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Thundercat Lava Lamp Comments
  1. Kevin 7000

    Absolutely beautiful song. Touches me deeply. Brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Thundercat

  2. Chad Bryant

    Thunder Cat is the fucking man

  3. home boi

    1:14 holy shit

  4. Musicaltariq777

    I wanna send this song to my ex, but were not even friends anymore 😢

  5. Gino La Posta

    Must feel so good to be soo good.

  6. Ya Zoned

    24 frames of nick ?

  7. teezy murowe

    Thundercat and them signature "oooohhhhh's"💥💥💥

  8. Hawks Eyeview

    It hurts to be a Shaman for that is a shamed man.

  9. Hawks Eyeview

    There is no Art in Game.


    I wish there was an instrumental

  11. fog dust

    is it just me or does he look like miles davis in this pic?

  12. Sin Leong

    Nice song but the cover is eerie.. 😥

  13. 다리미

    i’m sooooooooo tried

  14. Meme Man

    Lava Lamp hits more after Mac's passing

  15. Me We

    I gotta thank this nigga Thundercat for this one.


    home boi

    Keepin it wholesome💓

  16. LaGuerre19

    who told me this, thank you

  17. Aventurines

    *I'm soo TIRED*
    Feel ya here bro

  18. Mr Maxxx

    This song is smooth and you feel the intense nature of it

  19. Matt Mayo

    Still Dope

  20. Harold

    Yall hear the production on this?? 😭

  21. Max Huston-England

    What a high res image :)

  22. Aditya Roy

    This song will change how I perceive lava lamps.

  23. Mushroom Head

    Thundercats ho!

  24. Nio Tuia Taiese

    So smooth man😊😴😴

  25. Captain Dad

    Thanks my brain is full now

  26. Keegan Dieringer

    1.25x is incredible!

  27. Althea Nzima

    Yazini lengoma imnandi kakhulu.....ingikhumbuza mina ngisese fresh and funky....impilo ilula....kungena stress nje.. .

  28. Peter Nicholls

    The NPR version captures so much more than this does.
    His bass playing seems like it's missing from this version.

  29. Ray Ray

    this song turned my anxiety into peace

  30. Tennis Quaid

    the ultimate break up song

  31. Jacob Guenther

    such a chill but sad song song. i like it.

  32. Dan Okero

    love this song its my anthem

  33. Zombie Jäger

    Thanks Nick.

  34. Wedge 

    I need more songs like this ... Like
    Not just by thundercat but... Anyone with a similar sounding.

  35. Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube

    astrothunder Travis?

  36. Ep1cparadox psn

    I'll just close my eyes
    hope to wake up dead

  37. 雌犬 LANAY XO

    This sound so familiar

    Tony D

    Mission impossible theme?

  38. Connor Chambliss


  39. Landon Hjerpe

    this was a great song to fuck to

  40. Tomas Echevarria

    This one is beautiful. Makes me think of love lost

  41. SOY

    Every time I listen to this it’s like being able to go back into that dream you didn’t want to wake up from 😂. I adore that melody ✨

  42. GOTMILK36

    The beat sounds like Objects in the Mirror


    This song is sooooo absolutely beautiful!!!!

  44. Bradley Bird

    Thundercat always puts me in a good place

  45. 2020_William Leamon

    I'm so glad Thundercat is finally gaining significant traction in 2018. He really deserves it.

  46. Stuart Radcliffe

    I love you, Thundercat

    Mushroom Head

    Thundercats ho!

  47. Stuart Radcliffe

    I've listened to this song to alleviate anxiety attacks and it works every time. The words and melody take you away from your problems but somehow manage to accomplish more. They make you come to terms with your problems. He expresses the inability to truly rest the same way that anyone who suffers from depression wishes they could.

  48. Silver Man

    Like smooth velvet caressing on my brain... Idk wtf I said but this jam is doing something to me!

  49. Edward Rec

    Dont leave me out here to die

  50. Ms Hill

    This song be having me all in my feelings. It has such a nostalgic and peaceful feel to it.

  51. Anthony Pirrone

    jesus take the wheel

  52. Sidhanth Rao

    someone needs to post tabs for this one

  53. денис вайчкус

    готов переслушивать тысячу раз

  54. Mike Washington

    This is my first time listening to thundercat... I am now a music note

  55. Wesnile boyd

    How could you dislike?! I mean what more can you ask for?!🤔

  56. king king

    This shits still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Chris Demetrius

    Damn i was sleep on dude.apologises t my ears

  58. Tez This is my tribute to the master. One of my favorite songs ever.

  59. ViewPoint

    This song hits me right in the gut. When i listen to this song i feel every type of loss ive ever felt in my life. All the heartbreaks, all the people who've passed, all the unfortunate events. ICRIEDALOT

    Sacha Severov

    Yeaaaa I'm crying too lol

  60. marcusflippen

    I like to listen to this album when Im drunk. which is every day


    try weed instead

  61. funkay1

    Wish this song was longer 💕

  62. SLIMvillain

    The way he sings "I don't want to live without u. Don't leave me out here to die" gives me chills.

  63. jhx97

    i've JUST realized you can see his mouth from below the water....took me 1 EXACT YEAR TO REALIZE ALSO I JUST REALIZED TODAY IT THE 1ST YEAR BIRTHDAY OF THIS ALBUM! HAPPY BIRTHDAY "DRUNK"!

  64. Joey Hewie

  65. karlos Gustavo

    MT fodaaaa mano

  66. Sofus krogh

    Losing a loved one......

  67. Jens9807

    The NPR Tiny Desk version of this is awesome

    Evan Grizzard

    Unsure which version I like better

  68. Dewey Cox

    Oh oh oh
    oh oh oh
    Sometimes you have to let go
    To free fall away
    I won't judge you, anymore
    Cause sometimes I needed to
    Free fall far away
    Out of sight, out of mind
    I'm so tired(oh)
    Where can I lay my head?
    I'll just close my eyes
    Hope I wake up dead
    Don't want to live without you
    Don't leave me out here to die
    Maybe another time and space
    When I can look you in the face
    Far, far away
    Maybe in another life


    you know, ppl who post lyrics to beautiful songs go straiiight to heaven..

    JZZ J

    Thank You!

    Althea Nzima

    @Tylos I agree especially when they get them right


    this how i’m feeling about a girl rn 😓

    rose D

    Luv the lyrics thank u

  69. aaron2times

    This song would go hard being played over highlights of the movie gravity

  70. Sloth King

    This song can stop wars.

  71. BLOWN stallone

    Fucking DOPE!

  72. Carolyn Ellis Gonzalez

    Such a beautiful song! This man is just brilliant.

  73. the rare bare

    This song honestly helped me get over someone that left me for someone else

    Tomyfamily 18

    Same here my friend. You're in good company. It happens, it just means they weren't for you and the one this is for you, is out there if not with you now.

    Rahel T Rocca

    the rare bare ❤️🙏🏽

  74. Lucas William

    This Album Is 🔥🔥FIREEEEE 🔥🔥

  75. Putra Darma

    Oh oh oh Sometimes you have to let go To free fall away I won't judge you anymore 'Cause sometimes I needed to Free fall far away Out of sight, out of mind I'm so tired Where can I lay my head? I'll just close my eyes Hope I wake up dead Don't want to live without you Don't leave me out here to die Maybe another time and space When I look you in the face Far, far away Maybe in another life

  76. Chris Roberts

    Don't leave me out here to dieeeee!!!

  77. J.C. Russell

    This is going to be my first dance at my wedding.

    Nolege _

    J.C. Russell Mingus!!!! (Cory Voice)

    Tomyfamily 18

    Good selection, but at the same time, this song is about a break up. Not something you want to dance to at your wedding. Just saying. I hope all is well.

  78. THEALEXX417


  79. Isaias Lopez-Barrios

    Listen while high


    THANK YOU ALBUM for helping my stress ❤

  81. 98NMan

    I like this

  82. K J

    This song never gets old to me. It's so soothing. This shit heals.

  83. RE White

    my favorite song right now

  84. Caleb Goering

    some of those chords were damn smooth!

  85. Dee kalinda

    free fall, fall awaaay. Out of time out of mind. Word


    Ouf of sight, out of mind

  86. jo1star

    This is what daydreaming sounds like💛💛

    Tayzo da God

    Smooth brother. Words of the wise

  87. LOproductions1

    Smooth like baby boo boo

  88. Dee kalinda

    life saver... this shit keeping me going forreal lol.

  89. Frank Bradley

    I'm so tired. Where can I lay my head?


    On your lovers lap.


    Good question.

    Alex Clark

    Just let go

  90. ballers102032

    Can I please have 3 more minutes of this song????? So Chill!!!!!

  91. ShaHenAhGoat xTDE Dreamer

    Who hates this???

  92. Karma Laws

    space galactic music

  93. onmyshine15

    somebody chop and screw this for yo boi to poe up too and ride

    Micheal jackson mj

    onmyshine15 they did...candlestick and OGronC


    I’ll do it. Check me out at DJkillacle

  94. Roby Cowan

    hope I wake up dead.

    Frank Bradley

    Yo Chi Aaaaay

    big sexy

    Roby Cowan I read this as he sung it😂😂



  95. kyoto graphic

    this song is the musical equivalent of flying through a star cluster


    no it's not

    C. Richardson

    @McKaos is TOO!!! Lol


    you have any song recommendations with the same vibe?