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Tiffany Hearts Never Lie Comments
  1. Arnel Paningbatan

    Sna all heart never lie

  2. Jenny Ramirez

    Uhmm ang sakit perp ganon talga axceptance lng nkk iyak

  3. btw

    Nice song, but that background picture of a half naked woman is disturbing

  4. Sheena Chang

    it's 2020 but still I miss u😭😭😭

  5. imelda pasa

    Old is gold, so does with music, so relaxing so beautiful to listen to
    Heart never lie indeed😍😍😍

  6. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  7. Jane Umayam

    TamA..dimarunung magsinulangaling ang puso kahit pa itoy nasasktan..cge lang kase mhal na mhal mu yung tao na sa umpisa palang buong tiwala at pag mamahal ang bingay mu saknya...laht ginwa mung intindihn heart always the truth can't lie

    Rohan94 Nik

    Yun ouh

  8. lyn Villanueva


  9. Cindee Joy Horca Anadon

    bat my ganitung kanta, tagus e, merun pla gnitu, over over relate here ehh..... wwhhoooohhhhh

  10. Mariel Solano

    Nice song

  11. CarMe TM

    I feel this song

  12. ejenel Maramag

    Eazy Rock 96.3 laging pinapatugtog

  13. Alexis Moral

    Its November 2019 still listening to this, love it so much

  14. Joy victorillo

    Love this songs

  15. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  16. Nicole Canoneo


  17. jungjung Tesoro Pico

    92.3 Joey @ Rhythms Kool

  18. Roberta Luchey

    so are you going to talk to me? you are not going to sing are you? NOW YOU ARE.NOT AFRAID TO TALK TO ME ? JOKE).
    I just need you to be careful,
    Do you realize, i go over a lot of things you say, and i.find it hard to believe. I really would like to just get away from here. I am across the bridge from your HOME, think for a second, you know..........

  19. Nique Gallaza

    Love the song...but who is the man voice???

  20. Madel Adriatico

    august2019 listening

  21. Allan David

    Its true

  22. ernestojr montano

    nakakaiyak nmn tong kantang to

  23. もり森アバアッレド

    Aimarisa like his Beautiful song always i play never lie keep forever

  24. Jeannie Ditablan

    July 2019 still listening😀😀😀

  25. Joan Baslan

    Mahal kita rey fernandez

  26. Marichu Aclan

    Yaahhh..they just feel the love❤

  27. bong andres

    Love this song...

  28. Don Espoleto

    2020 and this music still tunes well to the ears

  29. MaYess BanGen

    June 23, 2019... Listening to Tiffany's song and other love songs of 80s. Love to listen it than the songs of millennial.

  30. Ailyn Duran Bugay

    June 14 ,2019 😘😘😘

  31. Yehapo Apo

    I'll always like all Tiffany have song's from 1998 come to 2019 that is ok

  32. Antonette Abulencia

    2019 😖

  33. Alpha Alfonso

    Just Learn to Communicate,it is the ART of PRAYING!!!

  34. Jackie Lou Cuevas Aringo

    Coz my heart never lie😭😭😭😭

  35. Jackie Lou Cuevas Aringo

    😭😭😭😭😭😭 He letf me😭😭😭😭😭

  36. Erlie Jordan

    cause our hearts never lie

  37. Miel Candano

    True..heart never lies!kc khit anong klase paglimut ang gawin mu hnd mu mgawa..kc hanggang ngayon sya parin ang hinahanap ng puso ko..that's true

  38. Page deogracias

    Wonder who the guy is 😄😍🤔

  39. Park Ae

    i remember when i was young

  40. Marilou Tabanera

    A talk that is bound with bullshitting rules is just one of those monologues that they want to project as talking with/dialogue shit. One should be free to effing express what's there, even if what's there are raging words of anger. A heart never Lies...

  41. Janice Radaza

    2019. i loooove singing this in karaoke. doing the 2

  42. iam theone

    April 11, 1999 nangako ako sa'yo na ikaw lang mamahalin ko.. hanggang ngayon parin naman kahit May pamilya kanang iba, mag aantay ako...

    Tere Ludivero

    Heart never lie...meron p kaya koh nun...ewan...koh..

  43. Jenny Martinez

    Thats true heart never lie

    Mariel Solano

    Beyutiful the song nice

  44. ell iana


  45. George Michael learns to rock

    Coz our Hart Never lie
    They just feel love.

    George Michael learns to rock

    Ohhhh [email protected] Exactly.. Our hearts never lies... They just......Hum tum har din har hafte is..baat see pareshan rehte hai.
    Kya ye galat hai??
    Kya ye sahi hai...??? Ohh
    Bt Hts wants..wtit..wants..Mai aou tum Roz bhool jaaten hai khud se Kiya hua promise..tum v ..bilkul mere jaise..ho..
    Just like me.par Bahut
    Shayad jaise... Kya yehi...............h?

  46. George Michael learns to rock

    Coz our Hart.......
    Heart never lies...Truth is here..

  47. bilog romnick

    80’s music forever. Who’s with me?

  48. bilog romnick

    80’s music forever.

  49. Rowena Torres

    itong kanta n 2. Dko makakalimutan kaht saan man ako! Para sau Yan...😘😘😘love!!!!

  50. Joselle Cortez Cruz

    Toge-Together were not together because your in Spain 🇪🇸 and I’m here in Philippines 🇵🇭😭😢😭 cause our heart never lies /

  51. Abigail Mills

    One of my favourite love song. ❤ old songs are the BEST! October 2018 now, and here I'm listening here.

  52. Kronecz He4rt SaLe


  53. Golden Spatula

    Yeah, heart would never lie, because I still love you

  54. Rosel Coria

    Iba tlga kpag mahal mo isang tao na khit may iba kna pero sya prin ang nsa puso mo kc nga heart never lie dhil yung ang nrrmdman mo💕💕❤

    adrian lander ayos smith ok

    This its true

  55. Jon Balague

    this song will never die, promise! people who lived and love, won at the start but lost in the end will feel the maturity this world has to offer, to love but lost and moved on.

  56. Prince Cueva

    Tryin hard to deny😓

  57. mhel labine

    Yes hearts never lie. Bcoz I have1 I love ❤️. I will miss you my love..

  58. Robert Labon

    mahirap tlagang dayain ang puso kc hindi Ito nag sisinungaling.... yeeeehhhhhh

  59. arriane arries

    It's my favorite song now.. I always listening this song and I love it so much

  60. YPS Xxxm

    Nice songs makes me relaxing



  62. yadahd 81

    hearts never lie😟😟😟

  63. Brenda Orvis Shay

    This is so true. ❤️

  64. The Butcher Of Blaviken

    The other singer sounds a lot like Steve Perry.

  65. alona rogel

    yes its true......HEARTS NEVER LIE even you denied because the truth is always there.....i love u so much eissen simbillo

  66. Mark Neil Espenilla

    I last heard this song in my beloved Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City.

  67. Azil Cabrera

    Yes...its true hearts never lie..kya nhhrapan aq aminin sau n my iba ng mhal ang puso ko😢

  68. Jhe Diopino

    Yup heart never lie.....

  69. Amie Bordallo

    Yeah 2018!

  70. Mayette'sky S. Galvez - Panganiban


  71. alexandre emmanuelle

    2018 ❤❤❤

  72. Billis Lopez

    Underrated power ballad

  73. teresa david

    This song makes me feel so high though I am not inlove right now but it gives me that feels everytime I hear it...

  74. Venice Masong

    heart always telling the truth can't lie

  75. Glenn Jacinto

    i always play this songs when i am alone at night.

  76. marygrace wong

    Ilove this song...

  77. 327 728

    This is 2018 who’s still listening? Missed Tiffany 💙

    Mark Neil Espenilla

    I’m listening & I loved it.

    Peste Macuz

    Pushing people, your love being lies

    Russel paler

    I still listen..everyday

    Vicente M.

    I still


    I miss songs a lot back in 80s and 90s walang kakupas-kupas, no matter what!!!

  78. Dipankar Bhuyan

    wonderful true,hearts never lie in which belongs to my princess...l love my princess v v much...❤❤❤❤❤

  79. Laiza Rementila

    I love it,,,

  80. Erwin Arellano

    2018, and I am still listening. It's so meaningful. I know that our hearts never lie. The truth is always there. :-). Looking forward to see you again.

  81. mac maaliw

    2018 na at kahit malaman nya pa eh wala naman syang pake 😁💔😓

  82. Francy Nunez

    Heart never lie

    Jane Lovely

    Francy Nunez agreed

  83. Tammy Wright

    love it...the heart of the matter....

  84. Sofia Tamor

    Heart Never Lie pero ang heart ay Lie sa katayuan sa buhay nauuwi ito sa Heart died

  85. carlos rivera

    Still feels like the first time ever time

  86. Marianne Vergara

    It's 2016 and I still sing along to this!

  87. Hyacinth Zarco

    i so much love this song,..ughhh...

  88. Savageviclashush YEET

    2015-still love this song

    Kraneveh Kran

    +Gabriela M. it will never fade away.

  89. lyn castro

    this is true heart never lies.i experience this feeling when i met once again my love of my life 


    this song made me cry, while listening...

  91. Cheska Lagdameo

    true heart means true love that never lies...

  92. janella padul

    how are you ospi,,,kahit klan never kong nakalimutan yong song na ito dahil sayo....awit na tanging ala ala ko sayo....saan ka man ngyn sana masaya ka sa pamilya mo....

    Ah Kho Lhag A.


    edel cole

    move on girl right man will come along


    Que sera que sera¿¿

  93. Jellie Roa

    yes.hearts really never lies

  94. adelina14aubrey

    ...mahal na mahal kita Russellmyloveko!wala akong pakialam kung di mo aq mahalin basta ako mahal na mahal kita!

  95. solenn fermin

    not all hearts is never lie...