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Three Days Grace Right Left Wrong Comments
  1. Jamie Pierce

    Love this song!

  2. Callum Hurrell

    Good music

  3. welcome please Elsa Yeah

    I feel like this .....Can't get away from this emotionally abusive relationship but I keep moving on

  4. Alex Kostiuk

    "I've been waiting for this moment for way too long"
    That line and the vocals just hit different

  5. Mario Hernandez

    Love this song I'd have this as my entrance music

  6. Tammie Redkey

    It's cool

  7. Alfredo

    Que temazo

  8. Itz_Deprexiety Wolfy

    This is me
    I really wanna run away
    And be gone
    Oofie ;-;

  9. Guerro Peuto

    I’m gonna be that guy who comments on a video he doesn’t like, But........ this band is not what they were and not in a good way. Lyrics in this song seem to have been written by a 12 year old

  10. Dzoni Setac

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  11. Kielzinho

    eu escuto essa musica todos os dias

  12. Fred Mitchell

    Some sometimes I want to disappear away from everyone

  13. Alfredo

    Que temazo

  14. Сергей Сергеевич

    Беги жирная ,беги

  15. amanda peters

    It is a good song

  16. Autumn Nelson

    left right left
    right left right

  17. Esvi Bel Air

    One of the most favourite songs❤️

  18. Cassiano Souza

    I love this music

  19. LucianAmpersandDerpy

    I am German and I only understand the verse in the beginning because it's written on the screen. wouldn't even have noticed it's supposed to be German otherwise.
    the first time I was ever disappointed in Three Days Grace.

  20. Erik dos Santos

    I don't undestand what he say but i just keep listening on

  21. Nicole Noone

    This song is fucking amazing. I listen to it over and over.

  22. Jd Secrest

    Awesome song

  23. Black Wolf Productions

    Depressing truth of life.

  24. Mystique Minx



    Kd os Br ? Poxa

  26. Prince Of Darkness

    Nobody cares about you
    Nobody loves you
    Nobody can help you

    I'm nobody

    Shay Cormaic

    This is some real R/I'm14andthisisdeep shit

  27. Lhama Bunitenha

    1 thing
    2 say
    3 this comment genre
    4 is outdated

  28. Beth Ternes

    MY LIFE😞😨😵👻😿❤👅

  29. angel love

    Me at my house to my dad

  30. DamercerTerker

    Finna sing this as a cadence...

  31. Pro Mickey Artist

    0:14 this body and hair


  32. Molethan


    Three Days Grace: 2:15 right left WROOONG!!!

  33. Nevaeh Gerena

    Is it me or is the girl in the video wearing Masky`s mask? Because every time I listen to this song it brings up Creepypasta in my mind.

  34. xxx_1907AK

    Three days grace is dead, yall go listen to saint asonia, it's basically 3 days grace but better

  35. Kevin Coffman

    Any where I'm going can't be worse than

  36. keralam oru branthalayam kOB

    Cant even compare with adam gontier

  37. Work Life

    If someone asks me to describe my mood ill direct them to this song

  38. Doctor Crowley

    Am I the only one that started head banging really hard at 2:29 ? My neck hurts.

  39. Sky Wolfie

    This really feels like it's a breakup song about an ex that you would be doubtful about leaving and when you finally leave, you end up feeling much better than being with them even though you are a bit lost, you have hope that you will end up meeting someone better

  40. Aaron Carpenter

    Great fuking song had to have gone thru it to get it. I love it

  41. Gwen Sciora

    i heard this on the radio when I drove up to see Saga!!!!!!!!! i was kinda running away... NY / WAXX TRAXX TO THE MAXX

  42. Candace Weatherlow

    Still kicks without lead

  43. Wayne Filkins

    Saint Asonia should have 10x the views of this garbage. Just because the name is different people don't know about it. Go check out Saint Asonia's 2nd album and you'll see that this is just an attempt at copying Adam's style (an awful attempt). New Saint Asonia album is fucking fire, trust me go check it out

  44. Wayne Filkins

    12 million views....but if the band had changed their name when Adam left and came out with this exact same song, it would be at about 12,000 at the most. Just profitting from the brand that Adam built

  45. Kathy Day Richard

    left right left

  46. Jayden Petty

    Still has to be the best bridge I've ever heard

  47. Sel

    TDG coming to Wisconsin, ohohohoho. I know what I'm going to. Most bands just skip us, specially during the cold months ((i dont blame them for this)).

  48. Lacourse Knight

    Not clean for 3days grace

  49. Kimmy B

    I love this song.

  50. 庆Legends Gaming

    Not bad

  51. Christian Rosales

    TBH, I didn't know this was a song. I just googled left right wrong because of how funny it is.

    Lman200512 Dman

    how's it funny

    Christian Rosales

    Just the fact that right I used for two different reasons but both can still used for directions.

    In other words, it just is.

  52. Blank Not

    "Edgy" red bloody letters on a black and white screen flashing the lyrics using transitions very similar to google presentation. A girl who doesn't know how to run flailing her arms around while flopping around a field going in various directions running from nothing. She's wearing a mask they for sure bought for a dollar at dollar tree. Purposefully blurry background the whole time. Super cringey generic cookie cutter lyrics. No rhythm, sounds like 3 shitty songs in one, and sounds just like all of their other trashy background music. Running away, not knowing where to go, one cuss word to add impact, and annoying throat screaming while the singer sings about things my 6th grade self wrote in poems on the bathroom stall doors. Literally the worst song and video I've ever seen or heard in my life. 0/10. At least I have a scale now from worst to best music to use now.

  53. Serhat Murat Asbit

    *_THREE DAYS GRACE 2019_*

    jason vorhees

    Hell yeah

  54. Death is Sad

    Here's what ill say Adams TDG was better because adam would put more emotion into his music Matt's music isn't bad but we can all agree that it was better with adam

  55. Em3gaming1

    I don’t know, why but this song reminds me of a toxic relationship!

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    It can be

  56. Jorge Rodriguez

    Cool song, stupid video!

  57. camoryn banks

    this and wrong side of heaven and zombie are my favorite songs

  58. Sk8erPunkThing

    I love this song

  59. Vandy w

    Who else went to there show today on September 25,2019 and thought that it was amazing 🤘

  60. Rin Aoi

    Yeah, totally like my life...

  61. Downhill Nut

    Good tune... Matt's filled those big shoes quite nicely

  62. Jan Vranjes

    i love how people call matt new singer hes 6 years in the band...

  63. Anthony Rook

    “I don’t know where I’m going but I just keep moving on”

  64. Alphatron x3

    kommt nur mir das so vor oder sagt die Frau am anfang von dem Song, (Ich weiß nicht was du meinst)...

  65. Bill Nye

    Person: Left or Right?
    Me: Uhh-
    Person: WRONG





  68. Jesus Dæmon

    Those lyrcs feels like fillers. Lazy writing. Thats one of the problems of being signed to a Label.

  69. sam dew

    fuck the adds cock suckers!!!!! suck my fucking asshole!!!

  70. Daddy Moist

    This song is such generic uninspired garbage. WTF happened to this band...

    Futuristic gamer

    The fuck do you mean. Nothing happen to this band. So wtf happen to your spirit for this band

  71. Futuristic gamer

    This was a awesome song. It would be cool if chester Bennington in this song because chester said the same thing from this song.
    Rip Chester Bennington. But seriously I think it would be cool to these two bands together for on song because it would of fit really well.

  72. Skips

    bouncing boobs

  73. Wren Byrd

    Sounds like my life's theme song.

  74. Jessica Price

    I steered way away from rock music because no one has come out with anything worth listening to and I stopped keeping up with 3DG, my favorite band ever..i had no clue they even came out with this album. This song is awesome. It has kind of a Linkin Park vibe to it.

  75. Lone Heckler

    I need to get away before it pulls me in
    I'm never ever getting close to anyone again

  76. Leandro Lima

    Masterpiece album 🔴🔴🔥

  77. i-Land Music

    Nice! Sounds so powefull. 🙌 Need to start making nice lyric videos like yours. Keep it up! 🤘😍

  78. Chris Shumake

    I wish I could play the song so loud that the whole world could hear it.

  79. Brian Miller

    Love this track

  80. Mystique Minx

    Feeling evey word

  81. Wobbly Yapper

    2:29-3:14 I like this part

  82. Austin Williamson

    I feel like an idiot hearing this for the first time the other day

    Lman200512 Dman

    your not alone I just heard it for the first time today

  83. Dan Dan

    This is my gf amd mine love song

  84. Brandon Reynolds

    I think I wanna kill my self but I don’t know how. Plus while my parents are alive I would feel terrible doing anything like that. I know tho for as long as I’ve lived I feel like there’s no hope. Idk what to do. Can’t even get a girl to look my way so anyone who feels like me... like this, give me a shout cuz ur not the only one. I need to find another reason to keep on living.

    Jeanette Collins/Billington

    Im right their with ya
    How are ypu today?

  85. wilr1000

    Awesome Song . .

  86. Taime Uppe

    yeah almost heavy

  87. san Algifarie

    I like this

  88. Rachel Gillis

    One can only be fooled for far too long until god slams the door on you.

  89. ArcângelDårk 872

    Jane the killer

  90. Rachel Gillis

    How do I explain something when a person is abducted?
    It is sooo
    There are no words.

  91. Anonymer Nutzer


  92. nyrngrs15

    That is my life right now. Anyone else??

  93. Manuel Cortez Peralta

    Team adam gontier! 🤘

  94. Andrew Huston

    These guys seem to be growing on me.

  95. theres A RaINboW SomewheR3

    I know this isn't related to three days grace what so ever, but did the mask the girl was wearing reminded you of Jane the killer or Masky from Marble Hornets..? 😁😆