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Thunder On The Radio Comments
  1. promisedeyes

    Look up 'Rhino Bucket' the American hard rock group if you really like this song and group (yes, it's a silly name, but the band has the same vibe for sure!)

  2. Keith Hensley

    Damn!!! Thunder Kicking A*s & Taking Names

  3. Kevin Green

    wait a second there back and making music again?!!

    Tommy Lambert - The Suffolk MadMan

    They've never stopped.

  4. pottsy21958

    A consistantly great band. Saw them live twice, wish I'd gone more now.
    Has anyone out there got a song called 'The Outsider', I love that song & I cannot buy it anywhere. It was a limited edition with one of the 'Devil made Me Do It' singles.
    Long live Thunder!!!!!!

  5. LAsixx9

    One of the best rock n roll bands ever

  6. Clare Marie

    PFFT. Def Lep ROCKED that night, BUT Thunder were NO doubt better... Unfortunately, I missed their act... as the tickets were wrong... :( I got to hear the last two minutes of "I love you more than rock and roll." ... all turned out well in the end though ;)

    and, we can't see them again, they've over, we should mourn their loss... :'( i did... still am.


  7. Ben

    joes internet persona makes me giggle

  8. CyberZec

    dont worry, i didn't mean to come across as aggressive. By the way, if you get a chance to go to a thunder gig, try having a word with the sound engineer. I went up to him afterwards and said how great the gig was, and he gave me an Aftershow party pass. Shame I was too young to drink... Still met all the guys though. Great bunch of lads!

  9. CyberZec

    You mean "It's a long way to the top (If you wanna rock 'n roll)" by AC/DC?
    Personnally I don't think so. But then who would I be if I couldn't distinguish my 2 favourite bands?

  10. Dominic Whiffen

    Tell every1 u no to by this album