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Thunder Carol Ann Comments

    Nice one! ;-)

  2. Carolann Starr

    I really like this song and to hear my name in it makes it sweeter.😊 thumbs up

  3. jack thelad

    keep THUNDER alive please copy and paste google
    (sounds like... THUNDER!'s Play list) we need you support

  4. CapHowdy

    very funny song

  5. smoodiefog666

    We saw them 3 times before they split. They are my all time favourite band

  6. Fraz Soutar

    Me 2, newcastle, best British rock band in years

  7. Piet Van Esbroeck

    Best damn rock song I heard in quite a few years !!
    great vocals, amazing guitar work and superb lyrics! THUNDER RULES !!

  8. Writer432

    thunder rules every thunder song iv heard is amazing