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Tiffany New Inside Comments
  1. Jovan Parker

    5:10 Bobby Brown influence!

  2. Estacia J. Simpson

    Great song from 90

  3. Randall Terry

    Love this song!!!

  4. itchydiscoman

    Surprised it wasn't a bigger hit, it certainly had the sound of the time

    Bonus Baby

    @itchydiscoman...this came out about 6 months too late. This "New Jack (or Jill) Swing" vibe was dying out. Most of Tiffany's problem was complete mis-promotion (NO promotion, really) from her record label. I think at this point she had had it & was just putting out a record to satisfy her contract so she could get out. Her record label did her pretty bad toward the end. They gave many of the songs they said were her's to their new group PC Quest who they wanted to give a major push to. Worse yet, they didn't tell Tiffany & let her record the songs thinking they were going to be pushed...then she hears them on the radio before her record was completed being sung by other artists. Basically, once Tiffany & Debbie Gibson told everybody there was no hatred between the 2 of them that their respective record companies were promoting, both pretty much got the shaft. Tiffany especially because she didn't write her own music like Debbie Gibson did. Because Debbie Gibson wrote her own stuff, her record company couldn't just give her music away to other artists like Tiffany's record label did to her.

    Jovan Parker

    @Bonus Baby to be real the New Jack/Jill Swing vibe wasn't dying out till like 94

  5. Dennis Valverde

    I have this on CD Love Tiffany.

    Jake Roberts

    though this album looks more of a misfire for her, but good song though