Three 6 Mafia - Liquor And Dat Bud Lyrics

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Three 6 Mafia Liquor And Dat Bud Comments
  1. golgus 84

    When I blaze a j in public, I make a lot of friends

  2. Drea aaa

    Forever my shit 🌿💨🍷😏

  3. KansasMex 785

    Dam deez tracks never get old

  4. Eddie Garcia

    Fuckin with that Hennessy and that Mary Jane

  5. Jacob E.

    Out here vibing to the bizzeat

  6. Cecil Adkison

    Who still bumping this in 2019?

  7. Rafael Montelongo

    Oak Side Muzic

  8. Toran Lynch

    if my kid ever listens to this shit im gonna fuck him up

  9. Weed Man

    Still bumping in 2019🔥

  10. DragonBallin

    "Doggy couchies workin hoochies makin them bitches do they duties".. Lmao Lord Infamous hit that hoe with that verse. Its been a while since i listened to this song but that line was stuck in my head all day so i had to play it. 05/09/19

    cortez smith

    That part caught me too lmao

  11. MarshallPhart

    Infamous went off on this one...rewind like 5x

  12. Meduso Dready

    In 2019 listening to this . And we are hopefully headed towards legalizing weed in all of the United States . Let's goooo!

  13. Wilfred Watson Jr

    Datz wutz up fukn wit da liquor n da bud datz rite

  14. R. S24

    DJ Paul & Lord Infamous-Liquor And Dat Bud[Serial Killaz][1993]

    Just Adab

    Lord infamous...

  15. Hustle Mane

    East Memphis checking in 7414 Til Da World Blow✡️

  16. Raz Insua

    To the little bit of people that know about this y'all straight family lol young and banged up bumping this Damm we getting old 😂🤣🤣


    chi town 1999

  17. Rise Above

    Working hoochies!!

  18. CodeRed

    every time I blaze a junt in public I make a lot of friends G

  19. Carlos86

    I'm still fucking with that liquor and that bud!!!

  20. Carlos86

    Still bumpin in 2018


    Carlos Borges did they bumpd this in Cali?

  21. Blu Brownlee

    This album came out in '99 well......shit....this song sound like it came out '99 but dis really came out in '93


    It was remastered by DJ paul

  22. Maal Marvel

    A fucking classic banger Still in may 2018

  23. GheddoN8V

    Bumpin the shit outta this...never stopped...April/2018 OG shit

  24. Mike

    All my gangbanger friends in little village chicago grew up on this shit. All these underground triple six jams used to hit in little village 1999

  25. Eric 1016

    I'm in 2018. I'm barely finding out who triple 6 mafia is but I only know Juicy J but man I've been missing out. I Fuck with old ACTUAL rap music like this and underground too. Music now in days is shit!

  26. Shane

    2018 strong!

  27. GOOSE

    bumpin in 2018 and till i die!!

  28. They Hold No Quarter

    this song fucking blows lol always use to make fun of it now and then

  29. Germs Incognito


  30. joel rivero

    i wake up i gotta get fucked up

  31. Ian Langille

    It gets no better 🔥

  32. Jay Vill

    Dude this is the shit

  33. Ruben Herrera

    let's go crusing ese

    ayuwoki hee hee

    Puro perro gangsta de altaño!
    Puro loco!

  34. skyhighguy420247 dfuck

    I miss this shit!

  35. NoGoldenFleece

    fuckin' with that niqqa in dat buttttt

  36. Mariana Rosas

    sip to dis

    Carl Duncan

    Steady Zoned lol

  37. Michael Myers



    Hell yea LOL I remember my classmate playing this loud as shit in my 8th grade computer class those were the days niggas was like that shit was hard

  38. Antonio Sanchez

    im fukin wit da liquor and da bud,im c4 see for u blow up i aint no dud, came from out da mud,im on my own thuggish ruggish bud,listen 2 both in da club ,fuck da otha side but 4 da real we ride, homicide on da pig,dat aint care 2 see dat youth died by his arms, talkin bout baring arms,im a bear u in my arms,accept ima let it be known we meant 2 harm..all in my muthafukin ak charm...bananas extended rolls of movie clips,lights fuck a camera,action when we see u ops..killumanti n crooked cops (freestyles off tops)

    Shine Bright

    Downin the hornitos
    We got the extended clips on the pistols
    Lookin for these foos
    who shot mi amigo

  39. SirWilliamAndre

    they made this in 93 then 8ball mjg sampled it in 96


    Which song??

  40. Reggie Noble

    I always skipped over this one, never listened to it full through. Cant believe I missed this

    Escobar Hernandez

    this that real g shit bro I know you know was up.🔥💯🔫💩


    +escobar hernandez yeah nigga XD

    cortez smith

    I'm bout to try to remake this

    Jasman Johnson

    Reggie Noble yeah cuz u sift punk

    Wulf Prodigy

    Same i almost did the same before i realized they had verses

  41. Mrs.Carter

    Still bangin in 2015 👌

    Tito Kensito

    2019 here

  42. AllOver Florida

    Old school Eightball and mjg sample back in 96...

    Christopher Jackson

    So happy I might jus blaze a laser(joint/ blunt) with her papi...........

  43. Cathy Simmons

    This cuz...


    Best Shit of all time . Neva gets old.

  45. Wealthy Slymm


  46. Carlos M

    Still bumpin this in 2014

    Adrian Trujillo

    +Christopher Jackson 16

    Jose Borrego

    +Adrian Trujillo forever bumpin this

    Big Chief24

    4 years later still bumpin


    Still bumpin in 2018

  47. Jonathan Neal

    I miss bumping this shit at the crib, smoking kush and drinking sum bombay and lemonade

  48. YungDro Productions

    going thru youtube n bumpin some oldies \m/

  49. willwat25

    I figured out that the low xylophone is from drag rap. but I need help identifying the strings from the chorus

  50. willwat25

    anyone know da sample????!!! I need to know!!

    Christopher Jackson

    Ball and mjg Memphis underground
    Check it out maiinne

    cortez smith

    I do...

  51. mario smith

    Str8 classic

  52. LexRex

    Who needs that heroin, fuck them losers, I fucking with that liquor and that bud, on the floor......

  53. playagrim

    RIP Fatcat

  54. Dick Pole

    hahahahah damn you a fool homie

  55. iPartyHardcore

    Now my ass is layedout on the rug, toe up fuckin wit dat liquor and dat bud

  56. GildedWarrior331

    LMAO u a clown

  57. SpecsAvery

    Mayne 3-6 used to go so hard.


    SpecsAvery they stopped? Probably more music you ain't heard yet.

  58. Arek Thorne

    J green - triggamane

  59. george wright

    1 P^erson isnt fuckckin vvid dat B^ud

  60. Seamist Earthangel

    This is the fucking cut!

  61. 1stLaw

    is there an instrumental for this track?

  62. SmokinChiva

    thats whatsup, koopsta Liked this vid haha.

  63. ProjectPangea

    So much liquor drank and so much bud smoked to this tune. Summer of 01 was a blur.

  64. METZfaze

    Respond to this video...
    loads of torrents

  65. METZfaze

    @aiwifey12 underground volume 2 club memphis

  66. SmokinChiva

    fuck with that..lick her in her butt!

  67. ProjectPangea

    Damn true.