar),you were right, I do like this band

  37. 6doublefive3two1

    You poor, poor, millennials. If you'd like less plastic check out The Stray Cats.

  38. Diana Trimble

    Comment under an Orville Peck video challenged me to check out this group (as proof that his sound wasn't so so original) and so I did. Excellent!

  39. nashk86

    el ruido ese de fondo que coño es?? estropea totalmente la cancion

  40. Heather bby

    Amazing band. Beyond stunning model. Yes yes and yes!

  41. metal4deth

    I'm wasted

  42. Charly Abstracto

    Espero que si encuentras este comentario, sepas que aún te recuerdo y aún te extraño.
    "En la noche es donde nos encontramos y En la noche es donde nos separamos. En la noche es donde nos encontraremos de nuevo".

  43. Nobert Mike

    they need to be on the next fallout soundtrack.

  44. Steve Koozer

    This song should be on a Fallout game. 🍺🍺🍺

  45. View This

    1:12 Just the right amount of Cowbell

  46. Christian War

    Tiger Army the best 1 :)

  47. liluno310 YT

    Put 1.25 x speed

    Black light freddy

    liluno310 YT omg

  48. Maricarmen7 Vlogs

    This song never never get out my head

  49. Lupe

    Nick 13 is such a gorgeous man<3333

  50. Mike Wilhelmson

    Goddamn. Nicks lookin older, the face in the mirror is too. Any vampires out there hit me up

  51. Golgo

    Fucking hoes. Only those true men will understand.

  52. Jamie Blanchard

    Fucking love Nick 13

  53. Vance Anderson

    Thanks Brandon Moore for using this song in majer things!!

  54. Alissa M

    Oh my god this genre/vibe is still alive!! I'm so happy!! Please suggest more songs like this. Thanks. 😻

    Mike Wilhelmson

    Dont wait around for suggestions. Do your own homework ☝

  55. zXClairvoyant SinsXz

    I just wanna ask the girl i love to dance with me to this song

  56. Rocco Rattlebag

    1:37 stage light. Hahahaha. Its all i see now.

  57. Mateo Baquero

    nick you did it again...

  58. Dan Sommerfeld

    True love and heart raw as fuck from a real psychobilly guy. Elvis and norma Jean can still make devil babies from the graves to this shit. Put out another solo album nick!

  59. Melissa Mayhem

    One of the most beautiful songs ever made!

  60. ekul40831

    The only good song they put out lately. Go back to psychobilly not emobilly lol


    I take that back train to eternity is hella dope too

  61. george chapman

    Where the hell can I find that jacket at the end of the video?

  62. Oh_My_ Pickles

    Uhh this kind of shit isn’t why I like Tiger Army. Seriously wtf is this?

  63. BrandonFG81

    Love these guys!.. Nick 13 is also a very good soloist, very understated..

  64. Kol Karas

    253 are afraid of night and their dreams.

  65. Regie Gonzalez

    Love tiger army i'm listen to them since i was a 20 and they are so incredible , i'm 34 now and they are still great musicians , their music really inspires me .

  66. pearl girl

    Nick Got the magic makes me want to put on lipstick and wiggle out the door .... to go see him. Dynamite Voice!!!!

  67. Dave Honkles

    So good, so very good

  68. Rick Pop

    This song makes me want to watch "Grease "

  69. Johnny 13

    This is fucken art

  70. Kenneth Valentine

    Cause In the night

  71. jarmyvicious

    This Wop without the Doo... Nick never fails to satisfy... this sounds amazing in vinyl.


    Rolón enfermo 😎🇲🇽

  73. michael kortz

    I .. heard it first live .. and had the absolute most magical moment dancing in the center of the pit .. at the Regent with some gorgeous young lady .. it was Speelbound Magic bone chilling goosebumps from head to toe .. I felt like I was dancing on the moon !

  74. Zombie Hall

    When she's gone but your obsessed lol


    cinderella nic3 homi3

  76. Alberto Rodriguez

    Djooordje Stip...povic...Sti...Jepovic...¡Stijepovic!...¡Djordje Stijepovic!

  77. Rosy Pascual


  78. Nonya G

    ☠️In a dark and lonely night I gave my ❤️ to you ☠️

  79. Alcala retics tigers

    Yo sólo vine aquí por Molotov

  80. Alternative Redneck

    Nice relaxing tempo song. :)

  81. Amairani

    Best Video Love it fucken awesome .

  82. Joey Woodpieces

    This songs like crack, when I see it in my feed, I have to click on it! Then it's in my head all day for weeks! I love it! And by far, one of my favorite videos ever.

  83. Alfredo Jimenez

    Me and my ex-girlfriend slow dance to this song... I told her I felt like I was at the prom but in the 50s. She didn't want my heart to keep so our love drifted away..... Summer of 2018

  84. Will Somptin

    Love this , and That, and The Junk Yard. Great Vid Thank You.

  85. pearl girl

    Dedicated: too Kendra Zimmerman....my straight up Angel ........you know her she is in all that is BEAUTIFUL.

  86. Alex mcintyre

    Nic 13 is sooo kool!!!!

  87. Alex mcintyre

    One of the best things to come out of California!!!!!!

  88. Ninjacupid

    This is the song that reeled me in, as someone who loves 50s/60s music. & Nick is so adorable, he looks like the sweet boy next door 😘

  89. Wrench 67

    so good! Genius genius genius!!!!!

  90. Edgardo Alfaro

    Uni Sloth

    Edgardo Alfaro

    Dedicate this song to you princes uni

  91. George Gonzalez

    My daughter and I love this song 😎

  92. Dean Gillespie

    Does anyone else feel like watching Back to the Future after watching this?

  93. Helen Car

    Amo esta canción💓

  94. UNYQ

    Hoo gutcarlot

  95. Stephanie Schaeffer

    Love me some tiger army and Nick 13 in the am to start my day :) keep em coming guys!

  96. Pati vall

    Ohhh Dana! Richie Valens

  97. Jessica Perez

    cool video