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Three Days Grace The Real You Comments
  1. Toxic

    Who tf is lil peep?

  2. cicciarelliam

    I will never give up on you I see the real you your not like this at all I see the real you that can fight for what you want in life even tho you gave up on me

  3. Jack Bendle


  4. dirxiety


    oh wait, wrong video

  5. CloudS

    I listened to there days grace when i was small. I was in like 5th grade and was feeling the songs so hard. Now that im 22 i kinda forgot about the band, Switchblades by Lil peep (rip babyboy💎🔥) brought me back, and im so glad..

  6. Maria Love’s MCR


  7. Alex Delao



    I'm criyng 😭😭😭

  9. Stefan ll


  10. Oliwia Romańska

    switchblades cocaine

  11. Mr PANDER FF


  12. yung plague

    it's so weird to not hear "money posse" in the beginning

  13. Alexisssxx


  14. Red Apple



    Lil peep be out here with the same beat

  16. Ajfg Uenfb

    yall in the comments, chill.
    this song is wonderful and that peep sampled it means his taste in music is good
    so please stop arguing about which ones better, they are both good in their own styles :')

  17. danail


  18. Vulctrah


  19. You are Wasting Your Time Reading this

    Switchblades, Cocaine

  20. Maddix Jaee

    when i die burry me with all my ice on

  21. Tom _1998

    Three Days Grace was, and still IS an AMAZING band! They help me through a lot of issues in my life and I wanna personally thank all of them, including Adam. Hopefully they read this.

  22. _GxbrieL_


  23. hyeola


  24. Tyler

    Damn this is just as good as witch blades. I know witch blades was sampled from this ... I'm just surprised this song is so good too

  25. myname iswayne

    what is a lil peep??

  26. Lil Nely

    Hey why there's no switchblades and cocaine words

  27. Liam Maddox

    Like I always say to my girlfriend I will never give up on u no matter what 💋😘

  28. Alejandro Rodas

    The amount of peep fans here disgusts me

  29. Desidrok

    Listen to it one time,

    Listen to it again but think of it as if it's God.

  30. Sebastian Hdrx

    Witchblades!!!!! ..... C

    Wojciech Chodkowski

    No shit

  31. 4kt slimee

    GBC Till My Soul Take🖤

  32. Joseph L Walker

    top favorite band

  33. Buster Kat

    i wish witchblades had kept that distorted guitar note at the end of the piano riff.

  34. •Ludens•


  35. MineralHunter065 X

    This Album is amazing even now! Along with life starts now and OneX

  36. avakin mari

    Switchblades :(

  37. The Mario and Sonic fan 1000

    2020? Three days grace listeners

  38. Joeisagenius



  39. nexon

    #GothBoiClique <3

  40. JordanE MatthewsM

    RIP peep💔

  41. The Abuty

    Que canción tan hermosa!!! 🎵🎤

  42. OSCAR OG

    Lil peep

  43. Axel The Tired

    Who cares where ya come from? Care that you're here!

  44. imsbwings

    Who tf is lil peepy?


    Switch blades, cocain

  45. wypierdalam

    Lil peep Best u song suck

  46. Daronavo

    Hmm why am i only now finding out about the Lil Peep thing? Not to be one of those people but this is crazy!!!
    i like both songs though.

  47. Mats dekkers

    When I die burry me with all my ice on

  48. Laxianne

    Maybe it's just me, but this song give me the same vibes as Cirice from Ghost

  49. Redstar2613

    I'd love to hear Icon For Hire do a cover of this song.

  50. MADRA

    They should ban all the "omg lil peep" type comments...

    Harry Cox

    There’s nothing wrong with them? He showed the track some love, it’s a good song by TDG and peep


    @Harry Cox but it is not his song, he didn't give them any credit... so.

    Devon Estes

    Harry Cox what you on about? He straight up copied the beat and used it in his own song without even mentioning TDG. Just because a lot of people like him doesn’t mean he can claim it as his own.

    chris hopper

    @MADRA well he made it his so sucks like it or don't I don't give a shit

  51. YoUr TrAsH sCrUb

    I miss you peep :(

  52. FUNki

    gierki bierki kąty mierzę od ekierki

  53. Captain Crab

    Three Days Grace died when Adam left. This is My Darkest Days 2.0

  54. •_Its a Tiger_•

    Плагиат Лил Пипа??

  55. LIL PEEP

    ну да ну да, пошёл я на хер

  56. Faithful

    Lil peep:D

  57. Chaos

    Litterly everytime i hear the opening I expect to hear "Big Head on the Beat"

    Mihai Vulture


  58. Lil Feast

    Withblades or The Real You, its fucking fire

  59. TheGCDanny

    Try increasing the speed to 1.25. Your welcome!

  60. Raighven

    switchblades..... coCaine

  61. Delete This :v

    Lmao I thought they were going to sing a switchblades cover xD

  62. Delete This :v

    Lol I was expecting them to sing a Switchblades cover.

  63. Lashwape

    If you put the speed to 75%, it sounds how it does in Lil Peeps song.


    Lashwape that’s cuz that’s the sound he used for witch blades


    no shit sherlock maybe because its sampled?


    @Zhonyashater no shit you don't have to be an ass about it

    You are Wasting Your Time Reading this

    @Zhonyashater youre prolly a yasuo main

    Orange Pootis

    @StarLordX1 we all know that

  64. Gus Ahr

    switchblades ? cocain ? gothboiclique make a hoe shake ?

  65. Dee Vamp

    goth boi clique in da castle ...

  66. BlAck_ WoLf


  67. Nicholas Kotlarczyk


  68. FyZZoH

    s w i t c h b l a d e s
    g o t h b o i c l i q u e

  69. Nadia

    fuck sake i was waiting for the beat to drop

  70. Guii Ahr -.-

    Lil Peep mandou abraços



  72. Kevin Bang

    This song has deserved muuuuuch more attention

  73. x-x Metal_HeaD PRITHVIRAJ

    0.75x for witchblade

  74. Hollow Ghostie

    Still waiting for someone to use this for a tribute to kylo ren and rey

  75. Zoltán

    Happy New Year to you, Réka! <3

  76. Jackson Boden

    Came here because of Lil Peep but this is kinda trash. The recording of the vox is pretty bad, I’ll always love the piano though.

  77. Terra Gross

    Three days grace is so much better than lil peep

  78. Daniel Malan

    Wow this song is so shit. Glad Peep made it better.

    Terra Gross

    Nah this is better

  79. YxngSus


  80. Cobalt Skyhammer


  81. Bҩч Ŋiɔtzz

    "In highschool i was a loner i was a reject i was a poser..."


    @DrMeMo 23 witch Craft love chants

    DrMeMo 23

    @MOISTY TOAST Whisper in my, put me in a trance

    Ajfg Uenfb

    @Jayden Nielsen not necessarily, i suppose. search the definition of "poser", it is literally the worst offense or type of person probably lmao

    Alex Delao

    @DrMeMo 23 cocaine all night long

    Tsc Fox

    Alex Delao when I die bury me with all my ice on

  82. Crayzol

    witchblades 💔

  83. kryjka57


  84. Awfully Short

    Sitting here with YouTube in the background wondering how it went from Three Days Grace Top Tracks to Lil Peep... was far from disappointed. RIP

  85. j mane

    ooo bighead on tha beat

  86. Sasuke DGZ


  87. FREAK


  88. Izarra Artetxe

    i love the song

  89. Isaiah Hicks

    Rip lil peep

  90. RLA Romeo

    I used to listen to this on my way to highschool... still feels the same while m leaving college

  91. It's Just Dylan

    Holy shit. I was listening to this a few years before I found lil peep but never realized till just now that it's the sample

  92. Kristina Lovitt

    Whos here cus of lil peep? Lol

  93. Jay The Djentleman


  94. AshlinMaree Hough

    Fucking ayyyy <3♥

  95. Wemerson Viana

    Very good !

  96. itsmichael666


  97. Charlie Cooke

    I like the real you and witchblades

  98. adeptus astartes

    Tantos putitos fan de lil peep hay aquí

  99. Britney Montgomery

    Anyone else thought it was gonna say " switchblades, cokecane"

  100. 0mikix13