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T.I. Freak Through Comments

    This is a super duper duper duper simp anthem 😒👎.


  2. Zola

    this song was FASHO about Supahead

  3. BobbyBoucher

    This how i feel let my partna and my mama know. Keep it real all dat Bullshit gotta go😂

  4. Omar Williams

    Classic! Boy I miss these days

  5. Latoya Peeples

    2020 in dis bitch!!!

  6. I Am J

    This song is about Baby momma i swear... But you live and you learn!

  7. Miss Dani The Nanny

    Since when does a pig like face have angel eyes....

  8. Sinistar X

    Song ages like fine wine

  9. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍😍

  10. Mario Tena

    If you weren't here long before their "tv show" you ain't real.

  11. Aysia King

    ❤❤❤❤ tomorrow gyno

  12. ben johnston

    Use to be in the club pulling to this song #trueplayashit

  13. SKETCH 3909

    2019 situationship

  14. Mr. Matt

    this was my 'not awake yet but still driving to work' jam back like 05

  15. Okay Dee

    Thats why he got so Many damn Kids with Tiny. LMAO Its confirmed.

  16. Martina Thomas

    Forever the jam 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  17. Jack Lyons

    Pioneering song for trap music 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  19. Joseph Stewart

    UTI coming like old school Rick😎😎😎😎😎

  20. Nyesha Bell

    I'll die about her for a real good reason tho that's how I feel let my mama and my partnas know keep it real all the disrespect gotta go

  21. jasmi4517

    Floyd and TMT team brought me here !!!

  22. Roark [Rocket]

    2019 🥵

  23. Mr.Tamir Williams

    listen to the lyrics a classic

  24. Andrew Gonzales

    Everything in this is great but the chorus is a lil mmmm....idkkk lol

  25. Shasha Mosely

    I love this song!!!!!!!!

  26. Kiesha Matthews


  27. Elite Casting

    This was playing in the background of Entourage season 2 at the pool full of escorts. That brought me here.

  28. Jay Brown

    Re watching Entourage, this is playing when Vinny and the boys are at the Escorts house!

  29. Meme Sangz

    My favorite Still!!!

  30. Alex Trax

    The verse part of the beat reminds me of Final Fantasy 8

  31. William Coleman

    You can't be a fan of TIP if you had to watch the show to know this was about Tiny. Hell if you hadn't heard the song before the show, you aren't a real fan lol

  32. Nakeeta Wills

    I love this album...

  33. Teddy Bear

    not a big t.i fan but i like this one

  34. Glennie Corbitt

    Really nigga shit not listening to the streets saw threw the bs why we can't have a lot of tip love

  35. Robbie Register

    Every real nigga done been through this...!

  36. Clarissa Jones

    I sure did bring this into 2019 😅😅😅😅😅

  37. Rod Man

    This is a beautiful beat no homo...

  38. Ian Mitcham

    Some women carry happening horny house life is the to be the one's looking at you ready to set you up to get raped too test that ass because there jealous of you jealousy that's good not then when they see you they want that many babies so that you be broke because they didn't want you that much

  39. Ian Mitcham

    In this future its feels like anybody could be your son or someone is the baby momma bugging booty out needs more child support I've would have been broked raped and fucked in prison. Touched my lessons

  40. Amanda Collins

    Damn the memories

    Derek Eady

    I was just think that when I saw your comment. LOL

  41. Scarecrow

    Listen to the not jus the hook. Tip did that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Tay Ferrell

    I need the instrumental to this 😂

  43. Wayne Tech

    Ya all corny been bumping this dam near daily real tip fans been knew this was about tiny

    Martina Thomas

    Right this been the jam

    damons Greenf

    Bro dead ass I consume this every since it has been out

  44. Baby T

    TI ‘s Word Play 🔥🔥😂😂😭😭

  45. TM Riffic

    I REFUSE to believe this song is or based off of his relationship with Tiny!

  46. yaonpointtip

    He said loosely based on her... I’m gonna venture to say the part based on them is “we more like homies when we pick girls..” if you know how ti and tiny get down that whole part makes sense lbs

  47. Danny Boy

    Man, listen...

  48. Lisa

    I like the song!.. so he saying all the homiez around town talking about tiny was a H.O.E??... but he turned a HOE into a WIFE. .. great great song. T.I.P

  49. Tempestt Polk

    love this song

    Jay Love

    Tempestt Chandler me to I love sounds good

  50. Christopher Williams

    Song bring back memories about a chick that I used to be in love with...We broke up tho cuz she couldn’t stop being A FREAK THO!!!

    Autumn Breeze

    Christopher Williams lmAo

    Christopher Williams

    Autumn Breeze True story!!!

  51. EMMA THE A1

    Who is here because Ti said this song was about Tiny?

    Latoya Lucas

    Funny he confirmed it lol

    Ronald Thompson

    Yall sure this was about her??

    c. cool c

    "Cuz all my patnas in the hood dun tried ya" damn yal sure?

    Jae's Cleaning

    I wondered just a second ago listening to this and now I read the comments dang

    Martina Thomas

    I never heard him say that but I figured it was from the first time I heard it bout ten years ago... Feel In love with it then

  52. Jeremy Boykin

    Just learned that this song was about tiny

  53. Gel Duhart

    TI promoting his own music on the low- Yes rap about your wife‼️‼️‼️She held you down- hold her down TIP🙏🏾You got this- many temptations out here just Pray for Discipline

  54. Beauty IsHerName

    Who ended up here after watching T.i & Tiny friends and family hustle 🤚🏽 he said this song is about Tiny 😳

    Boss Hogg

    Could've sworn he said she produced the song

    Beauty IsHerName

    Boss Hogg he might of said that but I don’t remember it


    Thumbs Up if Ti & Tiny Family Hustle show brought you here. Tip said this song and I wanna be your man is about Tiny so I had to listen

    Leek Leek

    Yes me 2

    Latrenie Eades

    Yep, just watched it on DVR lastnight, he named a couple of songs, but this was the only one I could remember!

    k taylor

    true this a real song


    Naw this was my shi when his cd came out!

  56. Leonza Claiborne

    I'm watching t.i & tiny family hustle. Did I just hear t.i. say this song was talking about his wife Tiny....

    Boss Hogg

    I thought he said she produced the song

    Anthony Maldonado

    Me too . but when he says I wanna be your man does he mean I can't be your man?

    Terran Payne

    Leonza Claiborne Yes I heard the same thing!!

    Ally B

    Looking for it, which episode?

    Gil Scot Heron


    Is it tho??
    Was she a h

  57. Jae’O 3800

    And then I fell in love with a stripper

  58. Crystal Garcia

    ATL to bama

    Lah Hopp


  59. DJ chuck GURU


  60. Kyle Seay

    This is tethered to my heart and will forever be a part of my life. I LOVE this song

    Jay Love

    Kyle Seay me to this song will forever be classic

  61. Shayla Washington

    T. I. are you talking about miss Tiny? 🤔

    Denise Denise

    Yes, he said it on his show "Friends, family, and hustle."

    Leonza Claiborne

    I think he is....WOW!!

    Gil Scot Heron


    is it? wouldnt dat mean she a ho

  62. Brandon Sterling

    I was 18 when this came out, I'm (cough cough) now!
    good song.

  63. Denim Johnson

    I love you triston oitz 💙👌💖👅

  64. Denim Johnson

    I love this song 👏

    Jay Love

    Denim Johnson me to sound good 💯❤️❤️👏👍

  65. Juan Aceves

    I don't know why but the third verse is one of my favorite verses ever...

    Martina Thomas

    All she need is a lil affection a lotta direction a nigga wit a constant erection... 💁🏾‍♀️💓😩💃🏾

  66. Rivi

    Real smooth

  67. BrownsugaKO77

    My favorite song off the cd!

  68. Matthias Horne


  69. Matthias Horne

    I been with couple theses

  70. saseen pena

    Sexy ♋💟💲💯T.i.

  71. Oliver Hernandez

    This song from ti is kinda good

  72. Keisha Pelote

    I was 17 when this came out, this forever my shit! still bumping in 2017 going into 18

    Darryl Walker

    Keisha Pelote that’s wassup

    Ahmad Jackson

    2020 too!!!

  73. Lisa White

    your my your my super freak

  74. Hen Hutt


  75. Nicole G

    I was 16 listening to this 🤣😂😙 love me some tip 😙😙

    Toby Love

    Nicole G facts I remember in the high way got pull over by state troopers went to jail dam

    Juan Aceves

    Lmao I was like 10 when this dropped. My uncle bought the album at Sam Goody and I would borrow it, i'd listen to it from beginning to end while playing ps2


    Nicole G..You grown now wassup

    Mario Raines

    Nicole G is gorgeous though

    Ahmad Jackson

    Me to still bumping 2020

  76. Ena Mami


    Shasha Mosely

    Shut up

  77. Cherry Jones


  78. aaron gibbs

    boi i miss pharrells productions .. made all the jams

    Sportz Clipz TV

    aaron gibbs 💯💯💯

    Y05H1 BUGATT1

    And Chad nigga...


    @Y05H1 BUGATT1 most folks never give chad his props


    Classic Neptune's beat.

  79. Nicole L Saunders

    Love love love

  80. Rada Hefner

    Your my superfreak

  81. Chris Price

    But she a freak doe,your my superfreak.

    Christopher Price

    Your the G.O.A.T!.#Cp