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Thornley Your Song Comments
  1. ShadeRunner

    love every verse. wish it were not called your cliché

  2. Weary Divinity

    how - in the name o' Christ ! - is Thornley/Big Wreck not HUGE...???

    zachary bartlett

    The problem is the way social media portrays "Good Music" to the masses. Ians blessing is obviously not one of them. Maybe because they signed under nickle back media bullshit group. ?

    Weary Divinity

    Well, I've been a fan of all things THORNLEY/BIG WRECK for over 20 years, and it simply continues to baffle me he/they aren't as popular as any of the 'greats'. Its kinda tragic, actually... but if the man himself is fine with his career who is anyone else to wonder WHY O' WHY ???

  3. Samuel Reams

    Musical Masterpiece!

  4. Skullivan Franklin

    Thornley is Truly Underrated peeps !!!!

  5. William Sherratt

    Awesome band ... love bassist with monster Mohawk ... should be huge by now with quality of music.

  6. John Morone

    10 people SUCK DONKEY DICKS!

  7. Ryan Shordee

    I cant stress enough how fkin good this song is!!!

  8. Ryan Shordee

    I just discovered this song like 2 weeks ago now I listen to it everyday ,,, so dam good!!!!

  9. Jlynn RT

    thanks for this 😉😉😉

  10. Igor Videgain

    Music biz sucks.Why is this man not global?!Cause the fuckers who have distibution and exposure by the gonads would not know talent if they had a gun to their heads.That is why!

    Court Chapman

    +Igor Videgain Let's keep them just under the radar, so their songs don't get overplayed on the airways, and get ruined. Thornley/Big Wreck are famous enough. :)

    Igor Videgain

    Yeah but not enough to get the touring budget they should have for their fans in U.S. to catch them live at venues worth their level of talent,unfortunately.

    Jax Herbert

    Igor Videgain I stand by your comment and views!!!!

    Igor Videgain

    Cheers Jax!Nice to meet you!

  11. TheNewlightwonder

    Fantastic! :)

  12. sydsdh

    what a great song from a great band

  13. crocodiliusz

    That Song kicks this song's ass.
    go listen to Big Wreck, Ian Thornley's first band.

  14. Sykaura Devitt

    Theory of a default back sux !! Thornleys Canada's Greatest Talent By a Mile ... Jus Saying !!

  15. chucklesguitar

    @art11art12 Nickelback's lead singer co-wrote this song, so I'm sad to say your argument is invalid

  16. chucklesguitar

    @jthreddragon This song was co-written by Nickelback's lead singer. So, apparently you like nickelback's writing. And Nickelback has no pop songs.

  17. jade smith

    now that's a love song gentlemen

  18. Jose Luis Weathers

    Amen to that!

  19. NazareInMyHeart

    And he's got better hair. LOL

  20. Foreverneverlasts13

    this guy makes me proud to be a thornley

  21. jthreddragon

    @Lightworker444 Thornley is what Nickleback should be. Ian Thornley can actually write songs and not that pop garbage thats just trying to appeal to everyone to sell records.


    Hey dumbass, this song is written by Chad Kroeger.

  22. john doe

    Big Wreck, Thornley, put it on your iPod and you'll need nothing else.

  23. Stephen Gibb

    Cant get enough of this dudes music ! Masterful !

  24. DJ Ali

    The verses sound extremely Nickleback'ish' . Not so much the chorus.
    I wonder if the collaborated?


    Written by Chad Kroeger and Ian Thornley in that order.

  25. Tom Lawreszuk

    what a great Canadian band! Phenomenal songwriting and great rock vocal.

  26. Jayna Ferguson

    My futur beau dedicated this song to me ♥


    Jayna Ferguson how'd that go?

  27. John Settoducato

    just noticed the suitcases make a face lol

  28. dazeofwar

    This is a damn good frakkin song. Straight up.

  29. got2go63

    an awesome song, great lyrics, great message

  30. bizmyth

    @jflud1 you totally made yourself laugh hard. just the thought of that made me laugh as well though lol.

  31. mmmaxmmm83

    don't screw the US, we just have our heads up our asses. if ian thornley came before chad kroeger, ian would be much more popular today. but anyway, love this band, always have, so from the US, keep rockin' Ian

  32. openliquor

    Saw them in Sarnia...what a great show.

  33. Robin R. Koykka

    What a great song to play... on the bike or in the car with the top down... such a "feelin free" kind of song.... title of a song for you maybe. This Koykka just loves this tune

  34. DgtlDiva

    screw the US -- we'll keep him :)

  35. Jeremiah F

    So easy, even Thornley's caveman can do it! ROFL!

  36. Phaser Seven

    Haha. He does.

  37. glenzo1212

    third guy from the left looks like the gieco caveman!

  38. dontfeo

    Hah. Yeah I remember for a nickleback concert i went to Thornley was the opening band, but it should be the opposite now ;)

  39. dobesaregreat

    It is on Itunes but only if you change the country code to "Canada" & if u do that I'm not sure it'll let u buy but it's worth trying.

  40. kstarheel5150

    I freaking love this band... I have been waiting for a new one. Very nice! Hoping it's on iTunes

  41. art11art12

    Nickelback is just ridin the wave. Listen to every album after the one with How you remind me, same song formula, song set up, The rock anthem, the sappy "you're not alone" anthem, the I'm a sex machine anthem...lather rinse repeat. If it makes money you make it...sad music is like that now. I have always loved Ian Thornley's music not as conformist as a big name main stream band, which is good in some ways, but due to the nature of the business I never stop worrying for them because money talks

  42. Justin

    Maybe because 604 Records doesn't think Thornley is popular in the US?

  43. dobesaregreat

    Thornley's "Your Song" is my favorite song now & I agree w/you about Nickelback...I much prefer their older music. Dark Horse was a let down to me for the most part. Somehow though, I wasn't surprised when I read that Chad Kroeger co-wrote this song w/Ian. Ian is a wonderful writer,singer & musician. Don't understand why I had to order his latest CD from Canada & why it's still not available in US or on Itunes?

  44. Starlett212

    ogm i agree haha like I LOVE NICKLEBACK! haha but they changed :( i own how you remind em adn i listen to it all the time and now i like thornley cuz they're like the old Nickleback i dunno its jsust different haha

  45. JoggDogg

    One of my favorite songs at the moment. I found Thornley's music just recently - and what a find! I'm definitely going to buy his albums.

  46. PopeyeCove

    Man, this is really, really good. Just heard it for the first time. This could be my favorite song for a while.

  47. Julio Sperling

    best song ever my ass :)

  48. Mike Stepp

    best song ever??

  49. Parita Patel

    i love make believe! but then again, i am a huge fan of chad kroeger.

  50. bizmyth

    one of my fave tracks from tiny pictures

  51. cool_ohm

    Nickelback is about as cool as Edmonton, the environmental damage from the tar sands, and Dick Cheney.

    You should try to listen to non-pop rock music or headbang yourself into aesthetic bliss with some hard metal.

  52. Adam Spencer

    sold out how? you should maybe look up ian's views on solos before you judge

  53. KudSlice

    actually sookyz, Chad Kroeger owns 604 records, which produces Thornley's work. so dont tell me there not related...actually i saw nickelback in 2004 and Thornley opened for them. but if u go buy the cd, you will see chad kroeger co-wrote the song with ian. get the facts straight my friend, i know everything

  54. sookyz

    Haha uhm... I'll give it you're right, Nickelback, the old Nickelback, was great. He did not write this song, Chad Kroeger writes songs for Theory of a Deadman, he has absolutely no relation to Ian Thornley, nether would he have him write a song for him..


    Songwriters: Chad Kroeger / Ian Thornley
    Your Song lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

  55. KudSlice

    pretty chill song, actually the lead singer of the worlds best rock band (nickelback), chad kroeger, wrote this song for ian. chad is a musical genius, nickelback is probably the best band of this century and maybe even all time...

  56. ChefBFD

    Great song!