Thunder - Laughing On Judgement Day Lyrics

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Thunder Laughing On Judgement Day Comments
  1. Archangel 1989

    My taste in music brought me here.

  2. Annette Hubble

    wow how cute is that...

  3. David Holcinger

    Every song is welcome to my ears

  4. levent tosun

    my favorite gruop

  5. Michael Trucking Gray

    Good stuff

  6. eflint1

    This has a southern rock flare to it.


    a tiny bit

  7. brian baker

    Too Damn ; Bad Social w/sites we're not around back then they would have destroyed most Bands complication Totals ~~~> Buckin' Great Vocal range and back-groundin' Crew !!!!!

  8. Mark Gibson

    one of the best British rock bands of all time


    +Mark Gibson The best OK Free was tjhe best

  9. ldolphin34

    This album was so together, and this song maybe the centerpiece of their career. Love this forever.

  10. ceryth edwards

    thunder well need i  say anymore?

  11. annarks

    we're not worthyyy!!!

  12. kkk drums

    their best record so fucking underrated worldwidwe