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Tiffany Spanish Eyes Comments
  1. knmlover

    Smother me with those eyes

  2. Matty Desteno

    your so beautiful

  3. Angel girl

    I love this album had it on cassette 3X and a friend got me the CD a couple years ago

  4. Edward Kalima

    OMG ...I knew I could count on you tube ... thank you for sharing this such good time memories from my freshman year in Highschool and my frist Boy Chrush

  5. J.D. Castellanos

    Not a bad album.

    Edward Kalima

    I had this cassette tape and worned it out and got another one

  6. Todd Lorenc Ukulele Music

    Man this brings me right back to 1987,88 high school!!!!

    ford freak

    i know right!!! i miss this music although i was 8 in 88 lol.

    Dennis Valverde

    @ford freak I was Thirteen Yrs old when Tiffany came out.

  7. roy weathers

    She needs her own biopic

    Ashley Koivisto

    Who could play her?

    Jeff NYC

    Ashley Koivisto There’s got to be a child actress, even an unknown, who could pull it off. Musical theater would be a great place to look for the right talent.