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Tiger Army Annabel Lee Comments
  1. AsianKevon

    wat....I can't understand anything he is saying

  2. danielscissorhands

    I used to love Tiger Army, but his voice is really whiny in this song. I still think the band sounds great though. I met them after a concert once, and they were nice.

  3. PuRe_TeMPeR

    This song reminds me of my younger self. This is on my top 10 songs

  4. Dank Memes


  5. Butter Johnson

    Davey and Nick should do even more guest spots with each other.

  6. John Hernandez

    That one goes out to my punk rock girl miss u bebe ...steph linden in las collinas womens prison

    Kevin Johnston

    Its been 10yrs for me and I got 2 daughters it fucks w me bad

  7. siera castro

    Tiger army FOR LIFE

  8. AnnaBelle Lee

    I love that there is a song about poem I was named after

    Melissa R.

    My Annabelle Lee does too :)

    Steph T

    My name is Annabelle but not the lee part my full name is Annabelle Delgado

  9. boostingmorale

    Oh Annabel Lee, forever in my dreams.
    You know you've still got a piece of my heart.
    You've had it right from the start.

    Oh Annabel Lee, stop haunting my dreams.
    Yours is the face that I see in the dark, in the dark.

    Into the darkness,
    farther, my heart slips.
    Into the darkness,
    into the sea.

    Oh Annabel Lee, the ocean calls to me.
    In the spring when our love had its start.
    Oh Annabel Lee, forever trapped by the memories,
    in the sepulchre of my heart.

    Black cats they scurry by in the night.
    They tell me where you are.
    In the chill of November
    and now the kingdom is in ruins.
    Just a memory of you and me.
    Will you release me?

    Into the darkness,
    farther, my heart slips.
    Into the darkness,
    Into the sea.

    Oh Annabel Lee, those nights seem so long ago.
    When my heart didn't feel so old.
    Oh Annabel Lee, call your name for eternity.
    Long as the stars shall burn and the moon glows.

    The ocean whispers in night air
    And you once were with me there.
    Do you remember?
    And I'm speaking your name.
    Though it's over, think of me.
    Will you release me?

    Into the darkness,
    Farther, my heart slips.
    Into the darkness,
    into the sea.

    Annabel Lee lyrics

  10. raybot13

    Just saw them in Pensacola. Nick still fuckin rules. That mf can play a great guitar. And his vocalz are unreal, its like studio quality, live.

  11. Mizz martinni


  12. Katie King

    This is almost 100% perfect. I think if the chorus matched the same vibe as the verse it would be my fav song ever. Still great.

    Marc Malone

    you're clearly insane haha

    The Esquire

    I fail to see how praising a song points toward insanity. I agree with King, the chorus could have matched the verse better. This song is a reference to the old poem by Edgar Allen Poe of the same name. Whereas Poe's verses were about the event of the death of his Annabel Lee, Nick 13's verses are about how he wishes he could forget Annabel and escape the memories they once shared. It's a brilliant sequel and if you have anything nasty to say about this track you may as well keep it to yourself because I will not hear what you say.

    Paul Secrest

    Katie King it's great Davey havoc s the chorus

    Jacob Zimmerman

    The chorus is the worst part of this song you fool!


    Roses are perfect even if their thorns may prick you. Remember that.

  13. Dario Herrera

    Singing in the Shower!

    IWillSurviveTheHighFive CauseIAmResilient

    Singing in my coffin!

  14. CATLandscaping

    Alpinestars the beginning

  15. pointsalrebels

    NEVER DIE!! PxSxRx

  16. lupehn

    Never Die!

  17. Guilherme

    Tarah Gieger (y)

  18. tVampire- Diaries

    Love this song.

  19. cocovelart

    I'll never forget the day I bought this album...and a week later  saw them live  <3

    HOTA REX (Hallways Of The Always Reckords)

    I also, will never forget that day... >.>

    Royal Cute Gamer

    I will never forget the day.....that I fell off learning how to ride a bike in the alley with rocks

  20. FISTOreportingfordut

    This has nothing to do with strung out's "anna lee"?

    Fallen Ishvalen

    It has a lot to do with "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe. Go look up the poem and it will all make sense.

  21. LeeRoy Martin

    Such a great tribute to Poe, died this day in 1849

  22. PaulWhitehouse

    Nice music. In the Ochard...

  23. rjbizzle1984

    background vox by davey havok! classic song and album!

  24. deading kit

    damn this song always will remind me of my first love, never let her go. tiger army never die

  25. Nelson Ramos

    AHhh i love tiger army going on 5 years listening to them lol

  26. Elizabeth von Kashmir

    Really? I would've never guessed it.


    guessed what darling?

  27. toushiro1337

    there's no way you could hate tiger army =] they're the heroine you can't give up