Tierra Whack - Hungry Hippo Lyrics

He likes my diamonds and my pearls
I said, thank you I designed it
Not your average girl
He needed swag and I provided ('vided)

Open up and bite it (bite it)
Open up and bite it (bite it)
Open up and bite it (bite it)
Shut up boy (bite it)

He don't know no better, yeah
Heard he got that cheddar, yeah
Now that boy with me
He gon' spend it better, yeah
Put him on that Alyx
Gucci on his wallet
Rick Owens on me
They think I'm his stylist
(Bite it)

He likes my diamonds and my pearls
I said, thank you I designed it
Not your average girl

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Tierra Whack Hungry Hippo Comments
  1. cashley simone

    this song is way too short

  2. VaughnesN

    Open up


    Tik tok anyone

  4. Andrew Johannen

    I want this to be 10X longer

  5. oh well

    her voice is so good damnnn 🥺

  6. Engevst Avaestr

    " Jump for those beef fingers or I'll eat your boyfriend's potatoes."
    "I wouldn't do that uh-" 🤬

  7. Alan Hernandez

    Best song from her in my Opinion who agrees

  8. ppp Dankenstein 69 . years ago

    Anyone thought this was talking about minecraft

  9. ike the average gamer

    stole the beat from kerbal space program

  10. Royalty

    Love this song💗.....but I need it to be longer.😁

  11. Klaudia Śpiewak

    This remind me vacation days 😣

  12. iichxs

    She also sounds like a teenage boy in my opinion xd

  13. Flavia De Brito

    Girl:Likes diamonds and pearls
    Jewelry Cutter: 0:12

    I like these comments so here is another one. (hope you enjoy)

    Guy: says girl is pretty
    Girl:thank you
    God: 0:13

  14. Meaghen Longmore

    man i wish this song was longer

  15. Matt Hunwick

    Please extend whack world

  16. Lojaine Chouman

    why does this song make me relaxed and happy

  17. Rosdely Ciprian


  18. CizreK

    This song so dope. Make a 5 min version lol.

  19. ViewSonic

    i seriously want this to be longer aaaa

  20. Красный цвет

    Summer tiktok😣

  21. Rand Al-safi

    the summer nostalgia

  22. Womynxx

    Only complaint is it's too short. Will we ever get an extended version of this song? I NEED it!

  23. Alycia R

    Tragic that this is only 1 minute it goes so hard T_T

  24. Mariam Diop

    This song is basically 30 secs long and i could listen to it all day and dream about the melody while im not awake

  25. Alan Rodrigues

    Songs that I wished were longer

  26. BubbyLicious

    "I said thank u I designed it " 🎵
    I love that part!!! 💕

  27. Giulia Dragan

    grazie e tik tok



  29. NoneOfYourBiz87

    She gives me such a Titus Andromedon vibe in this. xD I love it!

  30. MrJRW2014

    Does anyone else like to play this song on repeat? 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  31. • Peachy •

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I didn't come from tik tok
    *did you?*

  32. XxEclipse StudiosXx

    Could you not find anymore lyrics in your brain in stead of “imma rich gurl” like this is the shortest song ever and your just repeating the same thing

  33. liav buskila

    #2322 amitkaplan1
    #2322 amitkaplan1

  34. apathetical

    when you do all the work on a project then the person you're working with presents it and the teacher praises them but not you 0:12


    someone probably already made that joke but i didn't check lmao

  35. Lame Loris

    im in love with this song.

  36. Sushii•

    My crush: you look so beautiful
    Me: thanks
    My mom on the school field trip: 0:12

  37. Roni soma

    Search up "Amine-Hungry hippo remix"

  38. Bryan Cooper

    Putting this in the atmosphere ,She should do a collab with Tobi lou

  39. Bryan Cooper

    I want more of this song!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. Doha Ouardani

    This song is way too short

  41. ainetmonroe

    Wtf is this

  42. owww Mylegs

    Why is this video so short

  43. Unkown uwu

    Normal people: wow tik tok nice song

    TikTok: “thank you I designed it-

    Tierra: whack: HOLD THE F*CK UP!!!

  44. Shay Bautista

    I didn’t expect this to be a girl but um ok then

  45. a l e x !

    ive known this song before tiktok 😎

  46. Yasmine Pooh

    Tierra is literately so underrated

    Michael Keys

    Very true 😔

  47. sympxth.y

    You people probably came from Either Tik Tok or Instagram edits people lol
    I came from both lol

  48. LJ Marzula

    This is worse than being raped.

  49. Plz Put your music in my playlist

    She kinda looks like ny bus driver

  50. Julia Mellow

    Русские лукаем😂🤟

  51. Lisa G

    too short. I need an extended version

  52. l o s e r

    everyone always be complaining about how Tik Tok is “ruining” songs, and i mean sure it can. But it can also introduce you to underrated songs, just like this one.

  53. Clara Moreira

    Hino do Tik Tok

  54. eilish vsp

    hi. I came from melanie martinez.

  55. NITO

    Fire 🔥 to short tho

  56. E meme factory

    Tik Tok stand back I got the church and big chungus on my side

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  58. anwy tyzop

    who's from tik tok?😂😂

  59. BADDIE

    perfect perfect

  60. Adorable Vai FanGirl

    He like my diomonds and my pearls, i said “thank you i designed it”

  61. Penelope Gilbert

    Tiktok totally ruined this whole song😢

  62. LaShawn Clark

    BITE IT 👅

  63. Suede YT

    am I the only one that thought this was the best from “21 by DaBaby “

  64. Jay Reece

    I’m still mad af this song only 1 minute long lol

  65. yamyraa queennn

    I happy i knew it before tik tok😂💞💞💞

  66. Mbali Bengu

    i swear i can't be the only one who thinks she looks like Azealia Banks in this video

  67. Brooklyn Sanders

    you mad disrespectful for making this song SHORT 😭😭

  68. Lan F

    Only people not from Tik-Tok can like this

  69. アルバートフラミンゴ

    They created hungry hippos

    Stop OvO

    Hungry hungry hippo

  70. E P

    This is whack

  71. Melissaj Vaaganay

    Thanks heaps for the video. <3

  72. DA exotic gamer

    First thing comes to my mind mincafte

  73. pieceOfTrash

    This song: is awesome, cool and is just an all together bop.

    Tik Tok: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career.

  74. stonk

    she had no eyebrows hahahahahah

  75. Founded Viper

    Before 1687: -everyone floats-

    1687:-newton invents gravity-

    People of the 1600s:he that floating was kinda cool

    Newton: i said thank you i designed it

  76. Татьяна Мирза


  77. eyeswideopen

    I have to replay this 5 times to satisfy my ears with the shortness of this sing lol

  78. Self-promoter Police

    holy shit this song is so bad

  79. Lpsem Simli

    Vsco girl song 💗💗💗💕

  80. Missoplims Lyrics


  81. zena hill

    This is what its about!!! Not living off no nigga

  82. Rowiada Adawi



  83. night mare potato's タウン

    Dude:i like ur face

    Me:THX! bc "thank you i designed it"

  84. Leo da Cringe Kid

    T I C K T O K

  85. Eva_

    Honestly she sounds like a guy using his highest pitch voice lol

  86. Carley

    The ending of the song is triggering, cause there is no end❗‼❕

  87. Emily Silva

    música mais estranha que já escutei kkkkkk mas agora to viciada nela

  88. Fellow strangers I'm crazy

    So no one is talking about how they thought it was a boy on tik tok

  89. KIM Lol

    WHY IS THIS SONG SO short.

  90. Kakashi can kick me and id thank him

    oh this is short lol

  91. Eveything is okay

    Me: I'm a vsco girl this is vsco song

  92. ScoperWave

    0,75x is pure heat

  93. ieatyourtoes

    I thought she said "she miss my diamonds and my pearls"

  94. Faze Chungus

    No one:
    Tik tok : it’s free real estate

  95. Faze Chungus

    Tierra: You remember that one old game with hippos that eat balls
    Producer: hungry hippos?
    Tierra:yea! Can you make it rated R though
    Produce: I got you

  96. Peppa?. What are you-

    *I am a hungry hippo*

  97. Tony Flamingo

    TikTok:ooooooo some music I’m gonna steal this it’s mine now 🤪

  98. Molly Backtfupaccount

    This songs 🌺errthing

  99. Fernanda Domingues

    algm veio pelo tt? Eu