Thunder - Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor Lyrics

Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor No Lyrics. Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Thunder Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor Comments
  1. Lone Wolf

    Been on here since 2006 and only four people don't appreciate the best band on the planet. Can't be bad.

  2. Denise Hedden

    I love this song

  3. Christopher Ian Lister

    Dear Undergottensnotten, at least Tony Blair was electable (hence earlier peace in Ulster, the minimum wage as a given, gay people treated better) none of that would have happened without him...

  4. Ian Bowman

    Last post 7 years ago......somebody get me a new Thunder album....

  5. beerzontap

    The U.S. media are the worlds greatest spin doctors.

  6. Adam Thistlethwaite

    "We're you killed by video? Cos I can't get you on the phone" - In a band myself and that track speaks volumes about the industry for classic rock these days!

  7. oldmanofrock

    hi.... the track "on the radio" can someone tell me what the line is's been a tough week but what can i say ??????????????? thanks

  8. comradet0m

    EVERYONE!! They're playing a one off reunion show at High Voltage festival in London :D

  9. Nyquest

    Live DVD from Hammersmith is now availabe from the bands web shop.
    Preview on my You Tube page

  10. Undergottensnotten

    This should be the Labour party's anthem...

  11. pabaz

    Don't blink - I'm in this one!

    P ;o)