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  1. Rainer Pfisterer

    Tiffany meine große Liebe damals

  2. Ricardo Van Rooi

    Hi Tiffany can you tell me,why you named this song Danny ??

  3. James Styles

    Sounds Similar to Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen Which came out Months Later.

  4. James B

    She should’ve re-released this as her 3rd Single

  5. Gabriel Ratliff

    I've heard it on 102.7 KIIS Los Angeles.

  6. H Singer

    this was my first album as a 6 year old music lover and I am listening to it 30 years later and appreciating it in a whole another level, tres cool!

  7. Angela Fishburn

    Had a crush on a boy named Dan when I got this album, so this song has a little more meaning for me. & it's just a great song!

  8. itchydiscoman

    Very average vocalist

  9. Sara Griffith

    I love this song, brings back memories, I was just starting jr. High when this song was popular, that was in the 90s, long time ago. Still love it , my little brothers name is Danny and my dad too.

  10. Edcel Dy

    What's the meaning of this song? And who the fvck is danny?

  11. John Lincoln Hawk

    This song rocked back then and still rocks now.

  12. Daniel Castro

    Tiffany i thank you for your music it takes me away from dark places when i need to feel better i listen to this song again thank you.❤

  13. Undisclosed Username

    You don't have to be an 80s fan to appreciate this song.

  14. GermanMartin MB

    Another red headed, Lebanese American, cutie!!! With a GOLDEN voice!!!

  15. Danny Chan

    80's is the best.

  16. Cimmerian Savage

    Love this song. Had biggest crush on her late 80s so beautiful and amazing voice. Seductive

  17. Danny Leo

    This song was written about me

  18. Cj M

    Brings me back to being 6 and pretending to be as big as her singing in an empty room. She was everything great from that era. This was my favorite song.

  19. Cheryl Paoletti

    My favorite song from her!

  20. Connie Lamb

    Play Danny w/lyrocs

  21. No one important to you

    Before I was married, i used to clean my apt every Saturday afternoon to this album put it on replay and just went to town.

  22. MARK F

    Música maravilhosa , linda a voz da Tiffany .

  23. Fguire ti uto


  24. Mikepeter Gumball

    She sang this at age 15 yrs old

  25. Lorena Cárdenas C.

    Mi numero 1 one 😊👍👍

  26. Sara Lenau

    I love Tiffany so much. I became a fan of hers after years of watching Jetsons The Movie which she did three songs for the film as well as voiced Judy Jetson. Tiffany has a very beautiful voice and I thought that her voice was great for Judy Jetson. That's a very unpopular opinion by the way because Tiffany replaced Janet Waldo, Judy's original voice actress, because Universal Studios thought that Tiffany would bring in more money at the box office. While I do feel sorry for what happen to Janet Waldo, I did enjoy Tiffany's performance as Judy Jetson.
    There are some people who think that Tiffany is a has-been but I don't think that is true. I am very thankful that she made a come back and is still singing and putting on shows. She's even a song writer now and even released new albums. Tiffany still has her fans both young and old. She is one of the most underrated singers of all time.

  27. Federico Gerardo Maza

    Muy buena música! De mis favoritas👌

  28. Michał S

    I love this song.

  29. Liz Zee

    Another excellent song from the album. Danny, Promises Made and Kid on a Corner were my favourites.

  30. Crawford Dynasty

    dedication to my very great uncle The Chimney Sweep … Playing video games like Double Dragon growing old together down with our school...Wild Cats

    Crawford Dynasty

    Morgen Park Wild Cats... Love you Brother...…...

  31. desertrose

    This album was my jam back in the day. So many memories.

  32. RustySpoons

    Man...this song is still so good. WTF.

  33. Shawn Echols

    Listen real close too her words, Danny beats her up

  34. Lee Nock

    Great song by a great artist tiffany glad i got to meet you in cannock will never forget you brilliant concert last of the greats.

  35. karisma S


  36. Danny Biondi

    Lol I remember this , I knew someone that use to dedicate this to me back in 1991

  37. Antonio Reyes Jr

    Can't wait to see Tiffany in Concert at the Food and Wine Festival at Disney Epcot in October. #Tiffany #FoodandWineFestival

  38. Carols Cab Dispatch

    my first love

  39. Miss Uno

    Here in the dark
    Silence is much too hard to bear
    Don't know where to start
    I'm hurtin' everywhere
    If we don't stop now
    We're gonna lose
    We should try somehow
    Cause it's too easy to bruise
    When you take your mark
    Danny with your aim
    Danny for my heart
    It's only pain
    What does it prove
    Again and again
    Danny nobody wins
    If it's your pride
    Promise you won't let it keep us apart
    Deep down inside
    We can make a new start
    If we don't look back
    On the price we pay
    Well that's all I ask
    Cause we'll never make it this way
    When you take your mark
    Danny with your aim
    Danny for my heart
    It's only pain
    What does it prove
    Again and again
    Danny nobody wins

    Mrs. Martinez

    Bembee E YES! Love it ❤️ Thank you! ~With much respect 🎼 ~Ang

  40. MARK F

    Admiro a Tiffany , sua voz , música linda .

  41. Mia Garcia

    I am always going to say mj is the best!! 🤑🤑😺😺😺

  42. Danny Biondi

    I miss the old days

  43. robert stickler

    one of the best songs ever recorded!

  44. Dj #1

    I wish she sang this to me face to face... Dan the Man Sarasota.... (danny)...

  45. TheShislon

    One of my absolute favorites from the 80's. :)
    Gotta love Tiffany.

  46. lyckos73

    DAMN ! ! ! Years DO go by...

  47. storms a brewing

    i have a facebook called ' calling all 80s and 90s kids come join and share bout the awesome 80s and 90s 😁

  48. momo g

    Favorite song

  49. scottie781x

    I saw in an interview that Tiffany really didn't like this song. I think it was the lyrics she didn't like. The music was very good!

  50. Kathleen Delmonico

    Is it bad that I still know all the words to this song?

    Peter Hutchinson

    No it does have a beat to it :)

  51. Patrick Martin

    This Chorus and this Voice can't be forgetten...

  52. qkdvsirpl izlrshm

    Nice single. Again, Lovely Tiffany voice.

  53. charliefarley1000

    I agree about memories. My brother had a huge crush on her, and I loved all her songs. Remember singing along to his Tiffany albums. Loved her.

  54. Maria Manning

    I love this favorite Tiffany song ;)

  55. Denisse Gabri

    love her

  56. Marc Gulli Project

    She really has a great voice!!!

    Dennis Valverde

    Love Her Voice.

  57. Parengthony Castillo

    I still got a kid crush on her :)

  58. Anne

    Her best song ever, bring old memories back

    Small Town Girl Big City Heart

    Sure does...

  59. Micheal Cinquina

    Her songs take you from sadness to happiness

    Liz Zee

    Micheal Cinquina, they sure do. Like a rollercoaster ride, lol.

  60. Claudio Ulfeldt


  61. Nathan Estlund

    Her 2nd best song


    in my opinion... 4th best... the 1st is "i think we're alone now" 2nd is "all this time" 3rd is "could've been"...


    This was her first single which the label didn't promote enough before "I think we're alone now". Also the lyrics were corny which is why Tiffany didn't like the song


    yassssss!!!!! omg my sentiments exactly!!!!!!!

    Mercedes Santillan Sosa

    Nathan Estlund the one I think.

  62. storms a brewing

    Luv this song tiffany rocks !! Whoever is on Facebook check out my group " calling all 8th and 9th kids " come join and let's share anything 80s and 90s

  63. Agnes De Leon Delk

    My husband was my best friend since I was 16
    I was 8 when heard this cd . The Danny song haha my husband named
    Every time I heard this song I think of him I love you Danny lee Birchard jr <3

  64. Dhanny Andrés

    first song i hear when a was a kid with my name..... and i´m almost 38 now and still is THAT  song with my name.

  65. Jaime Blackett

    80's music is by far the best decade for great music.....well in my opinion anyway. 


    100% will never be matched or beaten in my opinion. Music from that decade just has that special sound.

    No one important to you

    Jaime Blackett totally agree.

  66. theAbeElement

    still one of my favorite songs. I don't know why but I absolutely love this song!!

    alain chan

    Its the essence of our youth. None of today or whichever generation will ever reproduce such classy stuff. Tiffany was absolutely gorgeous. Only Debbie Gibson would rival and again ppl should have lived this moment.

  67. chrato74

    If it's your pride, promise you won't let it keep us apart.

  68. Meredith Harrison

    Man, this song deserves to be her most well-known, not "I Think We're Alone Now" - Not that that's a bad song, but this one's better.


    omg totes!!!!!!!!!

    Pam B

    I always thought that too lol..... I absolutely LOVE this song... Always have! 👌🏼👌🏼❤❤❤

  69. Aaron Jones

    this was actually Tiffany's first single, not I Think We're Alone Now like everyone thinks, however due to failure of promotion the song never charted, however after her mall tour her album went straight to the top and MTV and radio began showing interest in I Think We're Alone Now, so her management released it as a single and it went straight to number one, so I Think We're Alone Now was passed off as her debut, when in fact in reality Danny was her debut :)


    I love that you pointed this out!!!!!


    This song is one of several originals that she penned, but at least 2 songs on the album, namely "I Think We're Alone Now" originally by Tommy James and the Shondells, and Tiffany's OTHER hit "I Saw Him Standing There" previously recorded by The Beatles as "I Saw Her Standing There", but it was her performances of "I Think We're Alone Now" in the middle of various shopping malls that made people take notice and nailed her a recording contract.


    @HazzardHoedown01 that's incorrect, where did you get your info from? "Danny" was not released by another artist before tiffany, ""danny" is an original song


    @itchydiscoman Info corrected, I thought I was commenting on "I Think We're Alone Now", which is one of TWO cover songs on the Tiffany Album with minor lyric changes

  70. AstonJaden

    Great song, never gets old

    Dennis Valverde

    I agree AstonJaden.

  71. Support4MySingers

    OMG that classic 80's music! LOVE so much! Please bring it back!

  72. johnny vallejo

    ke buen tema

  73. MixMasterQaz

    My first ever music Album

  74. sam armytage

    this was the first single in usa but it didn't go top 100 , gr8 but the song sounds like kiss ' hide your heart'

  75. GreyMulletMan

    My all time favorite redhead.. :)

  76. Elizabeth Owens

    I bought her first album at a Sky City going out of business sale, or rather, my parents did....

  77. Fabio Trejo

    Takes me back to my teenage time !

  78. Charles' Classic Commercials

    Great song!

  79. Lila Leon

    The good ole' days! Memories from the past mean so much to everyone.

  80. knmlover

    Takes me right back to middle school

  81. 徐英風


  82. AndreiTupolev

    i can't tell you how much fun I've been having taking a tour through 80's music. Reminds me how much I loved this album.

  83. piper scout

    i want to go to the mall

  84. Lazaro Daniel Costilla

    Like my name Daniel el rey.

  85. BlueWaveDragon

    My name is Daniel but she can call me Danny :D

  86. Tannim Hallman

    Wish I had all my old tapes still. People kept stealing 'em.

    Lisa Arnold

    Tannim Hallman sadly I got rid of ALL of my records (vinyls) when I moved to another state. I wish I’d kept them. 🙁

  87. katie-marie haley

    reminds me of my youth at meoncross school and becky h and joanne s...... hope you know who you are gals i left before we finished school but you r always in my heart, it was this belinda carlisle or madonna

  88. Charlotte Sapphire

    holy shit it's the 80s again!

  89. Italo Disco

    very good!!!

  90. KodytheRedFox

    It's like a mix of Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes", Icehouse's "Electric Blue" and Stevie Nicks all put together.

  91. Charles' Classic Commercials

    I love this song .

  92. Magowin

    This and Could've Been were my favorite off this album. I miss the 80's so much even though I got bullied in school they were the best days of my life. Atari 2600, Coleco Vision, Nintendo, Sega Master System, Transformers, Garbage Pail Kids, The Goonies, MTV when it was cool. I so wish I had a time machine would definately go back to then.

  93. treg1980

    I so miss the 80's, especially when I listen to songs like this one.

  94. k lindon

    just been on the utube thinking of all songs when i was young i loved this song when i was 14 yrs old 35 now funny i did feel the same thing when i put it on then young naive in love i thought how funny hahaha

  95. Caleigho

    Thank you for taking me back to a far more peaceful time, if only for a few moments. I loved Tiffany as a child, and am very happy to see her again.

  96. Lupa

    My dad gave me his copy of this album when I was probably 10 years old, it's been one of my favorite 80s albums ever since. I love everything about her voice and music back then.

  97. October Salika

    ah love it! sooo many memories...

  98. theAbeElement

    I love love this song! don't know why, just do!

  99. Jonathan Fletcher

    takes me back.....back in love with her again.....

  100. Rchar Buls

    tiffany mejor music delos 80