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Thundercat Tokyo Comments
  1. Explosive Bear

    "Goku fucking ruined me" what a line


    All I can hear is the chop no slop version 🌚

  3. x9x9x9x9x9

    Goku fucking ruined me

  4. Sam Crossland

    I love how this dude is so personal with the second verse. This is awesome

  5. Luis Cavalcanti

    OMG. I’m so glad to find this guy. I found 20 minutes ago and can’t get enough ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Why haven’t I heard anything bout him since then?

  6. Karla Espinosa Palacio

    Restless night in Tokyoooooooo!!!!❤❤❤❤

  7. しじみ

    welcome to japan

  8. Yuusu Satou


  9. Vampirolol

    00.22 is the doorbell jingle from Animal Crossing Wild World.
    Here, slowed down:

  10. Robelquis

    Goku fucking ruined me... 🙏🏾

  11. Big Krogan Quads

    Thundercat is awesome.

  12. Rick James

    i discovered this when me and my homie took some really fire acid. My boy turned it on and I almost turned it off, im glad i didnt. We listened to the whole drunk album. plan on listening to the rest of his albums when we do more. Also, I fucking love acid.

  13. Adam 23

    this music is way too good

  14. Black Legend

    1:47 my favorite part 🥶

  15. Cameron Dews

    Comedic uplifting type vibe...i like it

  16. Isa Soch

    if I ever go to Japan I'll blast this song while walking down the streets of Tokyo lmao

  17. Ficus Elastica

    P.L.T. Vibrations is pretty dope too

  18. Johbo81 Resurrected

    You didn’t just say “cuz I’m over 9000”

  19. monowavy

    goku fucking ruined meeee

  20. LaGuerre19

    i wanna hadouken this song into my own _face_

  21. oblivionmedia

    "Goku fucking ruined me"

  22. joshua freed

    It’s funny how his music sounds like a bunch of parodies

  23. Dooms Dae

    That legendary axe

  24. Jono 84

    Goku ruined a lot of us, bruh.
    Got me, too.

  25. Stevie Del Ray

    Makes me think of "Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson...

  26. Watch Kengan Ashura


  27. leosmileyface

    The mad lad is now singing in a anime, Carole & Tuesday

  28. shezi nkosinathi

    Weirdos ouchea lol 😂

  29. ma ta


  30. doomkid1331

    This is HAWT FIYAH

  31. KJ Cmo

    This is gonna be the first song I play when I touchdown in Tokyo

  32. Skai

    I love the first 25 seconds of this song

  33. C E

    💖 it

  34. YENJIII Kenji Yamamoto

    Thundercat is like the coolest weeaboo. I’d totally chill, drink saki and eat sashimi with this dude

  35. EK X

    When you're Black, but you don't fall into those broad categories. Not a thug, not an athlete, not a role model, not especially strong. Just a human being with a penchant (a great talent) for music, heavily influenced by pop culture. Goku fucking ruined us all.

  36. Cetswayo 615

    Holy fuck he said the gundam cafe... I desperately need to go now...

  37. Agent 007

    When art mimics life ...or life nvm 🙈...I have a new top 5 ARTIST!!!!!!!!!

  38. Avant Gardener

    My boyfriend if he was a song. Damn

  39. Bbdgh H

    9 year olds : Logan Paul in japan

    Me, an intellectual: I think that I’m goku

  40. TheArgusApocraphex1

    Oh shit it's Woolie!

  41. Cesar Castillo

    Restless nights in Tokyo

    Wanna hear all the sounds and see all the sights
    From the Champs Élysées to the Gundam Cafe
    Gonna eat so much fish I think I'm gonna be sick
    Gonna blow all my cash on anime (yes)
    Don't try to stop me 'cause I'm over nine thousand
    Just point me to the pachinko machines
    I'm think I'm Kenshiro, I think that I'm Goku
    Can I just stay one more day?

    Reckless nights in Tokyo
    Oh my god, it's Tokyo

    It was premeditated, tried to get someone pregnant
    It wasn't her fault, I'm just kind of psychotic
    Left on my own, I would never come back
    I'd probably hide in the suicide forest (shit)
    This all started when I was a boy
    I went to the dentist and he gave me a toy
    It was Dragon Ball Z, a wristlet bracelet
    Goku fucking ruined me

    A love affair with Tokyo


    I think he says wrist slap bracelet. Otherwise awesome work and thanks for posting the lyrics here.

  42. Enrico Mangherini

    0:49 ahahahaha

  43. uber1527 Ino

    most underrated

  44. Yuppie 1987

    This is so 2010s

  45. Rell Young

    Your a dbz fan too

  46. Sekayi Slade

    this is good

  47. Aparecida81pe Santos

    O YouTube me recomendou, até parece que ele tava adivinhado que eu queria o vídeo dessa música hahahaha!

  48. 兎黒


  49. numba1headband

    Where the fuck do you get your basses and synths bro?

  50. kels adon

    Fire 🔥

  51. M O O N C H I L D


  52. Ma Me


  53. BodmanDre

    In tokyo now with this anthem on repeat

  54. ぱおんぱおん


  55. Neurotic Sos

    lmao these lyrics

  56. Many Hart

    I love the chorus and how the drums go one way then backwards in a way

  57. xpegasu

    goku fucking ruined me...

  58. Downtown Clay Davis

    Black weebs unite.

  59. 進撃のひよっこ

    where is カメカメハ

  60. thehoneyeffect


  61. Jay Bradberry

    I swear me and this guy are soul brothers

  62. Chopper206

    So glad I watched the music vid! Wonderful stuffs!!

  63. 0dd daK1D

    Only thing missing is godzilla

  64. Tunderok

    i am ThunderCat

  65. Me Too.

    "I'm gunna blow all my cash on anime...


  66. O 6G

    Aye guts!!!!

  67. King PePePe

    Gattsu at 0:39

  68. Jonathan Foutz

    Man I love this band


    its a guy lol

  69. Phoney

    At 1:15 "It was premeditated, tried to get someone pregnant It wasn't her fault, I'm just kind of psychotic" can someone give me some insight into what this line is referring to?

  70. big yoshi stupid


  71. A. M. Moita

    keep on Thunder


    Thundercat’s spirit animal is best friends with my spirit animal😀

  73. GiftedCombo

    Thundercats so cute I can't

  74. Rory Turnbull

    Don't try to stop me 'cause I'm over nine thousand!

  75. Mz Nurú

    I want to start my own cat cafe.

  76. Kaito Nakanishi

    Summer Sonic in japan

  77. Maria Rigazio

    I always wondered how to fit pachinko machines into a song...

  78. Sonny Bravo

    I LOVE his videos. Thundercat is my hero!


    I know exactly how he feels,,, I lived all over Asia,,, humans were meant to live there!


    just spent 3 weeks in Vietnam,, a blast!

  80. American_Indian_Enkindled

    Goku FUCKIN ruuuuined meeeeeeeeee!!!!

  81. Ash B.

    I wanna go to the Gundam Cafe!

  82. James Nelson

    Sounds like some influence from the Spectreman intro

  83. Doubletake Broom

    Tokyo was dope. Definitely miss living in japan.

  84. James Pasta

    Who knows the game theme in the beginning?


    Please if you find out tell me as well

  85. mysteriouskazakh

    Y'all need to hear the vinyl mix of Tokyo. There's a treat at the end.

  86. Seiko Rebel

    This is me in Japan looking for the Seiko facilities 🔥

  87. Kade Kishumaru

    And to think he was a member of Suicidal Tendencies

  88. Blak Drago

    Feel good song

  89. Voodoo Ray

    Better than Logan Paul.

    eww eww

    Well of course wtf

  90. Peribow

    hes such a nerd, i love it

  91. Kevin

    I love the audible yell in the background at 1:28

    King Masyn

    Kevin where is that from? I always thought it was from Final Fight when a bad guy dies

  92. Apemopo

    omg it's Tokyo


    After listening to this a few times I realized how this song is a loveletter to YMO. Yellow Magic Orchestra. A Japanese electronic band from the 80's. I knew it sounded familiar but couldn't figure it out.

  94. Liliana vergara

    I like how it sounds like Japanese funk


    liliana vergara have you ever listened to YMO?

    Liliana vergara

    DOLORES LARA Yes I have I listen to a lot of Japanese funk/City pop soul

    la Magnifique petit espirit

    Japanese Funk is Funk sung in japanese. You could just say it sounds like Funk