Tierra Whack - Fruit Salad Lyrics

Worry 'bout yourself and don't worry about nobody
Drinking' water, eatin' fruits, takin' care of my body
When you doin' good they want kick it just like Karate
Stealin' swag I know they mad, they tried to rob me

They tried to rob me
They can't deny me
You can't define me
Don't need no ID
They want to rob me
They can't deny me
You can't define me
I don't need nobody

I did, I did, I did, (I eat all my vegetables)
I did, I did, I did, (lower my cholesterol)
I did, I did, I did, (that fast food just make you slow)
I did, I did, I did, (lower my cholesterol)
I did, I did, I did, (I ate all my vegetables)
I did, I did, I did, (I just had to let you know)

They want to rob me (I did, I did, I did) (that fast food makes you slow)
They can't deny me (I did, I did, I did) (I just had to let you know)
You can't define me (I did, I did, I did)
I don't need no ID

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Tierra Whack Fruit Salad Comments
  1. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Healthy kween

  2. EllaPlaysRoblox

    So short

  3. Kenedamick


  4. Sicko

    Earl and Solange brought me here

  5. Jada Rae

    this song is so shorttt it makes me madddd i love it tho

  6. Matt Register

    I think she is going to be like SZA and Lizzo.. she is not main-stream, and then all of a sudden she's going to be super famous overnight

  7. Jose Garcia

    Sounds a like kids bop song

  8. Noiv’ert

    I need a 3 min song out of this 🔥

  9. ur moms fav chicken salad

    Here before this is a viral sensation

  10. LifestyleofJacobo

    The guy in the video was cute 😳😩😩💯

  11. Jernelle Rosales

    She is so under appreciated 💜💜💜

  12. Scaraba

    I get that Wii shopping channel warioware vibe so hard from this video and the fact that she's dressed in Wario's colors sells it

  13. twin

    she's GOIN for it. I want to draw her ✌️😊❤️❤️❤️🙏 bless

  14. KIM Lol

    Why does she always make short songs

  15. Michael Dance

    Dope as fuck!

  16. Dos Edwards

    This the vegan anthem!!!

  17. Mckayla Kester

    Trash your fat ugly big head that guy doing in the back round

  18. Alex Blackie

    Why this song always make me feel so good

  19. certainly joel

    W h o l e s o m e

  20. Caitlin Ulrich


  21. rachel tolentino

    I love it

  22. Therisa1955 Shields

    Tierra 3000!

  23. crabby

    Hungry Hippo can eat a Fruit Salad.

  24. Blair BMB

    I can’t believe they tried to ROB HER!!!

  25. Minghao is god

    workout music 100 percent

  26. Leesa Stewart

    "i did.. I DID.. I DIDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  27. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    She needs to be on top!

  28. Sheena Smalls

    I in love with this song 😍❤️

  29. avian carnegie

    Your so talented, unique and it’s so refreshing. Love your music! You bout to blow up boo

  30. Jackie Alves

    This goooeeeesssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I don't need nobody!

  31. Veronica Vasquez

    She's so bright, hard to believe it's pop music.

  32. tëå tïmë sqüåd

    They tried to rob me 😫🤪 THIS MY JAM

  33. Adrian Johnson

    The truth. Body image isn’t important. ❤️😍

  34. Courtney The Plug

    My 10 year old is concerned that someone is trying to rob you LOL It's so cute

  35. izzie_ lol

    Im here cuz of Billie Eilish

  36. LK McClelland

    Love this! Not only does she have a beautiful voice, her word play is awesome!

  37. Raquel Ruiz

    Her songs are always the randomist but still AMAZING 🙌

  38. Muneca McCoy

    I love the song they use for Walgreens.

  39. 113OneOneThree113

    These are some music videos worth watching. Absolutely amazing!

  40. Princess D.I.E

    I done told everyone I know about his girl, she's sooo dope and innovative! I can hear circa 2009 Drake doing his thing on that beat!

  41. Nicole Mills

    This needs reintroduced to the world Full radio length Ppatinum status and create a cartoon character with itBig like baby shark but Vegetables

  42. Mikey Larson

    Trash... One minute songs, drake copy paste.. How do you people like this shit. Seriously.. How?

    Jess x

    Drake copy paste? Like there isn't a whole genre called rap or anything

    St T

    One minute songs is an aesthetic choice, like it or hate it, it's listenable and keeps you on your toes. It's not like it's all she does does. Shit happens, mumbo jumbo, etc etc.
    Also, how the hell is she at all anything like drake? You ever bothered listen to her discography?

    Mikey Larson

    Her flow for lack of a more fitting word, identical to drake. Who wants to listen to a 10 minute album? Its an insult to the already horrible attention span in today's youth. Just my opinion really. Not saying you shouldn't like it I just don't get how

  43. Bae

    Coolest weed song ever

  44. Flawless Wallace

    She giving me Da baby vibes with these videos

  45. Eggy Boi


    Fat black woman tries working out in hot (not hot) clothes

  46. DJ Pickett

    This song is lowkey me rn, glad it was in my feed!

  47. Oh No Not Jalen

    thanks reccamended

  48. Cygnus_BC

    This actually hits....why....is it so good....

  49. Fruit Salad

    wow this songs speaks to me

  50. Yeetmaster 69

    Fruit salad...yummy yummy.

  51. Ta2p Zxlla

    Lol dope

  52. alphashadow

    Was hoping for a wiggles reference but this is fine

  53. Elyse Johnson

    Your lyrics give me Devin the Dude vibes!!!!!!!! They're sometimes silly but on the real and cool AF!

  54. So savage Lucas

    This is the best!

    Make this blue if u agree.


  55. J Wilson

    I love this song to short

  56. Snowface Killer

    The song should help me with soda addiction

  57. Altariq Rollins

    fav song
    They cant deny me
    They cant defy me
    I dont need no I.D hoe

  58. I am the best Subscribe

    What the heck, Is that el chapo??

  59. The Gorgeous MsVon

    I love the beat... It has so much swag!.

  60. Raven

    Not long enough 😓😓❤❤❤❤❤

  61. Morgan Short

    Love it, I think it's about all the health companies saying that "oh eat this pill and you will be thin" And it's just stealing all your money lol idk

  62. Green Tee

    I can see Tierra And Da Baby doing something

  63. Monty Campbell

    This song is so vicious to be so short

  64. Nawe

    i shall be the 600th comment and i just want to say tierra we love you

  65. Lika Baker

    Wish it was longer

  66. Crystal mekkekins

    Isn't that a fat suit

  67. paulmoon 420

    Finally a female rapper I can listen to

  68. suhad camara

    This song is the anthem to my life

  69. Taylor Theangel

    If I have a minute and one second to live I play this song ♥️

  70. shy shy

    Thank you Billie eilish for introducing me to a good artist, who wants to keep her our little secret??

  71. Micah Catlett

    A true artist with purpose. So excited to watch her success!!

  72. ‘티아

    this will b my motivation song

  73. 4everyung06

    this needs to be a single

  74. ZThe Real

    This song needs a remix extended version

  75. enigmaticstatic 7

    She's legit

  76. Gabrielle Rozier

    I love this song but it is so short it’s like a minute looking

    Gabrielle Rozier

    I meant long😬😬

  77. Slowjam Sam

    Tierra whack for making this only 1 minute long 😩

  78. Pickle Pop

    i came here from billie eilish anyone else XDD

  79. Lamyre Harrington


  80. Ryan Purvis

    Lyrics about some real talk is was what hip hop needed.

  81. Ann M

    This is on repeat daily...🤷🏾‍♀️

  82. Juliët Hopman

    I came here cuz of billie

  83. Denise Pereyra

    i love this

  84. Khid TheCrow


  85. Jordan stockton

    Omg this is Billie eilishs favorite song 😱😱


    No. One. Cares. Stop. Commenting. About. Other. Artists.

  86. hmongtse

    Why does this song sound so familiar to another song...?
    i cant figure it out

  87. OnlyOnMindMeditationMedication

    Here's one for a Subway or whole foods commercial

  88. Krissy Fizzle

    Does this song give anyone sza vibes?

  89. OofBoiii Kerchoo

    Skinny legend

  90. Amanda Mulrain

    Wholesome and adorable

  91. Reabetswe Pearl

    The beat slaps!!! 😩😩😩😩😩

  92. Leslie Chavez

    I feel like I'm watching MTV #nostalgic

  93. Itsmejhydae duh

    Whos here because of billie Eilish hahaaaaaa 😂

  94. St. Jerome

    That guy on that vibrating machine has me dead.🤣🤣🤣

  95. Pisces Babe

    Tierra i love this song seriously makes me happy. Cuz I’m trying to get healthy.

  96. Arise24

    Anyone know the maker of this beat I heard it before

  97. Tania rose

    We put this song on in music and dance it