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Thrice Anthology Comments
  1. Christopher

    Why is this so perfect <3

  2. dexterWES

    they picture woudl suit well for a band called 'the Jesse Pinkmans' :D (I love Thrice)

  3. jitzSkills mendez


    Jason Sale

    Keep your head up amigo! In the struggle we find what it is to be human!

  4. jeremy chan

    Teppei is one handsome guy

  5. Alex B.

    To make an amazing song comprised from lyrics of previous songs and to tittle it Anthology. An anthology of lyrics to this amazing song! Brilliant!

  6. Nandy vj

    this is the most addictive song in the history of my listening to music... a quickest way to happiness certainly

  7. M Piz

    this is the best song ever made in the history of music. period.

    Alan Pro

    chill your tits man! Well obviously not the best song in history, but a masterpiece for sure. also my personal favorite of the band, along with "Hurricane".

  8. scoobs0719

    So amazing. Thank you.

    Alan Kulb

    People joke about love being the secret ingredient in cooking. This song isn't particularly special on its own, but the execution is tremendously powerful. There's so much heart baked into the way they play this song it's impossible not to feel it.

  9. studmuffin201

    So good

  10. 7d7e7f7

    I don't know but this is probably their masterpiece, this is scary good.

  11. daisha

    Yes! Thank u

  12. Jessica Liberator

    Even if it was meant for his wife, the whole idea of love and marriage wouldn't be here without God's word and its coming prophesy of the Bride (body of Christ) and its Bridegroom (Jesus) coming together. So...they both are right. :)


    Jessica Liberator yeah because no where else in the world was a man and woman being married

  13. dantesinfernal

    Daisha, I love Jesus. This song is about his wife.

  14. MrSumbody69

    someone has to state the obvious hehe.

  15. Nicole Grice

    From an Agnostic to an Atheist. Thank you for that statement. People are a mess with religion.

  16. daisha

    it might be one of those songs you can take it the way you want to, he might have made it for that but for people like me i can take it as a song to God, I don't feel like arguing

  17. john smith

    this song is actually a giant lyrical mash up of a few different songs speaking to his wife about their love and marriage and family.

  18. MrSumbody69

    Almost all of thrices songs have religious undertones, doesn't mean that is the point of the song and no reason to shove it in peoples faces. Thrice does that without making a political mess out of the beautiful and wondrous songs they make. I am atheist and in no way shape or form do i consider thrice a christian or religious band at all. They just make really amazing music.

  19. daisha

    He's talking about God! About Gods love

  20. daisha

    That' s right! why r u saying u dont know why now...stand strong in your goodness people. I LOVE GOD and i am a christian and i will never back down cause Jesus didnt step off the cross when he was feeling pain! I love Jesus!

  21. Cerass

    my exs and I's song still brings me to tears

  22. Malayah McHenry

    ths waz so long ago i dont even remember.

  23. fannypaxntampaxrox

    you mean thrice?

  24. rising starz

    Everyone!go!go my friends!and tell the rest of the world about this song!hahahahaha ^-^

  25. shirobator

    easily one of the best songs i've ever heard

  26. MrSumbody69

    what does that have to do with anything specially this song.

  27. ChocolateFlux

    I don't know why but this song reminds me of the beginning of a sea adventure.

  28. Malayah McHenry

    I love this song and I'm a Christian but for those which don't believe my God will love you no matter what and hopefully u will let him in your heart and the love will be mutual.

  29. isaacaaron4jesus

    this is beautiful!

  30. audienceofdumb

    I have seen Thrice at least 6 times (so many i cant remember) ranging from Illusion of Safety to the farewell tour. They get better every time and I WILL be at the reunion tour or show. Thrice has helped make me who I am.

  31. turgonnaish

    I never will. Unless they do a reuinion tour in the future :(

  32. Olivier Mercier

    Let me tell you, seeing them once is not enough.

    -Source: I've seen them twice(this year and last year) and I just want to see them again and again and again

  33. trac6

    this song is bad ass...

  34. turgonnaish

    I will always regret not ditching work and going these guys in concert the one time they were in my town

  35. PsychOut

    I like the song, but it saddens me. A wonderful tribute to the beautiful years they have spent together. Thrice may be unofficially "done", but they are not gone. May the music live on!

    Max Blair

    Beyond the pines is what we all needed now, isn't it? :')

  36. Ollie Phillips

    get out.

  37. morrowrail

    I really stopped listening to Thrice after Artist and the Ambulance. To discover how much they grew is really astounding. This is fantastic.

    Mike Denison

    I was stunned that this comment was 5 years old. Then I realized this album is nearly 7 years old...

    Ethan Wall

    It's crazy, eh? Thrice is amazing, this is by far my favorite song of theirs. So good!


    I did the exact same thing. I still have The Artist and the Ambulance cd too lol been like 15 yrs i think. But i just started listening to them again and im happily surprised. I heard they went Christian and i recently got clean and am born again so this is some good stuff. Better than the drugs!!!

  38. Brittany D.

    I really can't get enough of this song :)

  39. Alvalanker

    Favorite song on the record.

  40. Cyan Ablaze

    I absolutely love the "Trust" reference to "you could snap my neck." Been a Thrice fan for a long time but only now discovering major minor and it's incredible, might be me new favorite.

  41. alriooreo

    rather than a country induced song about baby jesus?

  42. Butterbaugh64

    this song makes me think about life.

  43. Curt Howard

    It's like someone's heart is being poured out over a beautifully composed piece of heavy rock

  44. georgebaggy

    I can't believe that people would rather listen to electronically induced songs about interracial sex than this

  45. Naachosha

    Dude... I mean... Well, fuck.... THRICE!

  46. BradMcQuaid

    Sorry for the shitty formatting / spelling, only had 500 characters to work with so I had to cut down on formatting & some letters. That's the entire song list for confirmed referenced songs in Anthology.

  47. BradMcQuaid

    Atlntc, "Tin cans"
    Phnix Ig., "Til cornerstones remain"
    Kill Me Qkly, "Lay me in the ground"
    Whaler, "north wind begins to blow"
    Stand & Feel Your Worth "O my soul"
    Paper Tgrs "Lstn for the sound"
    Like Moth "I know you"
    In Years To Come "Expose the bones / wolves halfway"
    Silhouette "sifting my soul"
    Bltsville Cruc "3000mles to learn"
    Milly Mich "But I love you"
    Trust "snap my neck / save my life"
    Weight "lylty sworn / Cme what may / see this through"
    Hold Fast Hope
    Red Sky "storms coming"

    Mike Denison

    Dang, good eye, I didn't catch almost any of those references

  48. muuusene

    @fezzynips may i add "Trust", "in years to come", "Hold fast hope" and probably a few more! :)

  49. fezzynips

    This song is brilliant. Anthology means a collections of songs/poems. What Thrice did in this song is like talk about most of their songs in the past. " Oh and I know you" - Like Moths to Flame "Come what may, Our love is a loyalty sworn" - The weight. Our lives built on tin cans and string"- Atlantic. All these lines and more are in this song. And these aren't even all of them. I think there's a line for Silhouette in here too. Thrice is amazing!

  50. Josh Ramirez

    wow i need this album!

  51. Elizabeth Lagunas

    Where the hell is the 'love' button!?!?

  52. schecterguitarx

    Some of the best Thrice I've heard in years.... been listening to them since Identity Crisis.... such an amazing group of musicians, can't stop listening to this song.

  53. st0rch

    @berni4688 Vinyl Ripped it.

  54. berni4688

    where did you get this?