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Thundercat 3AM Comments
  1. GuitaRicky84

    Am i the only one who thinks this song would fit very well as a radio station soundtrack??

  2. Young Landscape

    Give this song a chance. trust


    He needa beat his meat

  4. Mac Truck 23

    This is so me ...relate

  5. V V

    Class !!!

  6. V V

    Почему хорошие песни такие коротенькие ,а плохие очень длинные ??? )))

  7. ziiZiiz Q

    I get a little bit of Stang Getz & Joao Gilberto feel from this one

  8. Dunkelheit

    My favorite song.

  9. Sup er

    Why is it 3am coincidence ? Idk..

  10. chrissy252000

    I just need one more of this song

  11. Lerahj Mayfield

    That 2,5,1 is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. dulang

    I swear to god Thundercat can write fucking anything and make it funky or beautiful. Prime examples would be this and Captain Stupido

  13. Sam Urton

    I love this track so much that I had to make an extended edit:

  14. Brittany Fisher

    He reminds me of Ray Parker Jr. on this cut!!!

  15. Rex Mundi

    3 am is code for Devil's Music.

  16. Deboleau Bass

    Me fez lembrar de "i talk to the wind"

  17. Space Toast

    When you feel something grab your leg in the bath tub 😱

  18. Michael Fields

    So much fire......

  19. l.d.1.8

    It's really 3:46 AM right now and I remembered this song you know I had to comment for the clout

    Jeremiah Torres

    Lol, for the clout

    Jeremiah Torres

    I'm typing this at 3:00 AM as well

    Daniel Salamin


  20. Jackie Williams

    Tune!!could just just lay in bed at night and just daydream to this


    Jackie Williams that’s a pretty contrary statement you did there.

  21. G Music

    I fucking love this song 🎶🎧


    3AM is BAD 💔 Spirits are around

  23. Fertav

    esse album precisa ser ouvido por todos

    Deboleau Bass

    Vdd brother

  24. Ricarus Dogbe

    Such an amazing tune. kinds reminds me of a radio jingle that plays at.. u guessed it. 3am

  25. shadowhawk 681

    who else is listening at 3AM

  26. Brandon Burrows

    I can hear a sax solo lengthening this one.

  27. Dancing in the 80s

    I listen to this song often, especially around 3am

  28. King Jingaling

    I play this everytime i'm up late working

  29. Harry Kane

    Too good to be this short

  30. breal9028

    One of them songs u just wish was longer.

    Vernell Thomas

    breal9028 Absolutely! I see you like Meshell Ndgeocello too....I'm sure she has this album or someone played it for her

  31. JosephMage

    This song is life! :-)

  32. bigben1986


  33. Jim Grimes

    this ones for the young grinders out there stressing

    Pete Dorsett-Vasquez

    Jim Grimes for sure fam

  34. radical skullz


    3 o'clock, just can't close my eyes Somethings wrong with me.
    No, I can't deal, I can't go to sleep There's something in my heart. The streets keep calling me

    3 o'clock, just can't close my eyes Somethings wrong with me.
    No, I can't deal, I can't go to sleep
    There's something in my heart. The streets keep calling me

  35. cocomad

    This is such a beautiful song, I get all sad because it's so damn short.

  36. Da Music Pillz

    This instrumental feels so comforting <3

  37. Omar Ramirez

    0:15 Elliott Smith, is that you?

  38. Paul Haacker

    black cat stevens & michael jackson


    Fish lips


    Oh dear some serious fish lips for you

  41. Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    This is my favorite song on here. Too bad it's short.

  42. Ian Boelts

    I bought Future's album and Thundercat's album this last week. No reason you can't support and like multiple artists from different genres. Different music for different moods/times. This song is amazing btw!!

    The Dude

    who is telling you it is one or the other?


    @The Dude probably the elitists talking about how they were born in the wrong generation and how some music is true music and not that "modern hiphop shit" because their mind is closed tighter than a puckered asshole

  43. ihatemeisuck

    sometimes i hate thundercat so much for making beautiful tracks like this so short


    Same :(

    Kantamanto Pierre

    OH MY FUCKING GOD.........SO FRUSTRATING.........😡😡😡😡

    sirilus farrel

    “Walkin’” for example

  44. Juan Cordova

    Thank You Thundercat 💔 I got a new song to listen too when im up at 3 am today

  45. James

    Fuck, this resonate with me

  46. Juakisha Turner

    This was me this morning.....

  47. Chris Anderson

    This song needed to be about 4 minutes longer... especially after that delicious instrumental bit at 0:28

    Pete Dorsett-Vasquez

    Vernell Thomas that was beautiful. thank you so much for sharing.

    Vernell Thomas

    Pete Dorset-Vasquez Glad you enjoyed much good music out there!

    Harry Kane

    Ya im honestly baffled, im trying to figure out what would make a musician want to squander the possibility of turning this into something more than an incredibly tasty jingle.




    the beauty in him making these short songs is getting to see him live and everyone in the band solo's over the tune. makes it at least 5min and its perfect.

  48. yo bro

    Aaahhhhh nourishment

  49. Michael Baker

    I did even know future had released an album today. I havnt listen to one of his tracks and I don't plan to.

  50. Michael Davidson

    perfect morning music

  51. Joshua Raz

    I just woke up and i am already happy