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Tiffany Should've Been Me Comments
  1. Rebecca Moon

    * Love it Classic Best *

  2. Wade Smith

    old tune but still good

  3. barbara r

    Greetings from Cleveland 2019 i love her

  4. I Am Nostalgic!

    1987: Tiffany's Song
    2019: Dolph Ziggler's Theme Song

  5. Warren Edwards

    I was 16-17 when i saw tiffany for the first time & i fell in love with her straight away her sexy red hair sexy voice she had on her sexy demi jacket & jeans she was beautiful gorgeous petty attractive i had my one & only teenager crush on tiffany

  6. Tommy Moncrief

    Teresa greene if you're out there it should've been me

  7. Tiffany's Music and Tiffany's Bras & Panties

    This is Tiffany, and I'm singing "Should've Been Me", from my self-titled album in 1987, the one that took 3 years to be finished - from 1984 through 1987.

    Tommy Moncrief

    Is this really tiffany I think probably not

  8. Jonathan Jesso been a hit as well.

  9. Lilith Leigh Lakusta


  10. Lilith Leigh Lakusta


  11. Amanda Schneider

    Remember my dad playing Tiffany all the time growing up I love her I still listen to her today and I'm 37 now

  12. Curley Jake

    This song reminds me of my Niece Lanita Marie Haugen who use to say it should have been me. Now its you my Niece loveyou lots 😁

  13. Claudia R-Carrera

    All the songs
    I like

  14. Brendan McClelland

    This should’ve of been a single.

  15. sign543

    I remember that I thought she sounded much like Stevie Nicks with this song.

  16. duckiedale80

    I remember hearing this from my older cousin. She loved Tiffany.

  17. Albert Barbetta

    I still love tiffany song back when I was young she was my crush ... I'm 42 years old I'm still a tiffany fan ..... Tiffany I love all of your songs

  18. Tiffany Hickman

    I love this song 1980s

  19. desertrose

    I listened to this album religiously when I was ten. Loved all the songs! 😍

  20. Liza Ryder

    The lyrics mean a lot more now that Iam a grown up

    Nicole Santiago

    I know what your saying

  21. michale cinquina

    Please release her first album with the b sides. What a treat that will be

  22. Tommy Moncrief

    Wow man how I miss the 80s what a awesome time for us to grow up in I remember the first line about how girls wanted our jackets I lost so many jackets lol now I'm almost 50 and still love 80s music

  23. TheDbs78

    I wore this album out when i was young, still love it.

    Brittanie D.

    TheDbs78 same

    Brittanie D.

    Tracy Gower we’re getting old 😂🙈

    charley Farley50

    Omg. Forgot about writing albums out!

    Emmett martens

    my cassette is very warped. Biggest speakers you could fit on a 1975 volkswagen beetle lol

  24. Herbert Secrest

    none of the crap today can stand against the 80s period

    franz chong

    i agree.give me 80's classics like this,debbie gibson or even early kylie minogue type of music over the crap we get now.

  25. karisma S

    좋아 보고싶다

  26. joe peyton

    Should have way more views and likes

  27. Crabby Appleton

    Always loved this song. Great memories.

  28. priceless heart

    I love tiffany...I grew up listening to her....takes me back to my younger years

  29. SBlaze7

    which album is this?

    Edward Rodriguez

    SBlaze7 Tiffany her 1st album.

  30. Alfred Light

    I was 13, I owned this album. I loved Tiffany. No apologies given or necessary.

  31. Amanda Ralls

    she sounds like Lady Gaga

    W Davis

    There's no way to compare Tiffany to trashy gaga, gaga is in no way a lady she's cheap looking tramp that can't sing without a computer enhancer and runs around nearly naked just to keep peoples interest, Tiffany puts all heart and sole in all of her music and does it with class.

    Druss DaAxe

    If anything, Gaga would sound like Tiffany - Tiffany was around about 20 years before Gaga - and a hell of a lot more talented.

  32. BC 00

    I think she gave me my first boner and I was just a little boy.

  33. Dawn

    Oh wow, I haven't heard this album in years. Her voice here reminds me of a young Stevie Nicks.

    Nicole Ouellette

    Wow ...not even close lol

    Tracey Lamplugh

    Yes it does!!!!!!

  34. Alpha Female

    My favorite Tiffany song ever is Danny. It reminds me of my first love.

  35. MasterMixes Mix

    With "Spanish eyes" track are the best songs from "Album Tiffany" !

  36. Steve-0 Holy-Day

    Always loved her. :)

  37. cricketbat09

    what a voice. I love her. x

  38. Alice Cockerham

    I love her voice

  39. Karen Martin

    loved this song 😁 brings back loads of memories

  40. sonyxxmunions

    One of my very first cassettes as a kid <3

    Susan Mahony

    sonyxxmunions loved this album & also Debbie Gibson,Duran Duran,def happy I grew up in the 80's the best music.

    Lacey Thompson

    It's my life

    Amy Holley

    sonyxxmunions mine too! I would play that tape over and over!