Thunder - Don't Wanna Talk About Love Lyrics

Don't Wanna Talk About Love No Lyrics. Don't Wanna Talk About Love If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Thunder Don't Wanna Talk About Love Comments
  1. LegendaryAce

    Dope track

  2. Viktor Johansson

    This song describes exactly what I feel right now!

  3. Jennaveene the Queen

    thinder is the lyrics on their songs..I am fairly new fan..Idk how I missed this band being a music crackhead..I am a fan now

  4. Alex Mystery

    great song

  5. JoshMetal316

    awsome band!

  6. Josh Naylor

    seen them live what a fantastic group they are truely auwsome

  7. joet93

    opinions aren't silly, everyone has them, as do you, so using your logic I can now call you silly! And he blatantly does shout it. As for need of the comment, probably not, it's just annoying when people say "best something ever!" about a song, because it's never true, and they never truly mean it, it's impossible to say as there are so many songs out there, songs you havn't listend to, so if you havn't listened to every song, you can't comment. And yes I use this idea even for my fav bands.

  8. joet93

    ps, I'm not being a nob head or anything, this is one of my fav thunder songs :)

  9. joet93

    lol, yea its good, and I like thunder and everything, but isn't that abit too far? I mean all he does is shout the chorus lol.