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T.I. G Shit Comments
  1. Gina Shallyna

    But you need to keep G lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I shoot people less I agree make money is good but I like that but GG!!! G with na!!!!

  2. Edyce Dorris

    Pricelesss Artist by far!!!!!!!!!!

    Edyce Dorris

    Classic t.i hobby far since rubber Man!!!!!!

  3. Cheikh Diaw

    TI murdered the Beat !!!🔥🔥🔥

  4. Christina Velasquez

    Lol 😍

  5. jonathan alonzo

    You know what I like the most when two individuals put their differences aside and get money together... You kno tha FUXKIN VIBES!!!


    Nice song

  7. Lonna Foo

    Skinny...jeans I don't do those...nahhhh

  8. jasmine lamb

    I love watch the duck

  9. Northside Donnie

    Most underrated Neptune’s beat ever!

  10. Laura White


  11. Peter Grogan jr

    Skinny jeans I don't do those!...... 👖👈🚫

  12. Kng Tch

    I would've loved to see both T.I.P and Jeezy on power and empire

  13. Breatheslow

    Man am I late, never knew this song had a video!!

  14. Aaron Heid

    When we make the move i here ya fam

  15. Aaron Heid

    Ineed ti be n that move real talk

  16. Aaron Heid

    Real talk ty my fam yea you know so glad bless you yes

  17. supreme king

    I don't like dat plan!!! Lol

  18. سجاد محمد

    Jeezy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Daniela Andrea G. Z.

    This song is iconic! The best soud! 😎♩🎶🎵
    More visit please! 💪🎤

  20. Sheila Haglund

    This video is so hot!

  21. Peter Grogan jr

    Thank you TI ....yes lord my mother loves this shit and my sister played this at her wedding like 1;000;0000 times😂💪🙇🙌👌🏿👆🏾🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

  22. Lueva Jackson

    King Shit Dose It Again. 😁

  23. Sloane Abdallah

    Make more money!

  24. Mike G

    Andre, TI, Jeezy & Cyhi best rappers from ATL

  25. Samuel Jones

    2019 bringing it in right with this one right here real g shit

  26. Jason Mitchell

    Hnds dwn #1. Beat is to G

  27. Ms. Monroeville 2014

    Did u hear what's Jeezy said

    Ms. Monroeville 2014

    G shit .

    Ms. Monroeville 2014

    Men at play. Hanging having fun

  28. Onjelic Weddington

    I love young jeezy part tho😘 but the song is still my favorite one😋

  29. Stacy Lee

    Mama going to give it to them.

  30. Gucci cash

    We have a good vine

  31. IAM G

    https://youtu.be/sJiqoKtr4VY ATL BLOCC MOVEMENT

  32. Meiko Collier

    This A shit,,

  33. Terrell Johnson

    Got a problem n we aint speakin better hall ass

  34. John Richards

    2018 still 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Pooh Bearly

    Ol' Girl Dance 'n / Then A MF

  36. P-Air Montanna

    Gd ass song lol

  37. Northside Donnie

    Chad and Pharrell Production. 💯🔥

  38. David Rabon

    This will never be old

  39. Nickisha Williams

    this beat crankkk😀😀📢📢🎵🎶🎶🎵🎵🎧🎧🎧🎧📛📛📛🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎬🎬🎬🎬🎤🎤🎤🎬🎬

  40. DeAndre Martin


  41. Tanya Rucker

    I love this song✌😉

  42. Matt D

    This is GOGO for all of you unfamiliar. This is DC. Pharrell is shouting out his hometown capital

  43. Tarsha Ferguson

    Bump this everyday..dat thang nasty boiii

  44. Babi Bubu

    this my shit nigga


    t.i. and jeezy should of put pharrel Williams in this

  46. Solomon Prescott

    pull up wit a stick

  47. Lelas Spawn

    Ayyeee This is G Shit!!! You can rock to this one!!

  48. fred gall

    doesn't get any better then Jeezy and t.i on the same track

  49. TL Wright

    My Anthem

  50. egunz 225

    man that beat

  51. Steven C

    On the cool Tip & Jezzy should make a Harlem Nights 2 movie with their swagger include some a list actors like Morgan Freeman & Samuel Jackson with a good script and plot movie would do well...

    Stacy Lee

    Keep the Faith.

  52. TruckerRochelle- RachelRolandaHarrisBoyd


  53. Malik Jones

    The hook is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. John Davies

    Listen to 'Marbalinda's little whistle'. Peristandulous ferribules. Ignotious distrambulism. Garthustically birribular pribbulae. Fargulent!

  55. owen gomeza

    Tip u should make a movie about G'shit

    Anthony Magallon

    For real

  56. Nathan 1991

    TIP too smooth

  57. Danny Keough

    Damn, this is the shizzle.. Too cool!

  58. johnny odom

    How we go from this to a dude with red hair and braids looking like a mystikal wannabe

    Rob B.

    Man Bro u ain't even talking shit 7 statin facts.. PAC, Biggie, then if ur from the South like myself, screw, Moe, Hawk, Pat... Not to mention SPM.... N countless others nation wide .. sad shit now days

  59. kingcut 19

    sound like that old dc gogo

  60. Malik Abdullah

    definitely G shit....

  61. K SC

    I want more music in my life exactly like this.

  62. FutureStyles

    Sounds like an old school neptunes/pharrell joint. Should have had mystikal on the hook.

    Grabos Omar

    good idea

    941flawda Lowdown

    FutureStyles should had mystical rapping bra

    Grabos Omar

    941flawda Lowe y[ooooooooo

    •fender• 617

    FutureStyles It is a Pharrell production, actually

  63. FutureStyles

    Sounds like a neptunes joint

  64. gilberto mendoza

    Great fucking song but so underrated

  65. Ivel King

    Kofi I'm on that g s***

  66. Marc NY

    This is my shit!!!! THIS is the Atlanta I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Nox Koopah

    I'm late why hasn't this blown up

  68. Madelyn Hardin

    I'm old school, but I likes the hell outta this one.

    Kevin Schayes

    I think the song is made it to mimick old school

  69. JocoFitness

    damn i'm ashamed im so late hearing this song

    Dimitris Ermidis

    JocoFitness me 2 😜

  70. Rashanda Grier

    Rotimi is so hot shout out to him I loved you rotimi baby.

  71. Grabos Omar

    woooooow what a song!

  72. Antoine Liles

    Only lil over 600,000 likes. Dafuq?


    fa real.... this here a whole nother shit

  73. G Franchuk

    Uh that flow t.i.!

  74. Justin Shaffer

    Soooooo! underated

  75. Jason Baxter


  76. Rajan Kalsi

    is that Avon Barksdale though??

  77. Janne

    I love it .

  78. أبو الليل

    Old money new hoe

  79. Lorrie Ann Shaw

    Love this song!!!!!!

  80. jimmy genezele

    snoop dog flow

  81. ucantkeepup583

    anyone else try to watch-the-duck? Lmao

  82. MsCHARLIEgirl6

    Y'all.....$toopid........Love me some tip and then add some jeezy ! Smh

  83. Hugh jass

    Ti da man FRESH

  84. Tunga Nguyen

    lmao TI's face this whole vid was like 'bishh im a poet'

  85. deprimeojr

    was thinking TI was tired...... well im fuckin wrong....

  86. theultimaterom

    I fucking knew Pharrell produced this. You can hear his unique production in this.

  87. Arturo Williams

    F It Up

  88. Indiana India L Shaw

    Love TI, especially this video, gangster rap-all the way! <3***L

  89. Indiana India L Shaw

    Love TI, especially this video, gangster rap-all the way! <3***L

  90. Arturo Williams

    Look Am Back Ok'

  91. narutodssunny

    This is smooth


    this song is jamming👌

  93. Noel Ramirez

    my playlist. and interest award winning on vidioplay

  94. read more

    This is horrible.only line that was cool " skinny jeans, I don't do those"

  95. Cisco Ramonn

    Nice tune and flow thumbs up :-)

  96. Jairo Villarreal

    T.I. IS The KING.! 🙌🏾💵💵🎩

  97. asdf

    Great south vibe this is what hip hop should be

  98. Imagination King

    Watch the Duck is dope. This is TI's 3rd best album

    George Martin

    @Matthew Sullivan It's his best my friend!