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  1. Shadow The Edgelord


    Unicorn Pretty Pants

    I just found it today myself and I really didn't think they had one I didn't know. 😁 So it will be my "new" 3dg song till 2021 when they should release a new album on their 3yr cycle. 🤩

    Shadow The Edgelord

    @Unicorn Pretty Pants hell yeah! This is relatable 😁🤩

  2. wbs1O1

    Three Days Grace - Every Other Weekend - Lyrics

    [Verse 1]
    I'm done feelin' like this
    So down, so dark, so numb
    And I'm done feelin' like this
    Like I did something wrong
    I miss the way it used to be, when we were family

    Now I hate you
    I only ever see you on Wednesdays, and every other weekend
    What made you, think it was okay to run away?
    I'm goin' off the deep end
    I miss the way it used to be, when we were family
    Now I hate you
    I only ever see you on Wednesdays, and every other weekend

    [Verse 2]
    I can't understand, how we could come undone
    Is love really that bad that you have to turn and run?
    I miss the way it used to be, when we were family


    Maybe someday, you'll see it my way
    When we're apart it's just too hard to take
    You were here and now you're gone
    And I can't move on

    *Instrumental Break*

    I can't understand how we could come undone
    Is love really that bad that you had to turn and run?

    Now I hate you
    I only ever see you on Wednesdays
    And every other weekend
    What made you think it was ok to run away?
    I'm going off the deep end

    I miss the way it used to be
    When we were family
    Now I hate you
    I only ever see you on Wednesdays
    And every other weekend

  3. Guardsmen59

    Its been forever before I could find this?? Was this recently put up the others are all edited

  4. Berkant Ari

    The tune is so sick! Lyrics are not strong but still a nice song

  5. Andrew Mattson

    It’s kinda ironic I’m finding out about this on a Wednesday

  6. JG 0217

    yall can say what you want about the lyrics, but a lot of ppl can relate to this so the lyrics don't seem so cheesy to us... I actually kinda cried cause this song hit me so hard

  7. Yhtomit



    Bnork I thought this was unreleased but apparently it’s a bonus released somewhere ? And not worldwide ?


    @Yhtomit i have no clue, but i do remember it was all over the internet at one point but edited like to make the voices higher and shit


    Bnork ah that’s nightcore my freind, yeah that’s absolute whack


    @Yhtomit yeah i know some nightcore shit but it wasn't really sped up just kinda higher pitch to avoid copy right or something, but yeah this song is really werid its a good song but you just couldn't find it anywhere until recently

    Unicorn Pretty Pants

    Um, I just found it today! I didn't think there was a 3dg song I didn't know. I literally learned something new today! YAY!! 🤣🤣

  8. Just Be Still

    This is a weird song.

  9. QuAkE EmoTioN

    This songs Lyrics are horrible, I mean Wednesdays? The song is great hell, three days grace is amazing but this could've done better

  10. LA_Sky

    2.i am machine
    3.human race
    4.fallen angel too many what
    7. Nothing's fair in love and war
    8. The real you
    9. The end is not the answer

    Tell me why I feel like he's trying to sound heavy with his voice in the beginning lines so it drives me crazy "how'd I wind up here again" when he says "again" drives me crazy lol

    Landmine he tried to sound heavy and I'm just not crazy about

    Car crash the instruments sound cool but the lyrics are corny

    I love three days grace though!

  11. ballerbscott

    Since everyone else is doing this here's my ranking :
    1,) Car Crash
    2.) Fallen Angel
    3.) Human Race
    4.) Tell Me Why
    5.) Painkiller
    6.) One Too Many
    7.) Landmine
    8.) I am Machine
    9.) Nothing's Fair in Love and War
    10.) The Real You
    11.) Every Other Weekend
    12.) The End is not the Answer
    13.) So What

  12. M S K

    their song to Adam XD

  13. Kia Hughes

    i dont get the lyrics. Does he hate the person its about just cuz he doesnt see them very much?

  14. Chad M

    2.I Am Machine
    3.Fallen Angel
    4.Land Mine

    Everything else is a little hard to decide until I get more in depth with the tracks but Car Crash and Human Race are like the bottom 2

  15. Liuhuayue

    Wednesdays... such a random day of the week to pick for this song. The melody is nice, though.

  16. Final Beta

    Stupid song, lyrically.

    Evil Toad

    Not if you're going through some shit. My father abandoned my family recently. These lyrics hit home for me. I do believe the "I only ever see you on Wednesdays" line is kinda dumb, but it all makes sense.

    Final Beta

    @Evil Toad That's actually the part I think is the most stupid. The "I only ever see you on Wednesdays" line is corny as shit. But the song as a whole being lyrically stupid is purely my opinion, and it's perfectly fine that the song appeals to you.  I think it's good how you can relate to it. It's always nice to have a song that we can relate to.  Don't mind my opinion. I just think most of the lyrics are bad.  My opinion.

    Evil Toad

    I respect that

  17. Jynessa Starr

    Yes!!!! Thank you for not letting me give up on Three Days Grace!!! :)

  18. AmericanApostleDrummer


  19. ObiWannaBlowMe

    Worst song on the album.

  20. Evil Toad

    1. Landmine
    2. One Too Many
    3. Every Other Weekend
    4. I Am Machine
    5. The End Is Not The Answer
    6. So What
    7. Nothing's Fair In Love and War
    8. Fallen Angel
    9. Human Race
    10. Tell Me Why
    11. Painkiller
    12. The Real You
    13. Car Crash

    I truly just hate Car Crash. I find the lyrics to be unoriginal and boring, the instrumentals underwhelming, and the chorus just plain stupid. I like all the other songs. The Real You is kind of average, but all the rest are good. This is just _my_ opinion though

  21. Josh Pierce

    May takes from the album
    1. Tell me why
    2. Every other weekend
    3. So what
    4. Fallen angel
    5. I am machine
    6. Painkiller
    7. The real you
    8. Human race
    9. Car crash
    10. Nothing's fair in love and war

    The rest were kinda meh, but that only leaves three. This was a solid album, matt has done very well in my opinion.

    Josh Pierce

    Whoops. My*

  22. mindfreakinangel

    Where did this song come from?! it's not on the album! D:


    I know D:

    Chad M

    Bonus Track bruh

  23. Major Fick

    Who disliked this song???


    Its worse, its increased to 15. Its spreading

    Snow Cold

    @Bnork It's at 16 now! Oh No! Lmao!😂😂😂👌

  24. Aric Goss

    this is my favorite song of theirs.  even catchier than the other ones and relates to my life!  i rock out to this on the bus everyday now.  just looking forward to the concert guys!  rock music is going places! keep rockin!

  25. Uriel Zepeda

    I can relate to this song cause its saying i hate because u left me with no other way to go

  26. MultiCreateTV

    When will this be on iTunes?


    Just copy the url and go to YouTube mp3 and you can download it. :)

    Final Beta

    @CobraAirsoft6 Good idea. Supporting the band by actually buying it is so wrong. Pirate it.

    Final Beta

    @Savannah Mills Lol

  27. FJDhx F

    nice song :) one of the best, I think that its even better than painkiller or human race

  28. shamus248

    once again, Three Days Grace describes my life in a nutshell

    Pritty Ugly

    @Shamus Gerrity me too man


    @Pritty Ugly yup

    Time Kink

    @Shamus Gerrity fuck same 4 me


    yeah man


    me too my bro and its vey sad :(

  29. BruceGifford JustMyOpinion

    Just finished listening to this whole album. My favorites:

    1. Car Crash
    2. Tell Me Why
    3. I Am Machine
    4. The Real You
    5. Every Other Weekend
    6. The End is Not the Answer
    7. Human Race
    8. Fallen Angel

    The only one I can do without is Landmine.

    BruceGifford JustMyOpinion

    I think One-X was a favorite of mine for a while, but as I listened to Life Starts Now and Transit of Venus more, One-X's songs became harder to tell apart. I'd literally get one song's verses stuck in my head and then suddenly started singing the chorus of a different song from that CD. However "Never Too Late" and "Gone Forever" have a chance of making my top 10 Three Days Grace songs when I eventually make a top 40 video. I also really like "Time of Dying", "Over and Over", "Let it Die", and "On My Own". The rest are pretty average songs, for me.

    Fandom MustDie

    @BruceGifford JustMyOpinion i love all songs really

    BruceGifford JustMyOpinion

    I have the CD. I have listened to Landmine again. It's still the worst on the CD. That's not to say it's bad. It's just not great and often times I just skip it.

    Chad M

    I can do without Car Crash... Matt has to work on lyrics

    BruceGifford JustMyOpinion

    Fair enough. I personally like Car Crash, but I can see how people might not like it lyrically. It does repeat a lot. It one of those repetitive songs that I personally feel is still great and doesn't need a lot of different words, especially if song strongly with lots of emotion. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  30. Daniel Salvatierra

    Is this just me, or does this song seem directed towards Adam???


    @Daniel Salvatierra I would in fact say shit like that in real life. If you dont want me to respond, dont reply to my comments

    Daniel Salvatierra

    It's my comment you're replying to so... Goodbye now. I'm just a fan of three days grace throwing out a theory

    Unicorn Pretty Pants

    @Silent Every band that's ever sang songs about relationships.... literally 3dg bunches of times! 🤣🤣

    Snow Cold

    @Unicorn Pretty Pants LMAO😂😂😂 I love this!!!😂😂😂

    Snow Cold

    I totally agree! I was laughing really hard when I heard this song, because that was the first thing I thought! In the first verse!😂😂😂😂😂👌

  31. david39ification

    Love this!

  32. Angeł Myłæ

    Human Race - Atmosphere version , Do you have it?

  33. BLVCK0UT

    Think you can put up the other bonus tracks?


    @XSPhen0m excuse me, wich other bonus tracks? i thought this was the only one

    Owen Hott

    @Yu Narukami I believe he is referring to where it says in the "Human" description that if you order off the 3DG website, you get a deluxe disk that has 4 bonus tracks.

  34. GaminCricket

    yes PLEASE upload the atmosphere version of Human Race... I hope it's better than the original

  35. tom ato

    atmospheric human race please!

  36. Qais AlJurf

    Do you have the atmosphere version of Human race?!..

  37. Christopher Saldarriaga Angeles

    Genial! ... tendrás por ahi los otros temas del Deluxe? :v

  38. Vinicius Walst

    Thank You very, very, very, very much!