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Thundercat DUI Comments
  1. Jar

    Anyone got the chords for this? I just can't nail it down.

  2. Joshua Koppes

    Wait was this album not received well??? WTF THIS IS SO GOOD

  3. ameer t

    Every indie 8-bit retro game developer on steam just creamed

  4. mike anglada

    Chillest Music, Bruh!!

  5. kumatora

    One of best on the album,I absolutely love the Piano chord progression on this track really reminds me of something from Final Fantasy,brings a chill down my spine aha

  6. Lucas William

    Thundercat underrated. (also dui> rabbot ho)

  7. Maddie Craven

    This album was life-changing, but the live performance was EARTH SHATTERING. You guys seriously have to see him live at all cost!!!!!

  8. Leoanrdus

    Me encanta!

  9. Tee Yah

    It's not so bad...

  10. Tee Yah

    D E A D I N S I D E

  11. Tanya Guryel

    makes me think of phantom of the opera past the point of no return

  12. birdkids records

    such Jan Hammer ermagehrd!

  13. Thanos

    Sounds like Game Over theme music. It's tight though

  14. CRZFawkz

    Sounds like something off the Mary Poppins soundtrack

  15. Chris Anderson


  16. B C

    I want it on vinyl.

    B C

    CRZFawkz thanks so much. Hope we find a copy. Lol.


    Bernard Whitehead I have one preordered on Amazon so it will not sell out or go unavailable. I'm not taking chances, especially for this. But I'm actually scavenging to get even the CD, not available in my area.

    Nicolás Rey

    do note that it will be 10" records (instead of the usual 12"), that's why it's four discs


    Nicolás Rey Would be better if it was a 2LP 12" IMO. A box set for one album is inconvenient.

    Nicolás Rey

    CRZFawkz For an album with tracks of such short lengths, I agree

  17. rodrigo gabriel

    Who the fuck is future?

  18. Madvillainy91

    This album was well worth the wait

  19. MetalFingerz

    bad move release this with the new Future's album...

    Adrien Rolet

    we can see who the real fans are


    Who da f**k cares? He's on another boat /train whatev .. They strive for different audiences how can it be a problem?


    no it's not
    this guy is like underground as fuck, very niche fan base


    Giuseppe Donatiello because they obviously have the same audience right

    G Lo

    Tribber "the new Future's album"

  20. Justin B.

    Well this was a pleasant surprise! Gonna be buying this soon!

  21. MuckDogg

    While everybody's listening to Future's new album that released today, I'm bumpin Thundercat's new album.


    The Green Hill Zone I mean Thundercat or Future anyday


    Future sucks


    Future, Thundercat, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Too many good artistssssss

    Persa Xenofontos



    James years later I can agree your still a dumbass for this comment and ignorant asf.

  22. BJA Anderson

    Well, I was about to go to bed.


    BJA Anderson good thing this shit'll put you to sleep