Thunder - Dirty Dream Lyrics

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Thunder Dirty Dream Comments
  1. Darrell Holloway

    These Guys Are awesome

  2. Cristian Cerna

    Simply great song

  3. Sam Thomas

    @GHKIRBY93 i dont know of any decent tabs, but im pretty sure the chord progression at the begining is F#m A E :)

  4. G KIRBY

    anybody know where i can find a guitar tab for this? if possible a link?


  5. lordflanderwell

    they will be back!i have seen a few "farewell" tours...they need to rock and reform!
    you will get your chance!

  6. Clare Marie

    Can't believe they've gone D: I didn't get to see them, my dad did though, and got me their farewell shirt. I'm really devo'd about missing them. I've only ever seen them twice. And the first time I saw them doesn't count, because I caught the end of their last song D:

  7. James Guyton

    cool song

  8. Panda

    i have have tickets to there last tour love them classic

  9. Roy pearson-brown

    classic thunder!! cannot believe they are quitting this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ketrte animal jam video editor livestreams

    or ya could buy the album...