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Three Days Grace The End Is Not The Answer Comments
  1. FiveNights Guy

    Ya know Matt...all your songs might not be the best
    But a lot of them are
    And I also give you my thanks and apologies for keeping the band alive and me not appreciating that sooner

  2. Mitaka_43

    Whatever people say about Matt you gotta admit this one of the best 3dg songs ever

  3. Anouk Serpentes

    Even through you guys probably wrote this song for some family member or friend or lover.

    It's good to hear that I'm not fighting alone.

    Thank you guys. for the song❤🙏

  4. rochaaragão I


  5. Brayden Dipietro

    This song I'd helping with my depression and I thank three days Grace for that. I miss you Adam

  6. Dillon Brown

    They never made a bad song actually infa red is bad so they only made one bad song

  7. BlindmanV2

    This came out during my darkest and lowest time, I needed it then; but happy to hear it now. I'm Alive and feeling good!


    BlindmanV2 great that you made it out of the darkness, stay strong & focused! 😃👍🏻

  8. xXEpic&DivineCJXx

    Three Days Grace are all about stopping suicide in our world as they know many people listen to their music.

  9. Jeffeana chan

    Everyone gets hurt sometimes!!
    Me: sometimes? Hmmmm


    Hey stop acting like an edgy 12 year old and grow up

  10. Obey Unspoken

    This song is miss leading. Suicide is the answer.

  11. sal ty

    how convenient. my friend showed me this album the day I was contemplating suicide.

  12. Mr. Beasty


  13. Natalya Bazanova


    The random Kid M8

    Natalya Bazanova What the heck

  14. William Kraus

    Remember its never too late and the end is not the answer because we're in this together

  15. Hoseok’s Hope

    Damn I really needed this song right now

  16. Miss K

    Love this

  17. DeadiamondChief

    I feel like Matt is talking to the suicidal people, im one of them

  18. theSALminator X

    When you are on a bridge about to jump and you here this playing in the background

  19. theSALminator X

    When you get depression for 5 years and find hope in some goddamn nasal spray but you cant afford it so you watch this instead

  20. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Life is 3 DAYS GRACE.!

  21. Guardsmen59

    Simple, but executed right

  22. Gabriel


  23. Susan #David khadgi

    Please be back...

  24. Drk Nyt

    What a mess of a song.

  25. Zorzo

    Love Matt

  26. ksskskkss

    Anyone 2019?

  27. Andrew

    Best suicide prevention song

  28. I don' think so

    Ty Matt for your work! I am glad that thanks to you this band exists after Adam left

  29. burning pheonix

    You say you know when it hurts but no one ever does

  30. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Definitivamente Matt hizo su mejor esfuerzo.

  31. Kyle 03

    "Don't you give up now we'll make it through somehow"

  32. Newtoo 6Cz

    1 thing 2 say 3 days grace 4 ever

    Thank you so much <3

  33. Marcixchu Marcixchu

    GREAT JOB MATT!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Les Case

    I will never give up ever were in this together the end is not the answer!

  35. Ace The Not So Great

    I send this to my friend who was depressed and they said "I hate Matt"
    I was like "Do you feel better?"
    They said "No"

    Serhat Murat Asbit


  36. J M

    Love it!

  37. Umis Life

    Someone kill me...

  38. BP4 Gaming

    all the people saying this song stopped them from killing themselves should have done it. people are too weak. toughen up

  39. Mikaela Helsing

    Never give up!

  40. Veronica Moody

    OMG this song reminds me when I slit my wrists in the bath tub and my mom found me im glad I'm still five minutes I would've been dead


    Never too late Matt version aka remake.

  42. Ross Stibbs

    Reminds me of Linkin Park

  43. Omar Yáñez Zavala

    El riff del principio y el final suenan muy buenos, rockero y creativos. This make me happy.

  44. Lucas Acevedo

    2018 y todavia sigue sonando 😎❤

  45. oscar cazarez

    Siento que la canción va muy rápido

  46. Emre Çınar noobdeadprohead Akçay

    naber Türkler !!

  47. SupernovaTaamsay

    A nice nod to Never Too Late.

  48. Jl James

    this song helps my girlfriend for not killing her self

  49. tc 1992

    You know, the first thing i see when i scroll down to the comment section of a three days grace song is people talking about their life or another life being saved from the song. these men are truly saints.

  50. Victoria Myers

    Adam and Matt both have their strengths and weaknesses. I like both. I appreciate that Matt stepped in and is doing such an amazing job. I appreciate that Adam is continuing his musical career. I am thankful that both musically talented gentlemen are there for me to have the pleasure of listening to. Please don't bash one or the other, they are only human after all.

  51. Cami

    This song. This song sends such an important message.
    Just know you're never alone. If you're struggling, please, PLEASE, reach out to someone. You can work through it. Don't lose hope. I know you're strong, just believe in yourself.
    Don't forget you were put here for a reason. You're not worthless. You belong here, and I guarantee you, someone WILL miss you if you leave this life.
    Just stay strong. For me. And for everyone that cares about you.
    The end is not the answer.
    Don't you give up ever.
    I believe in you.

  52. Marc Webster

    My favorite from this album

  53. mïsS &mïstër f3a4

    2018 still love it

    WornCardshark 3

    Same here

    Haunted Howlss

    Almost 2019 and still here :>

  54. BuSSy MaGNeD

    guzel sarki

    BuSSy MaGNeD

    oscar cazarez ananı sikerim

  55. Drex Ranna

    me and my moms relationship I thought. about hurting myself until...........

  56. Eli Williamson

    Well I that sum times you Cood be right


    10/10 saved my suicidal friend with this song 👍

  58. Eli Williamson

    What do you mean the end is not the answer im skroode in this life so how can the end not be the answer

  59. بائع القماش

    When I heard this for the first time It reminds me of Chester bennington.. Terribly sad that we lost him

  60. Deztaney Hoffman

    Every time I think about suicide this song really helps me no I'm not emo or anything I'm just very depressed constantly.

  61. Myszka33

    Po prostu. ..kocham to całym sercem 💖💖

  62. S. T. Houchin

    It’s a shame it took listening to this song to make me feel like the end is not the answer. So many people tried to make me feel better and it took listening to this song to make me realize this. Talk about being selfish

  63. gunstar1981

    This band sounds so much better with Matt singing.

    Craig B

    Matt is a top tier rock vocalist in my opinion.

  64. Shun Hyraiga

    This songs motivates me so this song so much...

  65. Corey Serie

    I like Matt. Adam was great and now Matt is keeping the band alive. Like so many people have said before. IF YOU LIKE ADAM THEN LISTEN TO SAINT ASONIA.

  66. putcu

    when your girlfriend want to leave

  67. ReZisT Soul

    This song really speaks to me...I can't give up ever on Dark Souls even though once I get to the end of the game I will be sitting there confused about the lore....its like this song is about me and my internal struggles

  68. Andrew Mattson

    This makes me feel for my best friend because he hated himself and eventually killed himself and. I couldn't stand to watch him suffer like this and he needed real help I hope your in a better place now


    Andrew Mattson wtf are you talking about?

  69. Massive Nut

    Wonder what the story behind this song was

  70. Travon Martin

    This song is extremely good. It sends a message and its catchy, its a 2 piece 😄

  71. PrinceTrexus

    I just got a semi-colon tattoo to join the cause to raise self-harm awareness and suicide prevention. This song is an awesome anthem for that cause, as well as "Never Too Late"

  72. Emanuel2 Cruz

    BRS q escutem, me add

  73. MNM mcg

    R.I.P. Chester Bennington. The end wasn't the answer.

    typhlosion 787

    Don't remind us, it hurts enough listening to One More Light with just the lyrics, we don't need to bawl even more from remembering the tragedy that took place on July 20, 2017

    Dakota J

    Wtf Serhat Murat Asbit


    Why are you doing this to me
    I was listening to Linkin Park song and then move on here and I saw your comment

    FiveNights Guy

    He will be missed

  74. Sam C

    It sends a good message to you. I love it.

  75. Pure Essence Games

    rest in peace chester bennington

    HolyCrap ItsMax

    wrong band....

    Tayo Jones

    He meant that the song makes him think of Chester who commuted suicide. In fact this song is encouraging someone why suicidal thoughts not to give up and kill themselves.

  76. Tutoriales Triple J

    Lo mejor DEL ROCK

  77. Alpha Blue Animations

    After listening to almost all of their songs, I feel like all of the songs are connected some how.

  78. Vitti Rayne

    I needed to hear this shit right here - thank you for this song. I'm going to blare this shit whenever I feel like giving up. Much love <3

  79. chara dreemurd


  80. audio trash

    I wish someone thought this would save me and would send it. cause I love this song and it stopped me from killing myself but it also killed me inside cause no one really cares. and I'm alone. but I love this song.


    flame ! i care about u i love u


    downlaod discord and add me Akame#1993

  81. Miraiu

    omfg love it ♥ !!!1!!1

  82. the hypocritical show

    this song is so underrated.. i wish it had more people knowing this song exists

  83. Nicolas Talabera


  84. Taliyah Braxton

    *meaningful comment*

  85. Dan Stoica

    I realised that before I listened this song. The life is cruel in school...

  86. Gordeau The Harvester Of Greed

    this song is for emotional dumbass suicidal fucks out there

  87. don nutz

    Why so underrated this is a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Nimz 777

    I love the The Human Race Album I love every single song in it Keep It Up Matt!!!!!

  89. don nutz

    That solo tho

  90. Heyitskelsey

    Almost 1 million views!!

  91. hypnotic tv

    i hate some ppl every time i read the comments they say adam is better plz just i love the whole band i dont hate on it i have been listing to this band for years and y cant u just love the whole band then love one person from the band u know matt works hard to keep his fans happy

  92. Andreea k


  93. Evil Zombie115

    I love the meaning behind the song, but holy shit this song is the worst of the album vocals wise

  94. Chomba Mwandila

    3dg continue making good music.

  95. Yrn Charles

    Love this song helps though my feelings of suicide best song on the album

  96. Dark Enforcer

    matt is good................. why do people hate on him?

    Infinity Percival

    Shitty ass Adam fanboys and fangirls. That's why.

  97. MusicqlNotes

    I wonder if my dad realizes why I like these types of songs...