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Three 6 Mafia Life Or Death Comments
  1. Branden Surface


  2. Knikkaknikk86D

    I close my eyes an hold my breath

  3. C.A.P Pinnick


  4. Ghost Driver

    What’s the name of the first song?

  5. Game Boss

    The Kaze was a dope group

  6. Jesus TC

    Don’t push me🖕

  7. abigail666

    Why the fuck can’t I get this song anywhere else?!

  8. Daniel Bird

    Still one of the hardest songs ever 2019

  9. matthew conn

    This that shit was bumping this when momma was dying in the hospital. Fuck you bro. Same mother and father. Eat my dick bitch.😇👽

  10. Ogami Birdflu

    This song is crazy iff you take molly and play it. Sounds straight evil lol

  11. Justin long

    wwhy doesnt anyone care about musical history?

  12. the light bringer

    I ain't a killa but don't push me. Fucking talk in you demons still breathin😈🔫😂

  13. George Martinez

    Krock Crock and Trock now that's what's up...... Ashone210Texas

  14. Jeromy Shankle

    Still my favorite 36 song!!!!!

  15. BlackPanzer KampfWagen

    Two rappers on this song Died..

  16. Skizophrenic

    RIP Koop RIP K-Rock RIP Lord

  17. Charlez Cash

    Classic shit Mc Mac was so unrated

  18. curtis heard

    Strap up lock n load it's going down

  19. DATSIK-Playa

    Bumpin 3-6 since I was 12. Now my oldest is 12 and beatin' down the walls with em.

  20. jrayford8806

    So fukin classic... Memphis Shit mane!!!!

  21. Cevelle King


  22. Juliun Jones

    rip k rock lot folk dont know i miss him


    I had dis CD back when it came out & use to bumP it out da trunk all damn day

  24. Matthew Conn

    Check me out now Jason jprince. Yes I'm The henchman. They think I'm the Don lol pinky ring coming soon

  25. Matthew Conn

    How bout a 3piece suit living in a tent. F wat u talking about.

  26. Michael Varnum

    I'm sry to say this but it's the battle I've been battling alot this week well guess it is what it is time to get up and get fucking ran over

  27. Kenneth Lark

    What are they doing to that nigga at the beginning of this song? Excuse me for asking.....

  28. Dreadbundy

    RIP K Rock

  29. Dreadbundy

    You can't tell Atlanta stole Memphis style

  30. Kim House

    Feel that evil breeze between them trees

  31. WooZIE997

    Nooooooobodys shyt comes close to three fucking six and its fuckin 2019

  32. Mike Hancho

    That piano in the end☯️

  33. GoofyDoom

    u niggas still breavin??

  34. Sheldon Houle

    Man gots to love the six

  35. Black and Blue

    R.I.P. Koopsta Knicca and K-Rock!

  36. Soldado De Rumania

    R.I.P. K-Rock , R.I.P. Lord Infamous , R.I.P. Koopsta Knicca


    ~RIP K~ROCK~

  38. twon0678

    RIP K-ROCK 😭

  39. Zak cash

    2018.....still nasty

  40. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯 Real Nigga Shit 🔫💥💥💥💥 Rip K-Rock & Rip KK 👼🏽🙌🏾

  41. Nexco3d

    I just extrude plastic but dont push me....

  42. Evil Twin

    Them pianos at the end always got me back in the day

  43. Jason Shannon

    Chicago shit right here, shout to the guys III



  45. Rovilson Pontes

    Essas é braba

  46. Torrie2Fresh

    Bone thugs took this flow as the rumors was.

    Swaggyp jr

    nahhh bone thugs came out 1992. three six mafia 1994 ?

    K BiNi

    Torrie2Fresh two completely different styles. FYI Bone thugs recorded their “Faces of Death” album in 90/91.

  47. Cash Inc

    Koopsta murdered that beat. RIP "Please let the anger free is what the angel said to me. Can you like feel my breeze evil deeds between them trees." 🔥🔥

  48. m town

    Mane!!!!!!!!! M.c. mack was so underrated dat nigga went hard af!!!!!!!

  49. Jeff Looney Parker

    My man koop killed it at the end r.i.p koopsta

  50. Justin Berryman

    Every song they made was like Halloween in the hood it was some trippy mystic shit still hypnotize my mind today

  51. keynan

    three 6 mafia always came with something different every with every song they made.

  52. Jennings Putnam

    The best

  53. Kenneth Barber

    I used to bump this shit when I was 16 back in high school blood

  54. Panther_71

    I aint no killa but don't push me!! Still fuckin talkin, u niggaz still breathing!! Love this track

  55. Ember Betz

    Yo 3 6 dropped some of the best shit back in the day

    Marcos Dominguez

    Ember Betz stfu n hmu hoe

  56. Jose Galindo

    2018 still bumping

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Jose Galindo Hell Ya Bro

  57. Wizard King

    Why I discovered them so late? :( I realy had enjoyed this shit back in the days.

  58. Eddie O

    RIP Koppsta my favorite verse he ever spit.. I always fast-forward to him on this track

  59. Haze Deleon

    Here 2018 bitchhh

  60. Luke Nunn

    Hail Mary

  61. Junior Escobar

    666 all day errday

  62. Juan Cardona

    King Edwords , Mon6olos , RikAzz @me Jokers 6et dealt Wit 45,000 or 13,000rr's butt Up

  63. Stephen Rogers

    Dirty Southern shit

  64. PHK010

    Three 6 mafia; soundtrack of my late teen years. Better not fuck with me when I played it on my discman.

  65. Eric Guerrero

    Please let me know what ya think it says in the dot and ?mark spot can't figure it out for more than 15 years

  66. Eric Guerrero

    All I want for you to walk along with the 36mafia and Killa klan kazi .....??????? free is what the angel said to me can u like feel my breeze evil breeze between the triggers

  67. luke nunn

    Here's a funny joke, Drake... Hahahahaha

    Tony Caesar

    luke nunn 😂😂😂

  68. luke nunn

    I would love to see any modern mainstream rappers top or come close to this shit

  69. FreAksHoW

    If your gonna merk someone n do life with a smile.....this the song

    Triple six seed

    FreAksHoW nah you gotta be smart and not get caught lmao


    Triple six seed it's the attitude lol where you from homie?

  70. Vidal Chavarria

    B what the fuck that song that was playing for the first ten seconds

  71. BGizzle/BFree8098

    Damn Koop MURKED dat hoe mane...3:04

  72. Big Bird13

    Fuck a friend, bitch

  73. Thoughts of mine.

    Koop killed it. RIP to one of the most under-rated rappers to ever do it.

    Jim Jones

    Koop and Infamous have always been their strongest rappers. "Smack a bitch, jack a bitch, leave them headless in a ditch if they fucking with a pit fool, you ain't cool Koop and the killa klan kaze will blast if we motherfuckin have too." Koops "slipping" on the live by yo rep CD and and also his underground CD are three 6 gems. His underground tape to me is only bested by DJ pauls 94 summer mix vol 16.

    Jim Jones

    I guess to each his own. At least most people agree that Crunchy is trash. Koops solo underground tape to me is one of the best 36 albums ever put together. It epitomizes the whole 3-6 concept. Horrorcore. The get buck songs are ok too but I like the darker stuff so that's probably why I like Koop and Lord the most. Koop fell off after the chapter 2 album because his style didn't fit with the new sound on 6661 plus I think he wasn't taking rap serious. Did a song with skinny pimp who was beefing with 3-6 at the time. You should check it out. "48 hours to respond." Koop to me is like Bizzy bone on bone thugs. Kind of a harmonic style. Not for everyone but the evil runs deep.

  74. Rico Smith

    This song is underrated this song is awesome timeless rest in peace Robert Cooper the song made me shed a tear

  75. Madd Chatter


  76. Edna Wilson

    These jams gonna cause me to turn me back into tha OLD ME....

    Marcos Dominguez

    Edna Wilson wut suckin every niggas dick you see??

  77. Cesar Jaramillo

    k rock go hard



  79. Emil Petkov

    What's the sample that plays the first 5-6 seconds ?

    jose Fuentes

    Emil Petkov the song is called “the end”. idk where they sampled the guitar riff from.

  80. Richie Rafferty

    Best 3 6 song period. ...listened to it doin biz. Life or death. ..I anit a killer but don't push me

  81. Zoney ViBeZ


  82. wiiise wun

    Still bangs

  83. no name

    Mc Mack is dope

  84. Storm Trooper

    Fuck a friend bitch

  85. Cornelius Moore

    got me rap name CeeDAMack from Mc Mack

  86. Kyle Mertz

    MC MACK!

  87. Luke Nunn

    K rock doesn't get enough recognition

  88. Luke Nunn

    This is the shit

  89. jonathan.

    3:20 - 4:14 fucking love this part ! I hear this song all the time because of koopsta niccas verse. His voice and the change of melody, also the way it ends with a piano solo, just love it

  90. TonyFlymingo

    At work reciting the first verse from patient to patient room 💉😷

  91. isde02

    Scan man killed it

  92. Thomas Willis

    my shit growing up like 12 years old. still my shit at 30

  93. tracy olli

    You have no reedemor, how stupid can you get, lying your asses off why don't you try and be fair\realistic .

  94. tracy olli

    And, to all you lutherans,Jesus did not did for your sins how unrealistic can you get ?

  95. tracy olli

    My neighbor s , fairness and justice for all is, simply, unrealistic .

  96. Phoenix

    where was Lord's verse?? I didn't catch it?

    Wulf Prodigy

    Tajma Thomas Lord isn't on this track unfortunately

  97. Phoenix

    I'm in love with this damn song!

  98. Angel Breezy's

    tha three 6 mafia