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Three Days Grace One Too Many Comments
  1. secret heartless

    What a loser recrded this sound?? Its not clean

  2. Anonymous Girl

    I thought;

  3. rochaaragão I


  4. shadow 77

    Coming for that cheese cake

  5. mr hammy

    I need some pepper on my fries ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH

  6. Tomas Di marco

    When the one that kills you is the one that you love...

  7. Knight of Aurum

    Just discoverd this come I missed a great TDG song! Better late than never: Keep it up Lads! XD


    When you’re sitting home alone shooting up speedballs. Bag of cheetos in school, wtf? Do you people not know what this songs about?

  9. Morgana Jandrey Baptista

    Som bem pesado

  10. Panta's Gaiming-ESO

    I fell like this about chips

  11. El Pablo Escobar

    It's my soda addiction

  12. sub4me 4 a cookie

    this what happens when someone brings his phone to school

  13. Melissa Ritz

    is this song about drug addiction?

  14. Omar Yañez Zavala

    Waohh Matt aqui suena diferente aun asi me gusta esta rola👍

  15. Syele


  16. Omar Ragheb

    This song describes the greed that lies in us

  17. Kat Ruiz

    When you open the gum packet in school..

  18. Serhat Murat Asbit


  19. Mari Esparza

    0:08 That's what she said

  20. BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus

    I LOVE the new music for 3DG

  21. Breyana Anderson


  22. Rebecca Rushman

    "When the one that kills you is the one that you love" is a very poetic lyric. I love it.

  23. SebastionsDeepSlumber Asmr

    Mahal na Mahal kita

  24. Laela H

    This song has one sole theme. C O N S U M E R I S M

  25. blackseastorm 61

    Still better than I am an outsider

  26. Ethorbit

    This is so good

  27. Sailor Candy

    Me with Candy

  28. yaboiinoobie boxer

    Me when it comes to woman

  29. Олег Нечипорук

    2018 who?

  30. Serhat Murat Asbit

    No me lo van a creer, pero antes antes pensé que éste era Adám y que Matt era hermano de Gontier. enserio pensaba eso claro ahora ya no.

  31. Adam Krupczyk

    More beer please :)

  32. Starwars Fanboy

    This riff is classic TDG , lyrics could be better but instrumentally this song is amazing

  33. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Desde el primer momento que descubrí esta canción pensé que el que cantaba era Adam.Like si tu también te pas9 algo así.

  34. A.N. A.

    Huge Fan !!!

  35. Starwars Fanboy

    Matt Walst ? More like Matt Bosst

  36. SamWithTwo7s


  37. Max fire dragon x Gelleta

    It's not Adam but tdg is still good

  38. Max fire dragon x Gelleta

    This is one of my favorites on the human album

  39. Veronica Moody

    I don't see the problem with this album it's a great album I never listened to it till now and it's great just like any other three days grace albums

  40. Amaru Chan

    1:08 when i wanna take something from my little sister

  41. Patrick wolfe

    when your playing cod black ops 3 zombies

  42. Triad

    To be honest, this song just sounds like filler to me.

  43. V: Pasa Pack Xdd

    No se por que pero esta canción es malditamente buena se nota que three days grace trabaja muy duro pero me sigue gustando mas last know y break

  44. Omar Yáñez Zavala

    Por qué nadie aquí comenta en español? Saludos desde México.

  45. TheGameBoss980


  46. Guardsmen59

    My favorite on the album, there's definitely more to it then at first glance.

  47. Sanjeet Gaonkar

    You know this song gets more amazing when you realise Neil Sanderson gives back vocals in the pre chorus and the chorus...

  48. Mariem Mattoussi

    am the only one who just listens to songs ? i don't care about the little details of the bands and i don't care to have an argument on some comment thread about the band, sometimes i don't even remember the songs title, all i do is somehow find the song based on few lyrics i remember, and just enjoy.

  49. Carrots

    the only thing i can think of now when i listen to this song is food....

  50. shirin akter

    Money money money money!!!


    This about that one hot girl in high school everyone likes

  52. The World of autism

    This is the song for trends

  53. Bird Man

    The crap is all this about when you eat Cheetos around your friends goodness sake ahh but what the heck

  54. William Maltais

    One too many dislike

  55. Austin Pearson

    "One too many is never enough" My motto for all of three days grace's songs

  56. CPUPalma

    I have a tie between this landmine and car crash for my favorite on the album

    Infinity Percival

    Between those 3 songs, I'd say:
    Landmine > Car Crash > One Too Many

  57. TheTofyiChannel

    The songs do get repetitive...but the music and the lyrics are good enough that I don't care.

  58. some random channels

    The one that kills you is the one you love

  59. Ray Kon

    If you miss Adam check out his new band saint asonia

  60. Lukáš Marmoľ

    2017 ?? :)

  61. Reikai Prime

    I swear this song is about me and Monsters. I'm probably going through an overdose right now because I had four monsters, I'm nauseous, having muscles spasms and I'm dizzy as hell.....but watch I go to sleep and do the same thing tomorrow!

  62. heartagram 570


  63. Hashyanysh Laboy

    Hola me gustaría puedes saber poder ir al médico

  64. Katty

    Why is everyone so obsessed with cheetos -.-

  65. Kiptops

    When you have extra pens in high school

  66. Renee Arnett

    No this all to well

  67. Renee Arnett

    I get it

  68. Mega Rockstar

    That riff tho!😍😍

  69. mary antony

    Aqui não tem nenhum br?

  70. Triggered Trash Kids

    when you have gum at school XD

  71. Eliott Besse

    3DG is my fucking God.

  72. Дмитрий Осипенко

    А я тут до сих пор!

  73. Brutalititty

    When you see more comments about people bitching about people bitching about Adam leaving then comments about Adam

  74. Mort Wyeth

    listen to this on 1.5


    This is about Adam's drug addiction right?

  76. Judy Eggers

    Daniel Robertson- listen Matt is a great singer by far better than Adam his songs are beautiful you can feel he means what he sings

  77. broken wolfie

    I gotta get my hands on the money I NEED IT GOD DAMNIT

  78. I Always Nguyễn

    Panda ain't got shit on this song

  79. The ShitMan

    when adam left every1 like on purpose started to like more and dislike less wtf rlly? im disappointed in u guys

  80. Kapcha- -Gaming

    Drunk football players that cheer for the patriots: One too many super bowl rings is never enough Tom Brady!

  81. Lilia Manutsyan


  82. GracelessTiger

    at the beginning it almost sounded like car crash

  83. Blackhawk

    When you have too much coffee...

  84. Ulises López

    yes bitches the best album ever

  85. t D

    I could drink myself to death listening to this song and love the shot that kills me.

  86. Tubby_MoFo

    I raped a Canadian

  87. Ohio fish1

    I think of pizza when I listen to this song literally I guess I'm fat or something

  88. Ali Nazar

    This song is similar to riot

    Hashyanysh Laboy

    Ali Nazar Hola

  89. Mr. Mister

    Tacos anyone?

  90. 13doll13face


  91. marke moo

    mi workout song

  92. Heavyn Taliaferro-McClintock

    Me when I'm so desperate for more chips that I start licking the bottom of the bag

  93. Uğur Diker

    good song

  94. Lunar Wolf

    this reminds me of grenade

  95. threevisionsgodpark

    This song is about true, debilitating, and horrifying drug addiction, and everyone making cute comments about bullshit other than drugs and alcohol is just disrespecting everyone like myself that deals with the ups, downs, and terrifying pains of true drug addiction. I've done over 70 different unique psychoactive drugs in my lifetime, and I have been addicted to weed, painkillers, alcohol, and methamphetamines. If you've never been addicted to a drug before and had it rule your life and ruin all of your relationships, then you shouldn't even be here listening to this song. I've done so many painkillers, drank so much alcohol, smoked so goddamned much pot, and taken so much meth that I literally shouldn't be alive. What I have done would have killed any normal person, but my body refuses to die because it knows that death is all that I desire, and it wants to teach me a lesson in suffering. All of you fucking children out there who listen to this song and try to relate it to some utter bullshit in your lives are disgracing and disrespecting all true drug addicts and making light of the horrible and immensely painful situation that they find themselves in. So get the fuck out while I pop these pills, slam this bottle of whiskey, and pray that I don't wake up in the morning...

  96. patrick grondines

    LOVE THREE DAYS GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Chillin Gate

    When everyone finds out your the guy with the gum

  98. Chillin Gate

    Matt and adam both have very unique voices