Tiffany Young - Fool Lyrics


Come on baby
Kkumin deusi ah
Jamsi nuneul gamgo tteun sai
Seuchideusi ah
Sarajyeobeorin neon eodi

Neowa namanui sigan sogeseo
Uri dulmanui jageun haepeuning
Neoneun eottae baby
Geurae soljikhaejyeo

Amureochi anheun deut
Aereul sseobwado geuraedo
Sel su jocha eomneun neoui maeryeoge
I'm so lost
Duldo eomneun yunikeuhamgwa
Nal kkaeuneun najeun moksori
Gappajineun simjangsorikkaji
I can't let you go

Neol hyanghan mami eojireowo
Eongkyeobeorin mam like a fool
Jigeumcheoreom neoran dalkomhan kkum sok
Siganeul meomchullae yeongwonhi

Eodil boni baby
Heuteojineun neoui siseon hanae
Nae singyeongdeuri
Neomu nalkaropge nal heundeureo

Dan hanbeondo na ireon jeok eopseo
Neo hanaro nae jeonbu dallajyeo
Neodo geurae baby
I know I know I know

Amuri neol mireonaeryeo
Haebwado geuraedo
Nado moreul teumsae
Neon deo ganghage ikkeullyeo
Neomu neujeo beorigi jeone
Neoreul jiwo beorigopeunde
Heuteureojin nae meoriga
Jeonbu neoro gadeukhae

Neol hyanghan mami eojireowo
Eongkyeobeorin mam like a fool
Jigeumcheoreom neoran dalkomhan kkum sok
Siganeul meomchullae yeongwonhi

Maeil i jarieseo neoreul gidarida
Hoksi olkka bwa baby
Babocheoreom ireoke sarangeul soksagyeo
I just want your love baby

Neol hyanghan naui i gobaegeul
Subaek beon oechyeo like a fool
Eonjekkajirado neoui geu pum sok
Angigo sipeo yeongwonhi

Neoui pume na angilge (na angilge)
Ne gyeote I'm just a fool
Pogeunhan kkum sok
Neoraneun kkum sok neomu dalkomhae
Idaero nan neowa yeongwonhi


Come on baby
꿈인 듯이 ah
잠시 눈을 감고 뜬 사이
스치듯이 ah
사라져버린 넌 어디

너와 나만의 시간 속에서
우리 둘만의 작은 해프닝
너는 어때 Baby
그래 솔직해져

아무렇지 않은 듯
애를 써봐도 그래도
셀 수 조차 없는 너의 매력에
I'm so lost
둘도 없는 유니크함과
날 깨우는 낮은 목소리
가빠지는 심장소리까지
I can't let you go

널 향한 맘이 어지러워
엉켜버린 맘 like a fool
지금처럼 너란 달콤한 꿈 속
시간을 멈출래 영원히

어딜 보니 baby
흩어지는 너의 시선 하나에
내 신경들이
너무 날카롭게 날 흔들어

단 한번도 나 이런 적 없어
너 하나로 내 전부 달라져
너도 그래 Baby
I know I know I know

아무리 널 밀어내려
해봐도 그래도
나도 모를 틈새
넌 더 강하게 이끌려
너무 늦어 버리기 전에
너를 지워 버리고픈데
흐트러진 내 머리가
전부 너로 가득해

널 향한 맘이 어지러워
엉켜버린 맘 like a fool
지금처럼 너란 달콤한 꿈 속
시간을 멈출래 영원히

매일 이 자리에서 너를 기다리다
혹시 올까 봐 baby
바보처럼 이렇게 사랑을 속삭여
I just want your love baby

널 향한 나의 이 고백을
수백 번 외쳐 like a fool
언제까지라도 너의 그 품 속
안기고 싶어 영원히

너의 품에 나 안길게 (나 안길게)
네 곁에 I'm just a fool
포근한 꿈 속
너라는 꿈 속 너무 달콤해
이대로 난 너와 영원히

[English translation:]

Come on baby
Like it's a dream ah
In the moment I closed and opened my eyes
As if it grazes by ah
Where did you disappear to?

In the time just for you and I
Small incident between just the two of us
How are you baby
Okay, you've become honest

As if you're completely okay
Even if I try hard
In your countless charms
I'm so lost
Uniqueness that there isn't two of
Low voice that wakes me up
Quickening beats of the heart
I can't let you go

My heart toward you is dizzy
Tangled heart, like a fool
Like now, you are in a sweet dream
Want to stop time forever?

Where are you looking, baby
At a single distracted gaze from you
My nerves are
Shaking me so fiercely

I've never been like this, not even once
With only you, I become completely different
You're like that too, baby
I know I know I know

Even if I try
To push you away
I don't know why
You get pulled in even stronger
Before it's too late
I want to erase you
But the mess in my head
It's all full of you

My heart toward you is dizzy
Tangled heart, like a fool
Like now, you are in a sweet dream
Want to stop time forever?

I wait for you every day at this spot
Maybe you'll come, baby
I whisper love like this, like a fool
I just want your love baby

My confession toward you
I shout it hundreds of times, like a fool
Whenever, in your embrace
I wanted to be hugged forever

I'll be hugged in your embrace (I'll be hugged)
Beside you, I'm just a fool
Inside of the cozy dream
The dream of you is so sweet
Like this, I'll be with you forever

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  1. James Valdeabella

    Oh my goddddddddddddddddddddd I had a part of this song stuck in my head but could never figure out where it was from because I didn't know what she was saying (amureoji neol mireonaeryeo haebwado geuraedo). Glad to have finally found it :D I knew it was either Jessica, Taeyeon, or Tiffany lol

  2. Cheva Linia

    Always be my favorite track.

  3. J O

    FIGHTING FANY! 💕 Infinity Love from SG

  4. Natthanan Nuanla-or

    คิดถึง 😊❤💕

  5. 소녀시대사랑해

    노래 너무 좋다... 파니야 너무 보고 싶어ㅠㅠ 사랑해❤❤

  6. gevinda awisya

    fav song❤❤❤

  7. KimStark19

    So husky voice ....

  8. passionbeats talent

    taeyeon brought me here (:
    kidding, both of them did.

  9. Srijaya Salim

    This is underrated bop, i know it is already one year but damn i keep coming back here. Tiffany must release this song as title track

  10. Aulya

    which song that is written by sooyoung????

    ★SNSD Lyrics★

    sooyoung wrote the korean version of what do i do. (i think? not sure)

    dragon lord skaterxxzzxx

    it's what do i do. she made the korean lyrics for tiff.

  11. Hwang_ Miyoung_forever

    My fav <3

  12. Ana Martínez

    such a troye sivan vibe

  13. Alpha Esah

    now I get it why taetae loves this song so much...kekeke

  14. Kpoperz Dancerz

    Seriously, I love 4 songs in tiffany album IJWD.
    1)What Do I Do
    2)Once In A Lifetime
    4)I Just Wanna Dance

    Talk and Yellow Light I like it too but not at a level favorite. Tiffany really has made a great job and released a 4 great songs and 2 good songs. Proud of You Tiffany!

    bí mật

    yellow light . fool. ijwd. what do i do. this album is so so greattttt!!!!!

    Kpoperz Dancerz

    bí mật - Right. IJWD album ranked 7 in The Top 10 Best Kpop Album of 2016 by Billboard. She the only one Solo Female has ranked.

  15. Timothy Chen

    I can picture being the song by Tiffany to Jessica.

    RED VELVET Snatched my wig

    OneProudBBC Tiffany's husky voice fits this so much better. Jessica's good too but her voice is too smooth or maybe cute 💕 don't get me wrong, I love both.

    wong Roy

    no one cares

  16. avi

    this song is so beautiful omg

  17. Hunrenity 9443

    what app did you use to make this?

  18. Gingymallow

    "come on baby".... i died

    E Kim


  19. Piyatida Jumpawan

    I like this song.

  20. Dilla Juliana

    i'm the only one who think tiffany can't move on from khun and wanna getting back together with him, my khunfany feels is comeback <3



  21. Fernanda Martins


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  23. Ileana lainez jr

    This is so much better tha IJWD, Tiff sounds more natural!!!

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    I like this :))

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    In love with Tiffany , you are the best

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    This song is magic!

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    Can you please make a english sub for Tiffany song TALK? THANK YOUU

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    +Başak Göksu can*

    Yoong Chan

    +Başak Göksu Done~

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    please once in a life time

    Yoong Chan

    +nouha ben youssef Done! :D

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    no wonder taeyeon likes this song 😂


    +Choi Sooyoung Yeah LOL :DD

    dragon lord skaterxxzzxx

    where did she say that she likes this song? any links mate?

    No1 T Manager

    @dragon lord skaterxxzzxx Fany's Vlive

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    Thank you so much for Your Vids and for Abonning my Channel. ^-^

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    @mikolovescakes Ahh okay :D Np. :)