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Thundercat I Am Crazy Comments
  1. hahadarrie

    What?!😣 I'm confused.

  2. King Kenan

    I'm crazy tooooo

  3. Salvador Toloza

    Who else had this on repeat and thought this was a never ending song 😂 ?

  4. Cola G

    So aesthetic

  5. SAI03

    I am trying my hardest to catch ALL the harmonies in this song! Well pretty much all of Thundercat songs! lol!! LOVE Stephen!! 💗💗💗


    117 to ZIP

  7. Haram Lamont

    If this song was a woman she would be the ultimate dicktease!

  8. bizzmarky89

    Bittersweet memories cloud my faded mind
    And if I was so lucky, I could press rewind
    But could it be I'm crazy?
    'Cause I've been wrong before
    Let a nigga know

    B Witty

    bizzmarky89 says "if i was so lucky" with the voice of an angel.

  9. Isiah Mess

    I've listened to this song 258 Times and counting

    Cola G

    Isiah Mess me too

  10. Luke Watson

    Really wish there was a longer / extended version of this. Listening on repeat.

  11. Gabriel Lopez

    Could it be I'm crazy? I played this song before bout a 100 times

  12. la miki minach

    Title is me

  13. 204863

    i love u thundercat

  14. ChillPhilJazz


  15. Aj Breezy318

    Love it