Tierra Whack - Sore Loser Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Know you hate to be ignored
But, boy, I've been bored
Keep calling my phone
Shit dead like a corpse
Corpse, corpse
Broke his heart now he
Sore, sore
Change the locks on the door
Damn, another one
Imma need boo when the summer done
Need a fine brother like my mother son
Blah, blah, dun dun dun dun dun
Had a few in the past
But them boys ain't last
Where them boys with the cash?
Ex dead if you ask me (cah)
So, please don't ask me
He's trash, he's nasty
Keep goin', walk past me
Who's that? He's flashy
Maybe way too flashy
That's Diddy, I'm Cassie
Free sample, you can have me

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