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Thunder Stormwater Comments
  1. mmusicman11

    great band ...keep up the post ...include all tombstone stuff...its what r'n r is suppose to be about.....great stuff.....wish they had come to the US at some point...or at least boston area

  2. CyberZec

    Yeah, shame really, such a good band. They're splitting up this summer so I'm not gonna bother putting the rest up. The die hards like myself can just go buy all the albums :)

  3. stefanusprins

    CyberZec; cool that you're putting the Thunder songs on youtube!! they are really awesome but pretty much no one cares for them.. this song is really cool though!

  4. Dominic Whiffen

    Yeah man, get more of this on Youtube!put em both up.

  5. CyberZec

    Too true. You want some more Thunder up? I still can't get my hands on any videos, but I can put either Robert Johnsons Tombstone or Backstreet Symphony albums up with album art.

  6. Dominic Whiffen

    It disgusts me that fucking shit like Britney Spears and Basshunter have more views/comments/ratings than this awesome stuff!