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Thrice Blood On The Sand Comments
  1. Bill T

    Keep screamin

  2. this is ridiculous you already know

    I'm sick of it

  3. Andrew Nathan

    I get "bullet with butterfly wings" in this one

  4. GhastBA

    This kinda sound like seether. I meet thrise becase seether do black honey cover. And here i am casual seether fan gere xD.

  5. kaleb m

    Here in 2019

  6. Jay Snow Music

    Amazing song! Amazing lyrics !!!

  7. Brad Wood


    kaleb m

    Nah 2019

  8. tan gible

    Thank you for the support through the years, Thrice. I have listened since I was 10 years old.

    ... I have suffered the true wrath of this system's malice. Never broke any laws. Never stole. Never threatened. Never owned a weapon.

    In October 2016 I was attacked in a small town by corrupt police officers. They aggressed tazers and threw me to the ground for complying. All 3 gang members got on top of me and crushed my spine until I suffocated. I am now 24 years old and I can no longer walk. Permanently disabled for life.

    The swearing at the end of this song is powerful. Thanks for sharing the pain.

    -John Ross

  9. K.C. Supercars

    Good song

  10. Jack Klachian

    Et tu, Thrice? Why'd you have to get all politically correct on us? I loved you guys because you boldly sang about the "Image of the Invisible" and "Wood and Wire." Now, you're singing about guns and Muslims. You were the last band I'd expect to conform to mainstream 'groupthink.'

  11. James Cody

    This album is AMAZING, Hurricane...Black Honey...AND this song! What great songs, somthing about the powerful way he sings in this one gets me and I love the lyrics, my personal favorite!

  12. Thomas Di Marco

    Can we brake 1 million views?


    Hell yea

  13. That Nick Longo

    Amazing song.i actually found out,along with a bunch of other songs on Forza horizon 3.the beginning guitar verse is my favorite part,it's hypnotic

  14. merkury YT

    Anyone else come here from forza? To realize that you just spent an hour of your life on this

  15. 2darkjoker

    I just put the max. Volume on my car and... 200km/h

  16. Arwen Solaris

    Thanks Forza Horizon 3!! If it weren’t for that game, then this wouldn’t be my new favorite song!

  17. Xx_MuRkz420_xX

    Anyone lissaning to this song because of forza horizon 3?

  18. Lander

    Forza Horizon 3?

  19. Thomas Dawson

    Can’t believe this band so small. They need to get more attention.

  20. MrSologratia

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  21. Chase G

    The intro reminds me of kill me quickly.

  22. Josephine

    Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd

  23. Elif İrem Kanak

    i decided to be a thrice fan.

    From A Great Height

    good choice. Check out all their albums.

  24. Abby l

    me: imma sleep early
    also me: listens to this on repeat at 2 in the morning

  25. uhhhhNick

    This song is so short but so much awesome is packed into it. Its so fucking good. Meaningful lyrics and its a perfect mix of their old and newer style.

  26. Hyperactive Brain

    Thrice sounds just like the "Studio" live in concert you don't hear or see that often...I'm definitely a fan of them now!

  27. none of your business

    I cant believe Ive put off lsitening to these fellas for over 10 years, great album! Seeing them open up for the Deftones next month to!

    From A Great Height

    Listen to all their albums.

  28. cg505able

    Yes! fucking yes!

  29. Zyberpunk

    I'd pay 50 cents for this song.

    E S

    real big spender

  30. Jaymz Haynes

    This one isnt so bad if you speed up the tempo to 1.25 or 1.5

  31. 2JAYZ-GTE

    it's always great discovering good songs/artists through games. thank you forza horizon 3!

  32. AryaNightshade

    the baseline in this song literally just made me come

  33. Leon

    ignored my mustached puffbird and my blobfish for a good 10 mins more than anyone else..
    that's how awesome this band is. i guess

  34. MixedScales

    Is I just me or do they sound different. Not in a bad way, but a raticicly different. I didn't even recognized them when my friend was playing Black Honey.

  35. Drake Davis

    im seeing you guys with Deftones and Rise Against. cant wait!

  36. Katie Mines

    Wow never heard of this band until today, but I'm stocked that I came across them.

  37. mary lie

    this is fucking great

  38. BloodHound

    thank you xfactorgaming

  39. Pam Werner

    Horizon 3

  40. alejandro arcila

    Sounds like nirvana?

    Jonathan Ramos

    alejandro arcila Then its a good thing.

  41. Murilo Santos

    Yes, I came here because Forza Horizon 3, if you deslike it, fuck you, I liked the band, doesn't matter where I've met it

  42. Λlex


  43. Lindsay Beach

    I'm so happy thrice got new shit!

  44. Nicolas De Giosa

    What genre is this? Hardcore?


    Post-Hardcore Rock



  45. extreme oof

    I came here because I was looking for a post hardcore band???

    The Jekyll

    Did you find what you were looking for?

  46. Conrado Reichert

    forza horizon 3

  47. MoparJon

    forza horzion 3 music brought me here

  48. Nabil Chedid Jr.

    I met this band thanks to the game Forza Horizon 3!!

  49. 憑くアンソニー

    Thrice is back, i have a will.

  50. Darth Potato

    lol, everyone is here because of Forza, and i'm here because i was lookin for "Thrice", because there's "Once" and "Twice". xD (Nice band btw)

  51. Skimm Beeble

    Who else is here because of Forza Horizon 3?

    Duster Gaming

    Pretty much

    Adonis The YouTuber

    Heard it and liked it

  52. HIGHVOLTAGE 3834

    Anyone here because of hearing this on Forza Horizon 3?

    Biggie Cheese Vevo

    HIGHVOLTAGE 3834 yup

    JB 3532

    Better than FH4 in my opinion

    Just Kidding ._.

    Travel&Home Blogs same!

  53. Stewart Matheson

    welcome back thrice I can't wait to see you guys again. greetings from Glasgow. everything I love in music is simply thrice

  54. Fernando Teixeira

    Forza Horizon 3 bring me here ! great song !


    It brought you here? Because I'm pretty sure Forza Horizon 3 can't get you anywhere.

    Stingray Raze

    Damn, what did Forza Horizon 3 do to you


    Stingray Raze raped him

    Stingray Raze

    @DooMsDay Probably with no lube

  55. sidsyz85

    guess what, this song is on the station Vagrant on horizon 3. so here comes the car culture!

    Aidan G.

    Thats why I came, from the demo. haha

    S. T. Philly

    heh, i hadn't heard Thrice in over 10 years and then this song popped up on the game

  56. Hikari Sakai

    Get ready for the Horizon Festival ;)
    Forza Horizon 3 - Vagrant Records Radio

  57. Riley C.

    I was watching the PTV: WHAT'S ON MY PLAYLIST? video before this. They all have thus album on their playlist,and so now HERE I AM. cause I've been looking for new music to listen to. AND WOW. THESE GUYS ARE REALLY REALLY GOOD.

  58. Tamara Alcantud

    Sam Carter put me here.

  59. Mrniceguy2209

    Thice played this at Leedsfest UK last night. They were amazing. If they could go ahead and never hiatus again that would be just great.


    this is rock and this is music! amazing i love the vocalist

  61. Zamiel Mourningstar

    I'm gonna end up leaving a comment on every song because this album has awoken something inside of me and everyone needs to hear this <3

  62. Asphalt Existenzler

    You were so fucking Awesome at the "and there come the wolves" Festival

  63. JayBoi Nike

    If thrice can't make a few bucks making music the American Dream is comatose, they might have started out to impress a girl but now the quality is beyond radio worthy, and I'm sick of it

  64. Ridley Currently

    I love this song and I'm so happy thrice is back

  65. Gods M3dic

    military Bros brought me here

  66. Heynicetie

    Come on, Dustin. Did you have to swear? You even made it difficult to hear. :(

  67. Timothy Donaghue

    This song is dope!

  68. karol perez

    I'm so happy I din't know they were back T.T AAAAAHHHGGGGG HAPPPPPP YYYYYYYYY

  69. Sir FranklinPeppers

    He says "im so sick of this shit" at the end btw

    Brandon Sessler

    He says so sick of this mess...

    Sir FranklinPeppers

    +brandizzleXcore no he doesn't. When we saw them live he said what I said it was and now I can hear it perfect in the album version. Trust me

  70. Tyler Nitzke

    This song is great, hell the whole album is great. i missed these guys.

  71. John Kay

    rip shooter victims. #imsosickofit

  72. Chris Fanning-Muirhead

    Today, this song is very relevant. RIP Orlando victims.

    C R

    It's absolutely brilliant. It's also very haunting and troubling too.

    Chris Fanning-Muirhead

    Agreed. Death from Above is also powerful.


    +Chris Fanning-Muirhead ty


    +Chris Fanning-Muirhead ty r


    I found Hurricane powerful, same with Salt and Shadow. They both have some similarities.

  73. Craig Bigelow

    Nothing exceptional.
    Where's the lead at?

  74. Luke Randall

    good song

  75. Mike Lord

    Their discography has really become an amazing adventure....if you own them, give them all a spin in succession.

  76. Jasper Pollet

    I feel that hearing it in the stream of the entire album this song is much stronger and makes more sense.

  77. Zaria

    such a great song!

  78. Matthew Kaski

    liberal propaganda. good beat and catchy, but I don't need liberal politics in my music. ill be skipping this album... next time try making a less "anti-America" album.

    twenty øne gøners øn a beach in michigan


    Troy Maynes

    You know some people can form criticisms of our government/foreign policy out of love for our country. You don't have to be a blind nationalist to love your country. Just like acknowledging slavery/the genocide of natives across america doesn't make me ashamed to be white. Our government has engaged in some pretty fucked up things over the past several centuries and to not be aware of those things is doing a huge disservice to your ability to judge world politics and current events.

    Matthew Kaski

    Maybe so Troy, but this didnt sound like what you are talking about. Based on the lyrics. Like Rise Against. I got their albums and the more I listened to them and their lyrics, the more I was like, I don't agree with their agenda. Sad because the beats are good. And I do own several Thrice albums. I suppose I prefer to not know the words to their songs.

  79. PanasonicYouth21

    Not that I ever thought it was bad or anything, but this song flows MUCH better within the context of the album.

  80. Tyler Cooper

    can't wait, Lawrence, kansas. the first show back on tour and I get to see them back!! thank you thrice for letting the kansas city area be the first to welcome you guys back to the road!!

  81. Patrick

    And, to absolutely no one's surprise, this turned out to be the worst song on the album. And it's still fantastic. The rest of the album is just that good.

  82. Leogem

    Fuck yes !

  83. Jared Sasala

    Welcome back gentlemen, it's good to have you with us for another chapter of our lives

    David Copperfield’s Love Child

    You my friend, have just written THE BEST comment on this tread. It fit my life story to a tee! 🙏🏽 Bravo!


    I didn't even know they were off hiatus! I will always buy Thrice; they've always been there for me, so I'm going to be there for them.

  84. Patrick Mullin

    Chorus sounds like it is somewhat influenced by Offspring's "Can't Get My Head Around You". Love Thrice.

  85. Shannon Price

    Well done, gentlemen.

  86. Jake Babineau

    That's the first time in nine years Dustin's screamed like that on song...thought those days were long gone...damn. I'm pumped!

    Packard Black

    I feel like the vocals in this song are way more badass than the music.

  87. Matt Lerch

    Cannot get over the delivery of these lyrics in this song. So. Fucking. Perfect.

    Tyler Cooper

    I know, right!? you can tell he's put a lot of time and effort into working on his voice. and that passion comes out perfectly in this song

  88. Clint Thomas

    "Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything
    Fear will rob you blind and make you numb to others' suffering
    And I've felt its touch too many times and I've had enough
    I've had enough!"
    That is song writing right there.

  89. Adia Shardae

    This isn't bad really. It's not what I'd ideally want, but they'll never record anything like the first 3 albums ever again. This isn't really growing on me, it's definitely the weakest sounding of the 3 tracks so far. It's just so mainstream sounding for Thrice... It feels like they lost a lot of their passion. I just don't know anymore. I love Thrice, and I want to love this, but I just can't. :'(

    Zachary Cooner

    I feel the same way. Major/Minor was a huge disappointment for me and I feel like what I've heard from this record will be more of the same. Way too safe for a Thrice record for my tastes.


    Man I couldn't agree more. I was apprehensive to post something negative about them fearing the backlash of ignorant people yelling @ me while having never listend to identity crisis, illusion of safety, and the artist in the ambulance. I havent paid much attention to this band since since they dropped that awful concept album. You are right, they will never record anything like those albums again... that sound is gone forever. Dustins vocals have increasingly changed and some argue for the better, but I disagree. I understand bands evolve and mature, their sounds change.. but this is such a far cry from what I grew up loving and appreciating. Like you said, you want to love this, but cant. I fucking agree 100% Im going to go listen to Deadbolt after this for old times sake, to remember the Thrice I loved.

  90. heartstrings unwind

    Fuck yes. This is amazing.

  91. Andrew Shirley

    So disappointed, Thrice have become so boring now.

    chris lacomb

    Yea this shit is butt rock city

  92. Sizz Lor

    I fucking love thrice

  93. Jacob Manley

    there seems to be a huge difference in sound quality between this and Black Honey. BH just sounds more polished and cleaner. the guitars are sort of hard to discern in this song

  94. Denis Fo

    Only me found them now as Nickelback and nothing close to what they have been started from? No scream, no pressure, no emotions.

  95. symbiot90

    damn... Thrice is a shell of what they used to be. this is generic dollar bin music. it was fun while iy lasted i guess

  96. Zack Yokel

    Why is he making his voice so gravely now?? I love everything else about this, but the vocals are almost ruining it for me. Loved the pure melodic vocals of Artist in the Ambulance, was hoping for a return to that.

  97. cBreeze

    Am I the only one getting a Foo Fighters vibe from the chorus?

    Robann Kerr

    Well, apparently this song was "heavily inspired by Nirvana". But yeah there's totally a Foo Fighters vibe to this song

    Cameron Hill

    Black Honey makes me think seether. Im more partial to seether to begin with. I just heard it on the radio a little while ago. Found a great new band for me to listen to.


    Cameron Hill Seether covered Black Honey! Haha check it out.


    Kensrue' chesty singing approach is very Grohl-alike, it just can't be overlooked

    Anabel Benicio

    Yeah I was thinking the same