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Thundercat Blackkk Comments
  1. Luis Cavalcanti

    This is no thundercat. this differs from the other

  2. 1000 subs some vids

    Blackkk... anyone?

  3. Jerry Lopez

    Does the beginning NOT sound like that song, Breath of the Wild’s “Gaurdian Battle” ??

  4. hippiecheezburger

    Sometimes reminds me of stuff Zappa would do

  5. jonnykappa55

    Gentle giant ish

  6. Alex Crews

    Hearing a lot of Chick Corea and RTF here

  7. Grand Oblivion

    some parts sounds like Sagat’s theme.

    Perhaps I’m the only one tho


    1:20 I got that feeling too

    Quest Tzecai

    He is a street fighter fan

  8. Alex

    This is so chill like wtf.

    editerino: the next song is even better.

  9. flabaire

    Canterbury style !

  10. The Hermit

    Check out the obscure subgenre of Progressive Rock known as 'Canterbury Scene'. I and others are hearing a great deal of influence (Caravan, Soft Machine, Hatfield and the North, Bruford, U.K., etc).

  11. Willie Woodard,Jr.

    Waving riding

  12. daddysensei Silver

    Vocals remind me of Zappa when he had George Duke and Napolean in the band.


    Now that you mention it I notice it.



  14. Tejas C

    Dat 5/4 time feel tho.
    Or 5/8 + 5/8, whatever u wanna call it

    Schlomo Pork

    It's divided into eighth note subdivisions so 5/8

  15. Jaidenn Butler

    Up Next: Lightningdog~ Whiteee

  16. NiCk Dj a k a pseudomino

    0:26 Bowie, bowie! ...

  17. WrightBrained

    What's the meter on this song?


    WrightBrained I hear 5/4

    Nero Claudius

    @Gregorious 5/8*

  18. Ousmane Ag

    if Syfy renewed the show "Helix" for a third season this would be their new theme song.

  19. GiacomoJimmi

    Smooth prog funk? I am officially on board with this.

    1000 subs some vids

    Its epico

  20. Cole Hallman

    "don't be afraid of death, we'll be gone in the blinking of an eye"




    10,000 years of existence compared to millions maybe billions/trillions, accurate

  21. Gabriel Lopez

    0:43 gives me goosebumps every time

  22. Seth White

    This song reminds me of the band Yes, especially the bass!

    akashik rekords

    Seth White yes!! it's very proggy!! good Shit 👹👹

    montay Jones

    Seth White exactly!!!!!!!! It reminds me of there song "changes"

  23. Afroctopus

    aw man, this takes me back to his brighter stuff on Golden Apocalypse. like Daylight. this album hits all the right notes

  24. Kamau Kirikou Ra'Xi


  25. Santiago Milano

    I think this might be his best record yet


    production wise I think its his worst actually


    agreed... but I think it was on purpose for the "on drugs" factor

    akashik rekords

    he gets really proggy, which is why it's awesome!

    Quest Tzecai

    @pgwwa2 albums in a funky disorienting style. Its titled drunk for a reason :)

  26. rvvel ravel

    fuuuuck yeah

  27. aime cantilo

    i love yoooouuuu maderfakeeeeeeer

  28. mustpwnallnoobs

    Nice song thundercat :)