Tierra Whack - Fuck Off Lyrics

Well honey, I've been so sick, so sad
Whenever I'm happy it makes you mad
I hope your ass breaks out in a rash
You remind me of my deadbeat dad

Fuck off! Go 'way!
Yeah, fuck off!
Yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah

Well honey, I've been so sick, so sad
Whenever I'm happy it makes you mad
I hope your ass breaks out in a rash
You remind me of my deadbeat dad

You broke, you ain't no good for me at all
I wrote this 'cause I feel ten feet tall
I know you don't ever wanna see me ball
Ice cold, in a coat, baby, I won't thaw
Okay, baby I'm gonna be alright
No way, you ain't even my fuckin' type
Olay, did me dirty, ain't leave no wipes
No way, tell the truth, won't believe no lies
Both ways, I was blind, ain't seen no signs
Okay, baby, I'm gonna

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Tierra Whack Fuck Off Comments
  1. Knowledge Is Key

    this was genuinely fucking mental....

    -y genius. God damn that was glorious.

  2. It’s just me Megan

    I love this song

  3. mr. dilone

    Just found out the main synth line was made on Serum using the "PD Quasar" patch

  4. ash rein

    Too short

  5. Ashley Loew

    I love u T ur a boss trust me..plz hear me NEVER STOP BELIEVING N UR SELF N KEEP GOIN WE NEED YOU IM AN ARTIST AS WELL UR AMAZE AF LOVEBUGGGG u got one job ahaa classic yet true n real ayeee hit me up plzz 4 furure vid i need u too

  6. Han ji-sung Straykids

    0:25 apple jack?

  7. Slavic Justin

    Me all the time

  8. Dan Page

    The lip syncing is honestly awful


    Dan Page boy shut up


    Dan Page you’re mad because you ain’t gonna be shit lmao

    Dan Page

    Lol, I’m already a singer cheers. Wasn’t blaming the singer it’s just not in sync

    PoshPosh ThePoloShirtNerd

    @Dan Page what's wrong with the lip sync?

  9. Destiny Noisey

    It hurts how much I want this to be a full song her talent is so f*cking amazing

  10. Jordin L

    Is this from the extended version of Us? I don’t remember this scene in theaters.

  11. Reina Ladybug

    Perfect song to send to my ex. Thanks Teirra Whack.

  12. mustang61

    I like this

  13. Mellisa Hill

    Life school of being fabulous❤️

  14. Leesa Stewart

    this is such a mood!!
    I was so hyped when I heard her other song on" Walgreens" commercial....

    "Don't worry bout me,Don't worry bout me ...I'm doing great alright....😌

  15. Finessed Cookiez

    Does this give anyone else It vives?


    Yeah I wouldn't be surprised. She has a very dark and creepy style.

  16. Micah Kistler

    I hate how abruptly this song ends. So good.

  17. Scarlet hunter

    This is me to my ex

  18. iiaddyxo 13

    This is me towards my “friend”

  19. Apex Montages

    I hate this song with a passion.


    Apex Montages idc


    Why tho

    LilGatcha Potato ♥️

    I hate you with a passion 😂

    Lilshana Richards

    Like she said...FUCK OFF 😂😂😂

    PoshPosh ThePoloShirtNerd

    Then why did you take the time to listen to the song? Then comment on it? Probably because most people are targeting it to you after you wrote this. "Fuck off. "

  20. jinx


    Lemon Art

    Help what does this mean. It says kokichi so I'm assuming it's not good

  21. McKinley Johnson

    I feel like it cuts to early

  22. i’m so bored

    so i’m gunna skip through the hallways of school singing this 🥵😂

    Qu AudioReact

    Teacher: 😳
    Us: FUCK OFF *skipping*

  23. ThinMan 88

    How am I just finding out about Tierra Whack?

    i’m so bored

    ThinMan 88 same lmao

    Dontgive Twoshits

    Same!!! Lmao


    ThinMan 88 exat

  24. Sasuke Sasuke

    The 7 dislikes are the balloons 🎈

    Don't D!e

    Pennywise lmao

    Shalyce _Teyan

    Sasuke Sasuke :,)

  25. Nightingale Kiev

    why it do the random cut off


    That's just the end of the song. It ends abruptly outta kinda nowhere

    Lilshana Richards

    All her songs she makes are about 1 min long


    @Lilshana Richards on that particular album yea they're short. But she has longer songs too. Unemployed, Clones, Mumbo Jumbo, etc.

  26. Hange Z

    tiktok’s on its way :)

    Brittany Anastasia

    Thats what brought me here lol

  27. James Stewart

    Tierra is so cool in song

  28. Elli Slade

    Me when i see a spider on my wall

  29. dumbass rát

    Sounds kinda like doja cat


    She has many different sounds when she's singing or rapping, very versatile.

  30. ༄ nostxlgia ༄

    This song: exists

    Tik tok niggas: *It's free real estate*

  31. Genevieve Rauch

    me walking through the hall at school

    Qu AudioReact


  32. Olivia Oprea

    She needs more recognition

    James Bufanda

    Olivia Oprea this is not her real yt account

    Carsten Kuehn

    James Bufanda that’s irrelevant

  33. Mc Naulty

    i wish she was getting more attention

    James Bufanda

    Mc Naulty this is not her real ya account

    Dennis Makowski

    She will, too talented to fly under the radar , she reminds me of missy a little

    Carsten Kuehn

    James Bufanda irrelevant

  34. We will Take over

    Hosnelty this is so underrated for how fucking good it is haha. Like I bet soon there’ll be a few million views or at least I hope

  35. Sophie Mae

    follow me tiktok bitches ; dumbich42069

    Lyrics_ ByMoe

    I mean....not after you called me a bitch XD

    Qu AudioReact

    You named yourself dumbbich o.o


    clap clap

  37. Gravebeauty